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The Kingdom of Noa

Built long ago and the oldest standing settlement on Vindico this preverbal fortress seems to be carved out of the mountain itself. No one knows the story of its origin, some say that builders of old etched the original city out of the mountains, others say it was a gift from the gods. But since it's original design it has been forced to expand to accommodate the ever growing colony. The 'upper' city as it is referred is mostly inhabited by the rich (crafters, nobles, traders etc.), the old stone buildings not coming for sale often and when they do they cost a good amount. The 'lower' city is where the majority of the populace lives, with wooden and stone houses built around a main market place. The market is a place where anyone and everyone can come and buy or sell whatever they wish. One could find almost anything in this market if they knew who to ask. Below the lower city is where the builders and farmers have created their lands, plateaus etched out of the mountain to create grazing areas for animals as well as for farming. The farm lands spread out into neighbouring territories but the more successful or well off farmers are situated above.

The Ruler of Noa

To keep things fair and separate we are looking for a member to be the ruler of Noa. We will give preference to more established members who have proven their commitment to the site and who we know will have higher levels of activity. Being the Ruler comes with a lot of perks but also a lot do requirements. To start, this will be a new character that you design. He or she will be the start of a line of family as well, you will be allowed to adopt out any family, guards etc. you desire for one month before everything will be set in stone. These things are NOT allowed on Vindico typically but to get some cannon character have to be in place to get the plot rolling. This character will also be given unlimited mutations and accessories to start, one legendary power, two elements and three powers of your choice, a companion (you can choose normal or mythical), and start on the third power tier.

In return for this you will be required to post 5 times a week to keep this spot, as well as to be active and involved on the site. Upon creating your character and after the month of adoptions closes your character will have to choose a 'successor' as well for just in case you fall inactive.

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