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So we have decided it might be fun to do some things to get all characters involved, such as a board wide plot or a site wide event. This can be anything from natural disasters, God sent plages, zombies rising from the dead (dee's favourite), or anything your little minds can think of. Whichever event we decide to use that person will get something of some sort of high mythical value :o
Okay lol, we need an actual written out plot for how zombies would rise, what the reasoning would be etc for you to be entered in the contest. Sorry should have clarified!
<li> The whole idea of a Zombie plot, to me personally in my <u>opinion</u> is way over-done and kind of cliché, honestly I would not participate in a Zombie-based plot :1

<li> Maybe we could do something like plague-esque or that something happens to the sun where it's been destroyed and we have to ban together to revive it; Otherwise Vindico lives in a world of eternal darkness. Things that need the light will die out such as food, vegetation and the water will become tainted 

<li> Fire-storm: <i> Hell hath no fury; betwixt the demons that reign from the depths below they have enslaved our Gods and have sent their wrath upon the mortal realm. Fire and Chaos seize the lands in fire-storm rains. Devastation grasps a tight, suffocating hold as the forests have burned and the streams have dried. And we must fight tooth and claw as famine strikes. Replenish the earth as it once was by magics and grace until the GODS have freed themselves by the blackest souls whom strive to conquer both Immortal and Mortal worlds.</i>
<s>super cheese, Okie</s>

<li> Disease: A sickness has struck Vindico leaving the strong weak to their knees. Depending on a dice roll determines the users symptoms and whether or not they are contagious. Contagion spreads though animal bite, interaction with the user (touching them/healing them ect.)

<li> Days without Magic: A darkness consumes Vindico and sedates the use of magic of those who possess it - Users are forced to think with their heads and do things the old fashion way. Fights are nothing but brute strength and strong mind. Medicines crafted by plant; hunts are done the old fashion way.

<li>Sunburst: Opposite of eternal darkness; nightfall never comes. While may seem ideal at first - it begins to become a festering pest. The earth starts to heat up, and vegetation begins to dry out. Rainfall never comes and the drought and famine ebb into Vindico. The fight for survive commences.

<li>Noah's Storm: The GODS have been tested with temper; sending rains from the heavens unlike any other. Tornados sweep through the plains and Hurricanes roar by the oceans. Day and days of non-stop rain causing floods to course through the estuaries; swamps and rivers. Lightening strikes burn the highest of trees, blocking various getaway. Flying is dangerous; one must either be adaptable to the waters, or seek high ground.

How about a Fimbulwinter? It gets freezing cold, the snow comes down and doesn't stop, and giant tundra beasts and ice spirits start roaming the world. Could tie in nicely with the new RE thingy.
I really like Fennec's idea!! Constant snow and ice sounds fun O: OR ZOMBIES

Uhhh If I have my own idea later I'll try to write something up so I can enter the contest xD
I have a zombie idea o:

Suddenly as the dead of Vindico fall, there is but a breath between their death and reawakening. The phenomenon seems to have no explanation and begins on a dark and rainy day. Through observation of these creatures that spread their illness through bites and blood to blood contact, the survivors can determine they appear to have a hive mind, traveling together with a seemingly single purpose, to take over the lands of Vindico and overthrow the packs who rule these lands as well as any who may stand in their way. Given much investigation it can be learned that they are mere puppets to a necromancer more powerful than any before them. But with such God-like powers it will take the strength and cooperation of many to take down this unforeseen threat before it is too late.
So, what about some sort of natural disaster? A thunderstorm that floods and create mud slides. It would endanger a lot of the wolves and those who were safe Have t search for anyone that's been trapped or hurt. Perhaps a forest fire or tornado.

I also like the idea of an affection that's spreading around. That the wolves have to find a cute for of risk losing many.

Or perhaps the gods are feeling neglected and decide to place different plants that affect each wolf differently. Giving them new mutations that in order to be rid of the wolf must complete a god quest or if they like it they can keep their new odd appearance.
I personally think that the idea of Zombies rising is over used as well, and it probably won't be something I would participate in as well.

We could do a pestilence idea. Like one day the lands just start filling up with locust, and grass hoppers, and it's up to the wolves to figure out where this plague is coming from.