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Any items found in threads can be redeemed here. You may claim ONE item per thread, it doesn't need to be in the first post, if the post with the dice roll is modified it will not be acceptable. Items can only be redeemed once the thread is done. If this is a solo thread that means the post with the roll and then a second post your character reacting to what they find and leaving. Once the thread is done post here with your proof and what you have collected to have it added to your inventory.

Now I am going to give you guys a shitty description of what happens when you find things.
So basically depending on what you roll different things happen. If you roll a 1 or 2 you choose what plant you get, make sure that the plant would logically be found in the area you are searching!
Collectables you can choose, say you want to eventually craft a dagger then you could get iron or leather for the sheath or something. You can also choose not to redeem crafting items and just let them be generic in your inventory. Rare collectables are not currently in play so they will just be listed in your inventory until the are usable.
Small prey can be killed immediately without hunting, they restore 5 HP. Large prey restore 25 HP to whoever hunts it, large prey will be played by staff, please tag @Radnom Event to hunt.
You choose your prey it can be anything in the natural world or anything in the beastery, prey may also be 'tamed'. To tame you must write a 1000 word post detailing how you attempt to tame the animal then tag @Staff and someone will roll dice for you.
Predators are also staff played but staff chosen, tag @Random Event to have staff jump in with a predator. You may attempt to kill, flee or tame predators.
Lastly there are Random Events and this means ANYTHING can happen. Tag @Random Event to participate.
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