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According to the RPG-D's rating system Vindico has a 3-2-3 rating. This means violence and language are unrestricted while any sexual content needs to fade to black.

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First things first, you have to make yourself an OOC account. Please use whatever name you choose as your cbox name. Also, when registering with your OOC account, make sure to set your 'pack' to OOC. You will have to provide a link to your OOC account when filling out your character app, at which time a staff member will sort your OOC account into the correct category.

Please keep in mind that we have no word minimum but make sure to mirror the person you are roleplaying with and to mark your threads with the appropriate prefix. We encourage shorter posts and for everyone to move plots through posting, we like to keep everything moving.
Art sizes: Avvies - 460 x 230, Tables - no wider than 650 pixels, Signatures - no wider than 650 pixels

What does Freeform Mean?

We have set up Vindico to be completely Freeform, we are not allowing want ads for characters within plots or packs. Any relations unless preexisting from another site must be formed and created in character. We do not allow any plotting to be done OOC other then planning for two characters to meet up or if you wish you may plan out quests. If characters have an in character relationship already then you may do things such as ask them to join specific threads but that's about it.

All threads will be All Welcome unless they have passed the point where it would be logical for someone else to jump in, normally around ten (10) posts. After the point of ten (10) posts or more you may set the thread to private. After a thread is set to private please ask the members within the thread if you may join.

Please be realistic about this and if you want to hop into a fast moving thread be prepared to keep up. We also have a thread titled continuation; this is for if you start a thread in one land and your characters travel elsewhere. Also keep in mind that if you jump in a thread and your wolf is not desired there, it may not end well depending on the characters involved. If you have any questions about what Freeform means please don't hesitate to contact a staff member.

Creating Your Character
To start your character please register with your new characters first name with the first letter of their name capitalized. Your characters last name can be added on later in your profile, a last name is strongly recommended so that you can enter in future running’s for various nominations. You can find a list of claimed last names here.

Next you will need to chose a faction, remember that you have creative freedom with whatever faction you choose, we just provide the common appearance for each. You can find both factions under the creation tab in the guidebook. Lastly, you will need to fill out your profile including name, age, gender, species, appearance (one hundred and fifty (150) word minimum), personality (one hundred and fifty (150) word minimum) and a brief history (one hundred (100) word minimum). Wolves not born on site must be one (1) year of age, and wolves can live up to twelve (12) years. However, your wolf can live up to fifteen (15) years, if you purchase additional years of life in the shop. Demi gods can live up to twenty (20) years with no option of purchasing additional life. We have the option to purchase ambrosia as well, this simply means that your character will stop aging, not that it is no impossible to kill. All rules that would normally apply to your character will still apply. Characters age up by one month every two (2) weeks.

When you create your first wolf you will receive five (5) free mutations or accessories and one (1) free element from the power section. Any following wolf created will receive three (3) free mutations or accessories and one (1) free element from the power section. Anything additional must be purchased. There is no limit to how many mutations or powers you wolf can have but once your wolf is accepted their appearance is final, no more mutations may be purchased. Passive magic and height are both not starter items. These must be purchased. Once you have chosen everything and have decided you are ready you may post your wolf for acceptance here. A staff will review your character and either tell you anything that needs to be changed or accept your character and transfer your runes to purchase your items.

Please note that wolves may not have white eyes unless they are blind, black eyes unless melanism is purchased, and white wolves may not have pink/red eyes/nose unless albinism is purchased. Each member may create one albino or mealistic wolf for free.

Also please remember that wolves can be up to forty (40) inches without purchasing extra height. You can purchase up to five (5) inches of height for your wolf. The only expection to this rule is for Demi Gods, who can grow up to fifty (50) inches without purchasing additional height.


There are two very distinct languages on Vindico, one spoken by the feral wolves called Ferox and one spoken by the familiar wolves called Domum. Your first language will be chosen by your starting faction, this does not matter what faction your character looks the most like, it matters where your character has spent the most time. Beyond that there are different dialects in each faction, each island having developed their own dialects. When you first put your character up for acceptance please decide which island your character will be from and what faction as well. To learn a new dialect in the language you already know, it takes 5 threads with a character that knows that dialect. To learn a new language (any dialect in the other language) it takes 10 threads with a character to learn the new language. Once you have mastered the new language it takes only 5 threads to learn a new dialect in the other language.

These threads do not need to be with the same character, they can be as spaced out or as short as you want. Keep in mind that characters that know the same language but know different dialects will still be able to moderately converse with each other, the more you thread with different dialects the better you will understand and at 5 threads you will be fluent. There is a section in your profile where you can keep track of threads you have had with each language or dialect to make it easier. Below you will find a list of each language and the dialect according to which island.

Familiar - Domum
Haeria - Artis
Vorago - Ingis
Utroque - Gelus
Carnivoare - Veho

Feral - Ferox
Haeria -Nemus
Vorago - Inanis
Utroque - Gelida
Carnivorae - Periclum

Please attach your character to your OOC account. You can do this one of two ways; either from your characters account or from your OOC account. From OOC account: Go to your UPC and click on Account Switcher. From here you will click the top selection titled 'Attach an user to current account.' and then input your characters username and password and hit attach. From Character Account: Go to your UPC and click on Account Switcher. From here you will click the bottom selection titled 'Attach current account to an user.' and then input your OOC accounts username and password and hit attach. Then you are done and ready to roleplay!

Dee - Head Admin
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Vindico RPG is ownded by Dee and was created by Dee, Saf and Luisiana. Our awesome layout was designed and coded by the Saperlie team. All coding, palettes and imagery are copyrighted to the website and are not for use outside of Vindico. Thank you to our ServerMaster for hosting Vindico. A special thanks goes to Emmil for all her amazing pixels for the store, Kandles, for her work and time spent on the map, and to PerfectPerfection, Argent, Namaste and Nanarc for the amazing skin images. Please note that we do allow the use of the Vindico name, land names and character names roleplayed on this site to be used in character histories should you choose to bring your character elsewhere.