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Delicate footsteps would make their way through the forest. The crimsoned male would stroll through the wooded area his ears listening to the last calls of the birds as they begin to nest themselves into bed. Night was approaching and here was the crimsoned prince still hungry for something to eat. He had made a few failed attempts at catching something to eat. It didn’t help the delicate male would often find himself distracted by one thing or another as he wandered what seemed to be aimlessly.

Cardinal would let out a soft sigh as he paused once more to look around him for any signs of prey. This time he was going to make an effort in catching something, only his looking around quickly came to a stop when he saw a yellow feather laying on the ground. A feather that looked all too familiar. With an air of excitement he practically skipped over to the new found treasure to take a closer look. It wasn’t very large, and it was a golden colour.

“Why hello Warbler…” Cardinal would chuckle to himself as his mind would travel to his brother. The yellow matched his brother perfectly.
His playful mannerisms would begin to show as he made the feather dance about on the ground with the wave of his talloned toes for a few moments. He debated about taking the feather with him to add to his collection, but after a moment decided he had enough yellow feathers in his bed. He could forgo this one for the time being. Losing interest in the feather he would turn and sit.

“Now now Cardinal, that’s enough beautiful distractions for one day. We should get serious.” He would tell himself trying to coax himself to focus at his task at hand, he was never the best at hunting but he should be able to feed himself shouldn't he?

"Speech." Thoughts.

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