Full Version: Rambling Man [Harbinger]
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He wouldn't be making that trip to often. Being on the mountain for so long he had forgotten how rough it was to travel there, let alone come back down from the pack's territory. He felt another bit of envy to those in the pack who had wings, it would not have been a difficult trip if he had wings. The envy would quickly fade for his mind shifted into the fact it would help him become stronger and sharper minded making that trip. Heck it may even help him become more surefooted and he would be able to go higher into those rocks after the mountain goats. Sighing the male rested in the long grasses of the field allowing his worked up body to ease and get some rest. He had some intentions on traveling today and maybe, if the male could get up the courage, he could see about recruiting some new pack members. He was getting a little better when it came to socializing, he still preferred for the others to do the talking.

Grunting he rolled onto his side, burying his nose onto the grass and ripping up the grass with his face grass. Snorting the male shifted his body around, but not rolling around like most would do. He new what would happen if he did that. He found that out as a young boy, he tried to roll over in soft dirt and was stuck on his back because of the row of spikes down the sides of his spine. His father had to help him out of that situation. It sounded like he was having some sort of fit with all the grunting and snorting and shifting he was doing, but as soon as he started he stopped. Laying still in the grass his bright green eyes looked at the disturbed dirt and the ripped up grass. He allowed his mind to go blank as he just laid there, relaxing.

<center><font style="color: #2e982c; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Speech."</b></font> <font style="color: #2e982c;"><em>Thoughts.</em></font></center>
Slinking through the waving grasses of a land she had not yet explored in her years thus far, Harbinger took the opportunity to slowly shed her eternal nervousness. The fact that recently she had stumbled into multiple strangers had left her feeling mentally exhausted from the stress of her own undieing fear. Honestly, one of these days... She needed to either figure out how to be better isolated and enjoy a lonely existence, or let go of the past. Hah, like that was going to happen anytime soon. Then again, it was all up to her in the end. Slowing from a brisk trot to a more languid stroll of a walk she took the time to raise her dirty off-white wings from the ground with considerable effort. These useless things were such a pain. Hesitating for a moment, Harbinger struggled to fold the massive, awkward things into her sides for the first time in several months. The neglect she inflicted on them was, if she was honest, pretty bad. Later if it wasn't too much of a struggle then she would attempt to clean the sorry things.

Skinny purple legs tensed as she slid to an unexpected halt. Mere feet away lay yet another stranger. Was there something seriously wrong with her that she somehow never noticed such things? For a second she entertained the idea that being away from all other wolves for such a long span of time had stripped her of the ability to search for their scents and removed the need to keep herself aware, thinking that there was no one around to look for. In any case, here was some, mmh, male probably. Har thought he looked rather relaxed and may not have noticed her presence just yet. Releasing a breath she didn't know she had held, the lanky she-wolf decided she would do one brave thing today by beginning the conversation for once. Hesitating for a second, she finally uttered a soft, "Hello there.."
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The cool grass felt nice against his thick, mostly chocolate coat. He was even far enough gone to close his eyes and let go of any stress or fears he had locked within his mind. His mind focused on the sounds of the birds flying through the sky and his nose inhaling the scent of freshly disturbed earth. He hadn't heard the other approach, her movements had been so quiet and he was so relaxed that he hadn't taken notice. He didn't even know that she had spotted him in his odd position, laying out in the complete open like a fool. When her soft voice uttered a hello he tensed, his bright green eyes snapping open. Was she talking to him, or by chance had she seen another who didn't look like a fool. He waited for a moment hoping there was a reply, but when there was none he knew she had been talking to him, the fool laying sprawled in the grass in the wide open. Sitting sternal he looked around until his bright green eyes landed on the pretty purple and white female, quickly noting her white wings. Moving he raised himself into a sitting position, not even aware that his row of small nose horns had grass and clumps of dirt attached to them. Dipping his head respectfully to the female he found himself chocking on his words, unable to speak right away.

He hadn't encountered this problem before, especially if the conversation wasn't initiated by himself. He found it somewhat difficult to even think of the right response leaving him puzzled as to what in the world was wrong with him. He was here in front of a pretty, a young looking female and he was feeling more and more like a complete fool. After a moment or two of silence the male shifted a bit.

<font style="color: #2e982c; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Hello..... Uh..... Um......"</b></font> he bit his tongue before clearing his throat. <font style="color: #2e982c; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"I uh.... Didn't catch your name miss"</b></font>

Stupid... Of course he wouldn't have caught her name, she never had spoke of it. He of course realized this after his words were already said. Oh this fit of foolishness kept getting worse and worse, he should get leave now and keep himself from making more foolish mistakes.

<center><font style="color: #2e982c; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Speech."</b></font> <font style="color: #2e982c;"><em>Thoughts.</em></font></center>
Harbinger took a small step back when the male finally moved to get back. He had hesitated for a few moments after her soft greeting though she was unsure why. Perhaps he wished for her to leave and hoped he wouldn't have to talk to her. The female lowered her head slightly, feeling rather shy and unsure as to whether or not she should stay here and continue to bother this previously relaxed wolf.

Just as she was about to back away he had finally righted himself and she froze, waiting to see if he did in fact want to interact with the likes of her, suddenly allowing a smirk that was hardly visible to take place over her lips as she noted the bits of dirt and grass that clung to his face. she had to admit it was kind of amusing to look at, though she would never say such a thing aloud. Soon he began to speak, somewhat fumbling over his words in a display of momentary awkwardness. Harbinger felt kind of bad for the poor thing, she knew what it was like to have those moments since she was so shamefully bad at socializing. She did her best to offer an encouraging look, though she was unsure how that would look. Probably really weird. At least she tried?

Flicking her spiked tail she took in the appearance of this new wolf, with shiny brown fur and wonderfully bright green eyes he was certainly interesting to look at. What she admired most were the spikes that were places in rows along his muzzle and back. They looked very much like her own spikes, though the placement was different. The ones on his face were nearly the same color she thought, looking down at the white protrusion that sprouted from her chest, with black markings radiating out from it. When she turned back she responded in a fairly even tone, "Oh, my name is Harbinger. And... what might yours be?" She tried to look pleasent, an uncertain smile plastered over her maw, head tilted slightly to the right.