Full Version: It's a Beautiful Night, So Be Quiet For a Change [Satchel}
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The albino brute had taken it up on himself to explore the lands once more. It was night, the moon was high and full giving off plenty of light. The male’s albino pelt would practically reflect the moon’s gentle glow as he padded through the trees. He had traveled all day to take a look at the world around him. He wasn’t so sure what it was that made him want to be on the move, perhaps it was simply just the fact it was a beautiful and calm night. He felt at peace, even though his feet had lead him to the forest of dead creepy trees.
His pink eyes would gaze up at the moon every so often almost as if he had longed to caress it. There wasn’t many clouds in the sky and even the stars twinkled brightly. He would come to a stop under one of the trees to allow his large lynx like paws to rest some before he decided to trek on. He closed his eyes, perhaps he could meditate here.

 “Aweh come on Kilian, this place is snores Ville. I want fun and excitement. The moon if full, it’s the perfect night to rip someone’s throat out.” Snarled Garstig clearly restless with this peaceful night and Kilian’s choice in keeping things calm and peaceful.
Sighing Kilian would open his left eye to look lazily at his second head. He just had to open his mouth and take away all this lovely silence.

 “Garstig, couldn’t you be quiet and enjoy the night air? A bit of peace wouldn’t kill you.” He would whisper softly trying to coax his second head into relaxing for a change.
His other head would sigh heavily in response.

 “You are really no fun at all Kilian.” He would pout, clearly disliking the situation.
Kilian couldn’t help but to smirk his attached twin amused him some, he was very much like a pup. Only with much more murderous thoughts. It was good sometimes to have a permanent traveling companion. Although Kilian supposed life would be that much easier without his second head. He might have been loved by his mother for one. Shaking his head of the negative thoughts that threatened to ruin his night Kilian closed his eyes once more to resume meditation. Now was not the time to think of the wat ifs. He had what he had and he had to deal with it as positively as he could.

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There was still something lurking just under the surface, a restless tug that made his vital parts tender by default. Too bad about that scar tissue though. Sliding through the darkness like a pale knife, the only illuminated part of him was those brilliant orange eyes. Breathing in the rot, building it up inside in case he needed reserves later. It was so damn tempting to confuse what was real, with what he once wished had been.
He caught a wiff of something, strange to feel so suddenly exposed. A tilt of his head, sadness evoked as he realized just how alone he was out here. Only wait, it seemed he no longer was. Wanting so bad all of a sudden to merge with the night and never know the difference. Sad to admit then, he was too damn stubborn to get over himself like that. A boiling heart, collapsed and re expanded as he switched directives to go play inspector on this most haunted of moments.
It didn't take long to locate them, stalking silent as he picked up the sound of two voices. One was complaining about not having enough throats to rip, blah blah blah, get over it bitch. If only he understood what it felt like to wade through rivers of blood, he'd never ask for such things again. Continuing to move and shake, he crept closer and closer until he was almost able to see a good left sided view. A little off guard, two heads upon one frame well this was going to be a good one no doubt. A shudder evoked, setting sail to claim what belonged to him.
He strolled up casual, almost lazy in his gait. Licking lips slow, as he sized up the freak. Odd, they were almost pretty this close up. That hunger, so sharp it ripped apart his insides, a dangerous gleam to his eyes as he circled slow like a shark. For far too long, he'd been standing on the outside looking in. " hey pretty boy." a tone that oozed out, drooling at the edges and not giving a fuck what catastrophe might go down tonight.

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Garstig frowned at the night around him his ears twitching. Was there someone out there once more? As if to answer his question a male had stepped out of the darkness. He growled his ears would flatten at once, and at the sound of his growls Kilian’s eyes flew open startled as the stranger would also speak in greeting. Pretty boy? The albino raised an eyebrow a little confused by the words, that was an unusual term and never used to describe himself. His pink eyes would look to find another male whom was light in colour and his eyes a bright orange. There was something unsettling about this stranger, but at least he had nice eyes.

 “Oh why don’t you shove it up y-“ Garstig start to shout at this new face.
“GARSTIG SHUSH!” Kilian barked interrupting his second head.
“Oh so there’s your bloody backbone you sissy pansy bag…” Garstig mumbled growing quiet, but his eyes would remain glued on the stranger showing nothing but hostility, his teeth remained barred in a silent growl.

 Kilian  stood on his feet looking at the stranger over once more, this creature wasn’t like anything he had ever seen and it fascinated him. What’s more he was curious to know why he would choose to call him pretty.
“Sorry about him…I’m afraid I don’t understand. You think I’m pretty?” He would ask calmly and curiously.
“Who else was he talking to you Moran?”Garstig would bluntly mumble to his better half, Kilian chose to ignore his comment; hopefully the stranger would as well.

 Kilian couldn’t help but wonder to himself if there was anyone his attached twin wasn’t completely hostile to? His outbursts could easily lead to the end of them both. This stranger for example, had a weird sort of feel to him. Something wasn’t completely natural about this guy, something more than his eyes sight. Only Lily had ever called him pretty, but she was old her mind was leaving her. Surely this brute meant it as a joke? Who would find a two headed wolf pretty? His mother certainly hadn’t. He was a monster in her eyes, so he must be one to the rest of the world hadn’t he?