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hit up my phone and come for me - Aether - June 1, 2017

Night was the only time to cross Ulphus or this damn island in general. Aether was not a water wolf and therefor she wouldn't risk the underground caverns that so many called home and so many more had perished in. Her time on the main island had been fun, she enjoyed it greatly but it was time to start her trek home. Seemed she was nothing but trouble. She knew that her home was close to Vorago at this time, it would be quite the swim as it always was but she was used to it and she was ready. The island floated between the three main stationary islands, as much controlled by the tides as it was controlled by the gods. It was better she went now then wait for it to drift further north towards the icy land of Utroque. She hated swimming in the frigid waters up there. So the woman had padded back to the beach she had first met Murmur on and waited for low tide before damn near sprinting across the land bridge. It wasn't a short trek and once the water got higher it meant a swimming between smaller islands to get across.

The day had been spent in the shelter of the coves along the edge of the island before the cooler air had risen her and drawn her out into the barren landscape. Nails would scape across the dry crusted ground as she moved, head lowered and parallel with her spine. Lower jaw would unhinge and push forth a constant stream of sonar pings until she hit the northern beach. It was a bit of a jump but she didn't mind, and yet for a moment she would stand there, forepaws gripping the edge of the stone as she seemed to stare into the ocean below her. A sigh would leave her lips before slowly her body would crumple, laying down with forepaws draped over the ledge.

'Sweet prince...'

Mind would reach out, pushed by powers unlike any other she had met. There wasn't many places on Vindico that someone she had met and touched their mind could hide from her. It was a call to him, a tendril or thread she intended to weave into his mind to allow him to find her should he wish. She would wait here for a time before she would leave if he so wished to join her on this island they had spoken so highly of and for such a length. It held a strange and rather unknown meaning to him that she didn't truest understand. And while part of her had wanted to slip back to the solitude of her floating island without so much as a calling she still found herself unable to leave the man she had met behind...


RE: hit up my phone and come for me - Murmur - June 4, 2017

Murmur Nox
Void seeker
From darkness first comes man, a sprawling effigy, limbs contorted, covert, clutching for life and survival and longevity. Murmur could not change the foundations of what he was borne to yield. Like planted crop upon the autumn harvest he had no good but the stay patient and listen and only then may he be more than the silly men. There above the ocean he’d lead a revolution of his own. This different song he sung like a bird’s madrigal, one could say it crackled in his atmosphere like thunder. His body an albatross, ocean bound. Carried on stolen wings across unforsaken plunder and it was there across bittersweet waters Murmur would look down to crushing tides and songs of drowned men and think to himself; imbibe for you have been conquered by a mortal man. A part of those words sat flat upon his stomach. Uninitiated with the same energy as other words. They, to him where problematic. Mortality was no way for a revolutionist.

She lay across foreign land like a martyr. Irony was rich; murmur would think to himself. Glacial eyes locked upon the eyeless and a curl of his blackened lips would tip to his presence like weeping willow as he’d ascend on the wings of a phantom. “They call us pioneers.” He’d offer. Sharp, but softened by the instigation of humour that was implied. Murmur’s way of making fun of is own overdramatization of meanings. Language was crude and amusing. He’d exploit it but damn if he ever where not aware of his sins with a mother tongue. “they call you vulture. Picking around in the minds of men- hark.” He’d add bluntly, a way of enforcing his distaste for her methods of summoning. Like some dark divine he still came. Maybe that meant something, of maybe life was far too menial to mean anything at all other than the here and now and in that moment, he wanted something real.

“they’ll call us conquerors. I yearn for what I fear for.” Blue like the ocean. His eyes where fixed on the water in a passive notion. His words a tryptic that illustrated the innate desire for change. Change of character; Murmurs fears where of the childhood. Trauma of near drowning and helplessness. A combined source – an olive branch extended for exploration as that of equals. A finalisation; a stand against his privacy which he kept close and crumbled and boxed away deep within his mind. He liked the uncertainty. When his thoughts fell under the waves and her words rise like heat and he could think only on that chosen sprawl.

Maybe she was doing him mercy.


RE: hit up my phone and come for me - Aether - July 19, 2017

It was the little things in life that made up the big things. The people you meet, the places you travel that end up defining who you are as a character later on in life. How was it that a random chance encounter to come to have such a lasting effect on her? How easy it could have been to arrive on a different day, how much easier it would have been not come to the mainland at all. She could have missed Murmur completely, never to have seen him or had her life so utterly changed by him. And yet here they were, her calling out to him in the middle of the night and putting her plans on hold. She couldn't leave him, not just yet at least.

He was near soundless as wings brought him to her, dropping him to the ground before he would speak and approach. She was beginning to understand his words a bit more but not entirely. "Why is that?" She would question casually, not entirely sure what he meant with that statement. Was this a referral to their previous talks or something new that he wished to discuss? Slowly the woman would lift herself, pushing forepaws forward so she was seated at the edge of the drop off to the water. His next words would bring a smirk to her lips as blind eyes turned to him. Vulture, that was a new one...

Slowly she would stand, allowing limbs to pull her towards the man she had come to know and yet still knew so little of. "Conqueror. Is that what you would like me to call you? Prince? King? Or do you have a name you would like me to use when I call out for you next..." She couldn't very well leave without knowing his name now could she? Something to keep her warm through the dark nights, something to hold onto. She didn't have faces, all she knew was his voice, his scent and the sound of his heartbeat. It pulses slow and steady in his chest... Reptilian woman would slither forward, looking to slowly arc her face beneath his chin and into his chest. He had come after all, she would be wrong not to reward him...