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Absence/Scarcity - Staff - April 20, 2015

If you are going to be gone, or unable to be on as much as you would like, please let us know! Being on absence does excuse you from having any challenges made against you and from having to fulfil alpha requirements (alphas can only go on absense once every month), however there are two conditions: 1. if you post during your absence, your absence becomes voids 2. Alphas are still required to make the correct number of posts to remain Alpha and 5 OOC days of being gone (alpha may place another wolf in charge in their absence if necessary).

[b]Type:[/b] Absence or Scarcity?
[b]Date Leaving/Returning:[/b]

RE: Absence/Scarcity - FennecFyre - June 29, 2017

Name: FennecFyre
Type: Absence
Characters: Citlali, Aurora
Date Leaving/Returning: July 1-8
Other: Going on vacation! I'll have my phone to lurk the site/Discord, but I probably won't be able to post.