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He would move slowly, weaving his way through the tunnels that wound their way through his new home like the veins of some great beast. He had caught the scents of others, some fresh and some old... It smelt like someone had been living here, potentially was still living here... He wasn't really sure how to proceed, it smelt like a man and a women. Perhaps mates that had come to seek shelter? Who could really know. He had wandered the tunnels aimlessly for quite some time, hoping that maybe he might run into them... If they were still here but then what? Was he going to be the one that told them to scram and boot them from their home? What if they had lived here longer then he had? He felt like these were things he should figure out before searching them out, decisions that he should make before and actual confrontation but for some reason he still walked slowly through the tunnels in silence.

For once the massive male would keep his wings tucked close to his body, the tunnels were no place for wings. Especially for ones such as his that were made for the sky. He had thought that he would dislike the tunnels and yet here he was meandering around within them rather then soaring the skies above the mountain range he had claimed. Yellow orbs almost seemed to glow in thefiktered sunlight. He had mostly kept to the better lit areas. Though he had discovered that his sonar ability was quite helpful under here he still wasn't completely used to it and the meaning of the sonar pings. Maybe some day when he was better accustomed to them he would explore the underworld of this place a bit more. For now he was content in the simple wandering of the hot sprig riddled tunnels.

He couldn't stop his mind from wandering, from searching for the answers he couldn't find anywhere else. Lately he had been wandering the tunnels more and more, leaving the skies and the freedom of the mountains for the constrains of the tunnels. Something about them got him thinking. This was where his family had mostly decided to nest, making homes in the various caves and yet there was one scent he had not smelt in some time, the scent of his youngest sister. She had been the only one he had told of his plans for Andraste, had she been mad like Cara but more secretive about it? Was her disappearance her way of punishing him? He felt like he was going to puke...
It was as though the heart and mind rested at war wit one another. The heart lusted to make it home, and stand amongst the ranks of a family’s hierarchy. Contradicting the idea, whispers painted a sorrowful welcome, one which would not please her in the slightest. A creature of dramatic ways, anything less than expectations would not arouse satisfaction. Returning with torn perspectives could be potentially damaging, but pitching ideas for one’s own turmoil continued to string the mind along, steadily dragging it the heart’s favoured option. Naturally much may have changed during her period of departure, and nothing less would be probable, but it was a matter of how much may have shifted. A family, each individual honed with their own burning ambition, could easily shred one another apart; the issue of such lay upon the shoulders of the younger generation. The lot of them made Widow’s blood run cold, ice flowing into her heart as wandering thoughts returned to her brother, Indian. A gentle heart like his would falter beneath Warbler’s talons- should the little runt choose and take control. Knowledge of Caracara’s presence at his side brought minimal comfort that became swiftly crushed at the idea of an outsider being pulled into the ranks. In a matter of minutes trickling b, Widow’s mind and heart aligned; she had to return for the sake of her litter’s sanity, is not her own.

Feathers reached outward, surfaces catching a lulling breeze. An inefficient manner of travel, the breeze appeared to desire the soaring frame to linger within its company. Limbs naturally folded inward, and tail trailed along, shadowing the path taken, strands flying from the neat combing, each individual strand flitting along. Soft airy hums hissed between blades as they sliced through the winds. Gentle tilts of the wings dipped the frame, tracing the path of a wide arch. Like a vulture seeking its decaying corpse, orbs sought down, attempting to spot the specks along the cliff face indicating the nesting of the pack. Vibrant hues claimed by bleak terrain, scents subdued from the altitude the figure flew, the perfect disguise- none would suspect life thriving where the sun would not reach. In a steady manner, limbs extended, and the earth pressed against the pads of her paws, welcoming her back to the ground. Appendages momentarily struck the air before returning to her flank, feathers burrowing themselves in the onyx pelt- making themselves a nest against the skin. Quarters firmly planted, Widow directed her attention to the gaping space before her. One of the caverns held her family, but which one was it?
Talons would click a lazy tune against the cold stone, a strangely ominous tune to mark his passage. But it would keep him company in the dark. He was coming to like the tunnels more and more, they offered a cool place to rest away from the summer heat and they would eventually offer heat in the winter months. Though it didn't make them any less dangerous or desolate. Despite the peace and solace he found in wandering through the tunnels there was a loneliness about them to, a disconnect from the rest of the world. The tunnels didn't require anything of him, no shows of bravery or leadership. He could actually relax here... But as with all things in life nothing lasted forever and eventually he would cease his wandering a and sigh, peering deeper into the caverns as if searching for something before slowly turning.

The walk back was always the worst, it was as though he could feel the weight of everything slowly being loaded back onto his shoulders. It was exhausting, thankfully Cara had turned out to be a good alpha but really... How much longer could he go on with this ruse? A deep breath would be drawn in before pushing out into the light once more. Though what greeted him was not what he had expected. A few ledges over was Widow, seated outside of a tunnel looking in. Looking for what? Slowly massive wingspan would unfurl though he would not take flight. Breaking into a lope he would lazily hop and glide from ledge to ledge. No words of warning were given as he looked to basically shove his face into her neck and cool wings around her in a strange hug.

Darkness framed by rows of teeth, the mouth awaited to swallow any intruders whole, and drag them into the stomach of the cold beast. Poised like a predator awaiting to make a move, the silhouette leading into the body of the beast sheltered others of feathers and fur. The creatures beyond visibility were family, servants, equals in some ways more than others. Paws firmly planted against the earth, the ghost of the strong gusts above barely able to control her now. It was a manner of choosing which cold pathway to take, and following the various windings in the search of a particular objective. Simple in theory, it would be a time consuming to fulfill, it would be simpler to merely pick the correct path. Focused on the nearest cavern’s entrance, it was as though she expected something to emerge and reveal whether her desired course would be true or not. A figure, a breeze, or even a confidence stirring internally refused to emerge to guide her down a path; an impractical and unrealistic hope. Shutting it away, the lady redirected her focus on the other caverns, pondering which one would hold the highest probability that her family would be lurking within. Knowing Cara, she would choose one with a prime view, but Indy was a wild card- unpredictable in choices to this day.

Succumbed to the train of thought, her observant nature declined. Pressure met her neck, burrowing through the pelt, brushing aside plumage, until it met flush with the skin. Taken aback, her instinctive reaction to step back and place distance between herself and the attacker became obstructed by azure feathers. A massive wingspan coiled around her, forming an inescapable cocoon. Within heartbeats the array of lighter hues became familiar, and the scent of one she knew washed over her. Tension releasing from her limbs, shoulders lowered and the side of her muzzle found the plumage running along the back of the pale being’s neck. “So I have been missed?” Widow joked lightly, burrowing her maw into the fur. “I feel I ought to apologize for my long and abrupt departure,” she spoke, voice muffled by the pelt belonging to her brother. At least she was not facing his wrath…. And oddly enough the feeling of belonging relinquished the sense of hollowness that festered.