Full Version: No Worries [Val]
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It felt so uplifting to be able to stretch his wings again, so relieving that his flight wasn't crippled like his walk. Gliding through the sky and allowing the air to rush over his body. There was something about the ability to fly that just took all thoughts from his mind, it was a vary relaxing task to the banished prince. There was little to worry about in the skies, aside from other flight bound creatures, the skies were pretty empty which left the male plenty of room to move. His large wings easily carried the bigger Kaddain and he never seemed to have a problem flying high within the clouds. Since his banishment he had done vary little flying, staying low until the news of his father's fall had reached his ears. He knows the man may still be alive, but up until now there were to many lives at risk and too many followers to his father that proved a great threat.

Looking around he spotted Lacus and decided he should take a break, get a drink, and groom himself a bit. Circling the large lake the male found a big enough spot that was save for him to land, then swooped down and landed gracefully on three legs. Once firmly on the ground he allowed his front right leg to lower and make contact with the ground as his ruffled then folded his large wings to his side. Luckily his leg wasn't too bothersome today, but as it continued to get colder the leg would become more and more of a pain to deal with. Moving forward with only a slight limp he moved to the water's edge, dipping his head and taking a long drink from the cool lake. Once finished he moved forward wading into the water until it was just about to his chest. Next the male flexed out his large wings to their full span, tilted them forward and dunked his upper body into the cool water. Coming back up the water could be seen rolling off the feathers on his back and his wings while the fur on his body was saturated. He repeated this a few times before he headed a shore, shaking the water from his wings and his body.

His purple eyes looked around, finding a large sunning rock to perch on. Moving over and jumping up onto the rock the male laid sternally before stretching out his large wings again and draping them over the sides of the rock. He would remain here until he was dry then he was uncertain what he would do next.

<font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Speech."</b></font> <font style="color: #cc9933;"><em>Thoughts.</em></font>
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Gliding around the water dominant area, he found himself testing the limits of how high he could fly up before oxygen had become a problem. It had seem similar to noting how long one could hold their breath under liquid. Of course, the two were two separate things, although, one had seem a lot more easier and less physical than the other. Heavy panting stirred from his maw as he continued forth. This may have needed a bit extra thought put into to it. Now at a breaking point, wings stopped their strenuous flaps and let gravity push his body down to the land. Flipping over to see the different terrains below him, bright eyes looked for a place to touch down on. The sight of water took up most of what he could view so he aimed for the gathered liquid. Aching wings extended out to slow down the rate of his fall while he neared the center of the lake. A few feet above the water and with one small flap to push away the chance of a huge splash, body met the liquid and submerged most of his form. Shaking his head to rid of the little dizziness that hung around him, he would paddle to shore without much hurry.

<p>Coming up onto the shore, it had not took him long to notice that something was out of place here. Jerking his head in the direction of the being, he let out a snort of amusement while he pushed himself out of the water. Not bothering to shake out his drenched coat, he began to walk over to the stranger as they were basking in the sun. There was the slight temptation at nipping at the relaxing wolf but he held back the little desire with a grin and a snicker. Crouching down the closer he got to them, belly made contact with the ground as he dropped. Tilting his head up to see the wolf, tail thumped the ground while he opened his maw. <span style="font-family: times; color: #7FFFD4;text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px black; font-size: 10px;">"Should you really be hanging around here?"</span> A serious tone had sounded from his voice but by a slight smirk shortly revealed that he had not bared such solemn looks.

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Eventually the male laid his head down and closed his eyes to rest. The warm rays felt so good against his light coat and warmed him to a comfortable temperature. His ears remained alert as he dozed careful that danger would catch him off guard during this time. He didn't know how much time had past nor had he even noticed the other male landing in the water. He was relaxed upon his perch and his thoughts were at ease. He heard some disturbance nearby, but nothing the seemed to be threatening. Only when the voice of the male reached his ears did he tense up, his violet eyes popping open and his head lifting and turning to look at the male. Another light colored male, white with grey and green markings. The male was smaller, but was still muscular. He even looked younger then himself.

Crossing his front paws his violet eyes looked to the slightly younger male. shaking his large wings before neatly folding them at his sides. He then noticed the smirk and grinned slightly.

<font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"It's free for all to hang around here, the last time I checked."</b></font> he replied with a short nod. <font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Vaclav is the name, who are you?"</b></font>

<center><font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Speech."</b></font> <font style="color: #cc9933;"><em>Thoughts.</em></font></center>
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Hearing the last of the male's statement of the availability of this area brought another smirk onto his face that was broader than the last. Could they be trespassing without knowing? Nonsense. Surely, someone would have brought volume to their voice by now. Turning his head to view the things around them, everything had seem in place. Nothing ruining the nice imagery this place kind of had going for it. Bringing his eyes back on the stranger, legs splayed out with head tilted to the male. <span style="font-family: times; color: #7FFFD4;text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px black; font-size: 10px;">"Oh, but it is not the last time <i>you</i> checked."</span> Shaking his head to counter the nod given by the form he copied the crossing of front paws broadcasting a feeble look. Eh, their was no use in playing counterfeit. The more he followed the wolf's motions, the more sillier he could sense himself being. Large paws uncrossed from each other to ease the feeling of authority he felt.

<p>Expression melted from something unconvincing to fit under the neutral aspect. Flailing his tail, he denounced his on words. <span style="font-family: times; color: #7FFFD4;text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px black; font-size: 10px;">"Well, I have no clue of such. However, if you say so."</span> Rising up to shake off whatever water still sprawled about his coat, he was quick to turn towards the water before giving himself back to the stranger. <i>Hmm, Vaclav.</i> It was funny to hear such name not because it sounded silly but it had matched the stranger's appearance so well to him. Bringing himself more closer to where Vaclav relaxed, he noticed the size difference without second guessing. Humming his intrigues of this, it wasn't long till his name had shown itself. <span style="font-family: times; color: #7FFFD4;text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px black; font-size: 10px;">"Valseire. Are you from around here? I need a stepping stone if I can say such thing."</span> Words had already reveal why inquire such a question but what would lie after the stepping stone would otherwise remain unsaid unless inquired.