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Witch of Vindico
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Silence followed her, it surrounded her and all but consumed everything around her. Behind her Extasis stood motionless, he wasn't there because he wanted to, he was there because he had to be. Ever since she had snapped off his third horn he had remained at her side loyally. She had yet to figure out if this was due to some sort of true loyalty or simply because he didn't want to miss her death if and when it happened. Either way she took some sort of odd comfort in his presence.

The woman was silent as she sat, poised delicately along the void within the lands. It was often she was found here, it was often that she would sit and stare blankly at the dead zone as if she might deduce some type of properties from it. It was hard to decide if she liked this place or not, she couldn't quite tell if she wanted anything to do with it. And yet she always seemed to find herself here. Maybe there was something else that drew her here, some long lost attachment to it? Maybe the memory of Newt? It was hard to believe that that could possibly be it but as she sat there attempting to break down every possible angle of her logic for being there she would find nothing other then this. Were these emotions? Was this an emotional attachment?

Sightless eyes would blink once more as her jaws opened and she let out a sonar ping, as per usual the sound trickled away until it hit the magic less barrier and was sucked in. A soft sigh would brush it's way past her lips and slowly she would stand. Her massive tail would lift lazily as she turned. At this point she could only guess what was really happening in there. Sightless eyes would drift momentarily to her companion before sadistic grin would stretch her lips. Maybe they should go on an adventure...

1d8 rolled for a total of: 7 (7)

Keep in mind that Aether's sonar 'pings' are inaudible to most wolves much like bats. Only those with increased hearing or sonar would hear them.

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