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When a battles is completed, you may post here with a link to the thread and request a judge to review the battle. If a battle needs to be defaulted, you may also post it here. Judges will get to their assigned battles as soon as they can, however, a judge has 5 OOC days to complete their assigned battle before it is reassigned to another judge. If you do not specify which judge you would like to review your battle, then the first available judge may do so.

*Judges please note that for every battle you review, you earn 40 runes. Please post proof in maintenance and state which account you want to the runes added to.*

Promotions for Judges:
3 fights as a trainee before being promoted to Judge
10 fights as a Judge before being promoted to Seasoned Judge


Seasoned Judges: cleared to review any battle
Judges cleared to review spars, supremacy battles and ownership battles.
Judges in training
Aly (2/3), Cootie (0/3)

Fights to be Judged


[u]Type of Battle[/u] - (please include fighters names)
[u]Link to Battle[/u] - 
[u]Requested Judge[/u] -

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