Full Version: Wishing Away Nightmares
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Her thoughts had been proved right as she stared up to the sky, it was starting to get dark. She waited for a moment casting her gaze behind her to let Talon catch up. She didn't want to loose him nor did she want to push him vary hard. She knew he had to be exhausted and was allowing him to take his time. She had topped often to let him catch up, all while taking in their surroundings and watching for danger. When they had reached Erro she had become more calm because she knew these woods and knew what to look for as far as danger. Once Talon had catch up she moved forward again.

<font style="color: #33ccff; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Almost there, and we'll be just in time like I said"</b></font> She quietly called back.

Deeper and deeper into the woods they went and slower her pace got making sure that Talon was close when they got to the vine thickened areas. She had to be sure he could see how she made it through that way he wouldn't become tangled in the vines, or even in the dense brush. She was constantly looking back at this point and if he had trouble she was quick to be at his side to help him through. After they were through the dense part she wagged her tails smiling at him before leading the way again, they were soon home, to her comfy den nestled away in a great hiding spot. At this point she herself was starting to feel rather tired, but kept herself awake and alert. Once she reached the small opening she stopped and waited for him. Just a few more paces now and they would arrive at her hidden den. Wagging her tails she waited until he was beside her again before slowly moving into the brush on the other side of the clearing, moving slow again he wouldn't get lost. Once past a thick row of vary dense brush they were in a rather wide walkway within the large brush that seemed shaped for creatures to move quietly through.

Turning left she fallowed the corridor of woven brush until it led to an opening in a large rock formation. This dense brush moved completely around the large rock formation, but in front of her was a wide wedge like hole into the rock formation. She moved into the darkness of the entrance, her eyes and the gems on her necklace lighting the way, she also waited until Talon was close enough that she could brush him with her tail, just in case the red glow wasn't enough light for him. As soon as the tunnel gently guided them around a corner a dim light filled the wide space. A few more steps and she pushed into the large open area nestled within the rock formation. Adorned with bones and feathers strung up around the walls and three other entrances to tunnels on the other side. Turning sharply to the left she moved out of his way allowing him to take a look at her hidden home. The dim light that lit the room came from several glass ball like figures with fireflies in them, the opening in these glass things were covered by some sort of breathable plant that allowed the fireflies to breath and live. These glass things were created by her using her element of electricity on sand to create a sort of glass. To her left was a decent size pile of soft hides that she had collected, the top one being from a bear that had soft long fur, it was easy to assume that was the bedding area. Looking to him to see what his reaction would be the young female patiently allowed him to take his time to get adjusted. It would soon be time for them both to rest, but he needed to be familiar with this main area of the den first. She quietly moved over the the pelts and circled before laying down in a ball, wrapping her tails around her and contently watching him.

<font style="color: #33ccff; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"What do you think"</b></font> she asked after a few moments, hoping that it wasn't to much for him to handle.

<font style="color: #33ccff; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Speech."</b></font> <font style="color: #33ccff;"><em>Thoughts.</em></font>
Almost there the woman had exclaimed after some time. Talon’s paws were beginning to be sore; his eyes heavy with the need of sleep, still he followed her silently and slowly as they weaved through the forest. As they walked he took note on the changes of the land. The trees grew more densely and vines were growing thicker, and more difficult to surpass. He only had trouble once as his hind leg somehow managed to get snared by the thick vines, Anja was quick to help him though and for that he was strangely grateful for her. She really was too kind, so nice to him.
It almost hurt that he couldn’t think of her. She was still a stranger to him, but he wanted to know her. He wanted her close by his side; it made him feel that much more at ease. Perhaps he could really sleep this night. As soon as they passed the denser part of the vines he would watch as she would smile at him, her tails wagging happily.

The male almost wanted to return to her that kind smile, but the most he could do was an awkward half smile with his fangs poking out. Feeling dumb with that attempt the smile almost immediately dissolved back to his neutral expression. The male chose to remain silent as they walked and as it grew darker, and as they delved into darkness he wasn’t surprised that Anja’s eyes or necklace would began to glow and light their way. He was sure his own white eyes would have their own glow to them the darker it became the brighter the glow.

They walked and it would seem to grow darker, until they rounded a corner and it seemed to grow a little brighter it wasn’t long before they emerged in an open room. So this was Anja’s room? His eyes would widen just slightly in fascination. It was strangely beautiful in this little room. The lights he found were from fireflies that seemed to be trapped rather imaginatively. Talon would look at them curiously wondering just how Anja managed to do that. He was so in awe by the fireflies he hadn’t noticed that Anja had gone and made herself comfortable. After a few moments of silence her voice would pull at him and he turned away from the lightning bugs. The woman was slaying among a good collection of pelts. It looked inviting.

“Anja… you have a… nice…home.” He would say his voice soft, and unsure of the words to use.
“I… Are you sure you don’t mind me being here?” He would ask suddenly unsure about the ordeal.
He sat facing her at a loss of what he should do with himself. He wanted to join her on the soft pelts of fur, but at the same time he didn’t feel all that comfortable with that idea so he chose to sit where he was.