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Any Day Could Be The Last - Agria - June 10, 2017

The woman took easy steps alongside the rapid river. Each paw with ease as her stride seemed to expert the terrain. She had no fear of falling in and her legs would not falter her. But if she would step into the waters it could mean trouble. She wouldn't dare until she found a clear spot though she had no desire to cross, her paws took her where they wanted and made her bed every night.

Agria had grown accustomed to her life alone very quickly. She quite enjoyed it, yet she knew that there was something missing and she knew that "something" was Angeal. She missed having him as her sidekick and her lover. But he deserved what was coming and she had no regrets. Here she was today, looking for the next evil deed on her mind.

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RE: Any Day Could Be The Last - Iolaire - June 12, 2017

Snow white toes, long and dexterous, picked their way daintily over the terrain. Behind her, that overly long, fox-like tail lashed back and forth. Somewhere along here there had to be a... Ah! There! Off to the side, there was a small pool, shielded from the current by large rocks. That was exactly what she had been looking for. Green and gold eyes scanned the swirling liquid, looking for any signs of movement. There, just beneath the waters edge, the light caught a bend in scales. Slowly, Iolaire slid one paw into the water, those long toes spreading. She stood, stock still, eyes locked on the water. She didn't move. She barely breathed.

One might wonder why she didn't leap in head first and bite bite bite. Well... because she was a Familiar, silly. Plus she was a bit prissy. Iolaire preferred to keep her pelt in pristine condition. It wouldn't do to stink of salt and fish. Not when she was keen on Tantalus. Iolaire started, eyes blinking. Where had that thought come from? Sure, he was huge. And handsome. And it just felt so good to be around him, but... The slender fae wrinkled her nose, baring small ivories momentarily. Focus on the present, Iolaire.

Closer and closer it came, those scales still glinting in the light. The thunder of the water beat into her ears, but at the moment that hardly mattered. The corners of her maw quirked up in a grin as she felt find brush the bluish pads of her toes. And then...

In an instant, that open paw contracted. Curved claws pierced scaled flesh, holding it captive with ease. It struggled slightly, but it was all for naught. The scaled thing was hers. Pulling it from the water, she thumped it on a rock, killing it with a single blow. Though she didn't eat fish, she enjoyed doing so. She would feed Tantalus as compensation for accompanying her wherever she went. The thought brought a faint smile to her shapely maw.

Dipping her paw back into the water, she cleansed it of slime. With a flick of her tail, she turned and was just about to heft the nicely sized water beast when her multi-hued gaze landed upon an approaching female.  "Hmm..." she rumbled to herself. If they were going to have dinner guests, she was going to have to catch another fish.


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RE: Any Day Could Be The Last - Tantalus - June 12, 2017

Tantalus Atreus  «

Beast was never far behind his companion. Sure she would dart and dance away at time but his slow lumber always lead him back to her, that and the constant tug in his mind that worked something akin to an internal compass that always pointed to her. It was something that neither of them really discussed, despite the fact that their language barrier was slowly starting to melt away. It seemed like neither of them really knew what it was and for that reason it just wasn’t worth it to talk about it. So instead he wouldn’t worry about her when she disappeared the same way he had worried about anyone else, she couldn’t exactly leave him the same way all the others had. The thought brought a slight smirk to his lips as head lowered once more and continued down through the foothills and down towards the river below. Iolaire was down there…

He was still sore from his tumble all the time ago, bones were still fixing themselves even though superficial wounds had fixed themselves. He had tried to mend them further with his ability to manipulate his bones but he found that he couldn’t fix them any faster then his current powers allowed. It was all just unconscious fixing that happened without his direction, some type of self-preservation perhaps. Though it was interesting that Iolaire was a healer herself, though both in the conventional and non-conventional way. She would be quite the asset he was sure.

He would lumber through the trees, approaching the sound of the river just as the wound of a splash joined it. Head would turn slightly towards the sound just as Iolaire drew the fish from the stream and just as she caught sight of another pink woman. He wouldn’t speak just yet, instead the behemoth would slowly drift towards Iolaire, coming to stand behind her. Head would remain where it always did, lowered and in line with his spine as ears flopped to the sides. Tail would move and coil up and around the side of Iolaire along the ground. While he wasn’t aggressive he would also not speak, allowing Iolaire to take the lead on this encounter.

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