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Second Chances - Iolaire - June 13, 2017

They had left the area where the big cat had been. It hadn't been worth the trouble. A lion could take her out, no sweat, so when Tantalus made the call to leave quietly, she followed his lead. Whether the other male followed them or not, she didn't pay attention to. Tantalus was her prerogative.

She walked close to him, senses on high alert for the big cat until they had crossed to the other side of the forest. Slowly, tension left her and her mood increased. And... her stomach rumbled again. Casting a sidelong glance at Tantalus, she nudged his shoulder with her nose and spoke. "Try again?"



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RE: Second Chances - Tantalus - June 20, 2017

It was a relief when the cat didn't follow them or block their escape. He wasn't really in shape to fight, it would take another month at least to be back at full strength even with Iolaire's help. He didn't want to ruin that by fighting off a predator that just wanted them off its land. Tantalus had no issue leaving and finding somewhere else to eat. Hopefully Cedar Black was smart enough to leave as well. Iolaire would continue glancing over her shoulder occasionally until finally he could feel the tension leave her as if she realized that they weren't being followed. She would say something, it took him a moment to realized the jist of what she was saying. She wanted to try and hunt again. He would tip his head to her before nodding. They might as well.

Maw would open to speak when a rabbit bolted. It must have been traveling along the same path as them and ducked into the brush when they approached. But apparently waiting until they left was it of the question... For his size he would move quickly, body arching down so that jaws would snap down around the rabbit, almost immediately snapping the creatures spine. With an easy twist he would move his head and flick the limo bunny at Iolaire. They could continue searching for other food but right now she was hungry and it was her stomach that was doing most of the talking.

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RE: Second Chances - Iolaire - June 21, 2017

The big cat had obviously thrown her concentration for she hadn't even seen the rabbit. Thank the gods for Tantalus.  The dark dame watched as he lunged forward, snapping the rabbit between his jaws. He then tossed it to her nonchalantly as if he just did this sort of thing all the time. Io chuckled and shook her head before allowing her legs to slide out from beneath her. Settling down, she set to work on the rabbit, spitting mouthfuls of fur aside so that she could delicately separate skin to reach meat.

As she ate, she watched him through hooded eyes. Such an interesting beast. While it wasn't totally unheard of for Familiars and Feral to... 'interact', it was uncommon enough that the thought entered her mind. If they would be traveling together, she wondered when he would attempt to claim his payment for being her champion. They all did after a while.

Iolaire was small and so her stomach was small. If she forced herself, she could have eaten the whole ranbit, but she didn't want to force herself. Rather than eat the rest, she continued pulling off strip and chunks of meat, laying them aside. When she was finished, there was enough left over for a few bites. Taking a strip of bloodied flesh in her dexterous fingertoes, she held it out to Tantalus. "Eat."


RE: Second Chances - Tantalus - June 22, 2017

She would chuckle lightly at his catch before she allowed her lithe body to slide to the ground. Slowly he would fold his own haunches to sit where he had been standing. He would not watch her, instead red eyes would focus on their surroundings. He still felt a strange sense of unease, maybe the cougar had just put him on edge. Running into other predators always gave you a more humbling sense, made you remember that you weren't the biggest baddest thing around. It was a reminder of ones own mortality and the fact that maybe one day he wouldn't be able to protect Iolaire. Just as he hadn't been able to protect the others. Granted, they could be fine and well for all he knew... But part of him almost hoped they were dead and they hadn't left him of their own choice.

A strange sound would reach him and ears would prick from where they had dropped beside his head before his head turned as well. He would turn to find Iolaire watching him while she set to work 'preparing' her meal. What? Immediately his gaze would lock in on her paws, watching her oddly flexible toes work at slicing fur away to expose flesh beneath. His forepaws would stretch forth, lowering his body to the ground in front of her to better watch, much like a pup watching their mother. Bid male would lay massive skull atop his paws as he watched her and her work.

She would eat slowly and Tantalus would watch her easily, eventually she would begin laying strips aside and eventually one would be offered to him. While not hungry himself he would not turn it down. After all, who knew when they would eat next? No delicate flower himself he would reach forward and grasp the strip in his jaws before slurping it up away from her grasp. He didn't need to be told to eat twice after all. Skull would lift a moment later, glancing to the side and catching a glimpse of a herb. It was something he recognized but couldn't immediately place. A herb... For healing? "You know what is?" He would ask, attempting her language while motioning towards it with long glowing claws. He was sure Dione had used it on him once or twice.


RE: Second Chances - Iolaire - July 10, 2017

They ate together and she was glad that he accepted the offer of food. A rabbit wasn't a meal for two wolves, but it could be a decent snack. Besides, she was small and didn't need to eat that much. Already her stomach had stopped it's protesting.

Iolaire had been cleaning her bloodied claws with that long, pointed tongue when Tantalus questioned her. Bi-colored eyes rolled to see the plant in question. "Calendula," She said easily. "Useful." Without a pack to stuff said herb into, she hadn't planned on harvesting it. If Tan had other plans though, she would do so.

"What now?" The gleaming fae stretched out on her stomach, back legs stretched out as well. Her body took on a long, almost feline look. Flicking languidly back and forth over both hind paws went that long, snow tipped tail. She didn't have any particular destination in mind. Perhaps he did.