Full Version: The Night Comes Creeping (Vaclav)
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The petite female would watch the shock shatter and shake its way through the male. At first his shock was so apparent it didn’t look as if he understood her words fully. Her movements and her sudden outburst at her realisation startled him so much. Clearly this was not how he thought or hoped this conversation would go. Valariea was still shaking slightly with her sudden revelation herself.
What seemed to shock her even more was that she wasn’t even wrong with her seemingly random out of the blue outburst. Her violet eyes would meet the male’s gaze. After his shock took hold of him he tried to explain himself for not knowing he had siblings.

Of course he wouldn’t have known. Her eyes would quickly look away in embarrassment. She shouldn’t have blurted it out so suddenly. He was still a stranger. She only knew bits and pieces of him from what she learned from her parents. He would know even less of her and her twin brother. Her heart was torn. Her father tried to make it sound he betrayed the family, that he was a failure in every which way. Her mother wouldn’t say anything in argument, but when alone or in her sleep Val had witnessed her broken heart as she would cry for her lost son.
Valariea knew that their father was insane, and power hungry. She has proof upon her back of the violence and the evil that was her father. His words of betrayal were likely lies.

The delicate princess would feel wetness trickle from her eyes, thankful she was no longer looking at the male before her. She would shake as the memories would pelt her of her hard upbringing, she struggled in silence to pull herself together. So many things were happening to her and she couldn’t make heads or tails out of any of it. She wanted to crawl close to him to cling to the only family she knew for sure was still alive. She wouldn’t allow herself to move however in fear of pushing Valcav away.

“I…. There is so much…”
Her voice would break as she tried to speak to him. So many emotions welled inside her and threaten to break her every wall as one by one they would seep out of the cracks that were in it.


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