Full Version: Love me tender
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She sat at the edge of the lake, a fish carcass at her paws and her fur starting to dry. It had been so long since she had tasted fish, it was once a delicacy she ate as a child, but the past few years has resulted in her being forbidden of eating it. Her belly was full, a faint smile of satisfaction curling her tan lips. Her fur clung to her legs and belly, the water still dripping from her soft flesh. A nap would be the perfect conclusion to this day, too bad she couldn't nap. It wasn't because she didn't want to, but rather because if she slept too deeply, she wouldn't hear her master summon her and she would be punished. Punishments were even worse when he was angry, nearly unbearable. The thin scars of his fangs and claws lay hidden beneath her patterned pelt, memories that only she knew of and carried across her narrow shoulders. 
It was like a dark cloud hanging over, something that would forever haunt her. Relaxation was a rarity, and something she enjoyed for the few moments she was able to hold onto it. This was one of those moments. Shoulders slumped, muscles relaxed and stretched pleasantly. Backing away from the water, she found a sunny patch in the grass before laying down. The sun warmed her petite body, enough so that her skull rested on her forepaws and eyes slid shut.
The alabaster and topaz marking brute trudged onward through the area, light blue optics scanning the perimeter for any scents of danger or enemies. He was only a year old, but, he was always one to make sure that he was not being followed or in trouble, ever since what happened with his brother. He would remember hearing the faint cries of his brother, begging him to help him, only to realize that he would be put at risk, so he bailed. Every time, this memory came to haunt him to the core, making him feel ashamed for his deed. What was he? He was definitely not a sibling if he would just leave his brother beaten and or hurt. Sadness would well up in his gut, but, he swallowed and choked back tears before walking onward.

Upon his little travel, he happened to spot a dame lying peacefully next to a body of water close by. His stomach growled in anticipation for a good meal, however, he was not one to fish, nor has he ever caught a fish in his life. His topaz eyes blinked as the light blue markings that reflected off his coat shimmered slightly, his wings covering his eyes to help block him from the sun. He was a rather petite fellow, but he also knew his limitations. If this woman were to fight him, he would definitely have no choice but to flee.

He slowly walked over to the woman, eyes focusing on her before going over to the water, lapping at the cool liquid that quenched his thirst. He could see a few fish that he could catch, however, how was he to? He batted at the water recklessly, making much racket and causing water to scatter everywhere, he jumped back in shock and landed right next the woman, eyes meeting her own as he held his breath, worried he would have to brace for a fight.
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She didn't remain alone for long. A pale brute approached, slipping past her to get a drink, his gaze never leaving her's. Muscles tensed, ready to leap to her paws, but there was something about him that kept her laying down. He was slightly smaller than herself, his features young, probably no more than a year. Wings protruded from his back, flecks of blue adorning his face. However, he was suddenly leaping back, startling her. He landed beside her just as she shot to her paws with eyes wide. She fell into a natural position of her legs squared, skull lifted and her chin tucked down at a sharp angle. Her gaze fell to the earth, though ears tipped back in alarm. In her brief look at his face, she could see his own alarm, each worried about the other attacking. She remained silent, it was habit to not speak out of turn, even to a younger stranger.