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An unusual sense of calmness had washed over Robin, and he kept his head raised a bit as he walked, letting the early Summer breeze tousle his fur. It had looked like a good day to go out for a walk, so once he'd made sure that he didn't have any duties, real or imagined, to tend to for Caelum, the young wolf had set out to enjoy himself. To the southwest of the mountains was a waterfall, and at that base of those falls sat a massive lake that he had never before seen. Until now, that was.

Getting there hadn't been easy, but Robin had been determined to find a safe way down the falls, using what rocks he could as footholds and leverage. By the time he had reached the bottom, he was covered in a fine spray of mist, and his paws were soaked. Luckily the ground beneath him was sandy; it'd be hard for him to slip, no matter how wet he became.

The young wolf shook as much of the water away as he could, then began to walk, heading no where in particular until he decided to near one of the lake's edges. The water was clearer than he had imagined it could be, so much so that he could see his reflection in it. And for a brief moment Robin swore that he was staring at none other than Pan. They'd looked so much alike, as pups...only the others had never worn strips of leather around their neck, like he did, and Pan...well, Pan had always looked so confident, so strong and wise...

With a heavy sigh, Robin sat himself down and frowned at the water's near-shimmering surface.

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