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They ate together and she was glad that he accepted the offer of food. A rabbit wasn't a meal for two wolves, but it could be a decent snack. Besides, she was small and didn't need to eat that much. Already her stomach had stopped it's protesting.

Iolaire had been cleaning her bloodied claws with that long, pointed tongue when Tantalus questioned her. Bi-colored eyes rolled to see the plant in question. "Calendula," She said easily. "Useful." Without a pack to stuff said herb into, she hadn't planned on harvesting it. If Tan had other plans though, she would do so.

"What now?" The gleaming fae stretched out on her stomach, back legs stretched out as well. Her body took on a long, almost feline look. Flicking languidly back and forth over both hind paws went that long, snow tipped tail. She didn't have any particular destination in mind. Perhaps he did.

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