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It was the little things in life that made up the big things. The people you meet, the places you travel that end up defining who you are as a character later on in life. How was it that a random chance encounter to come to have such a lasting effect on her? How easy it could have been to arrive on a different day, how much easier it would have been not come to the mainland at all. She could have missed Murmur completely, never to have seen him or had her life so utterly changed by him. And yet here they were, her calling out to him in the middle of the night and putting her plans on hold. She couldn't leave him, not just yet at least.

He was near soundless as wings brought him to her, dropping him to the ground before he would speak and approach. She was beginning to understand his words a bit more but not entirely. "Why is that?" She would question casually, not entirely sure what he meant with that statement. Was this a referral to their previous talks or something new that he wished to discuss? Slowly the woman would lift herself, pushing forepaws forward so she was seated at the edge of the drop off to the water. His next words would bring a smirk to her lips as blind eyes turned to him. Vulture, that was a new one...

Slowly she would stand, allowing limbs to pull her towards the man she had come to know and yet still knew so little of. "Conqueror. Is that what you would like me to call you? Prince? King? Or do you have a name you would like me to use when I call out for you next..." She couldn't very well leave without knowing his name now could she? Something to keep her warm through the dark nights, something to hold onto. She didn't have faces, all she knew was his voice, his scent and the sound of his heartbeat. It pulses slow and steady in his chest... Reptilian woman would slither forward, looking to slowly arc her face beneath his chin and into his chest. He had come after all, she would be wrong not to reward him...

Keep in mind that Aether's sonar 'pings' are inaudible to most wolves much like bats. Only those with increased hearing or sonar would hear them.

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