Full Version: As I lay me down to sleep
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Warning: Violence, gore, language and possible triggers throughout the thread.
She prowled the forest in silence, verdant gaze constantly moving. The hairs on the back of her neck gave her the feeling of being watched. Claws sank into the earth, tail dragging behind her. She spent most of her days with her brother, but today she wanted to be alone. Not much had happened since Taurigs arrival and she was rapidly growing bored once more, falling into a lull. A sigh slid from her inky lips, irritation etching into her features. Perhaps she never should have come here, just stayed behind and raised all hell. But alas, she had not. Mistakes seemed to followed her everywhere, never giving her a break. The fallen queen paused in her trek, peering up at the charred trees. There was the soft crack of a branch, pulling a warning growl from her lips. Defenses fell loosely into place. She would not be taken as a victim, she had never been a victim. She was a fucking Queen.
He had been watching her, following her slowly without notice. She led them into the charred forest when she kept on walking. But he was getting bored. Massive paw pressed down on a twig, the feeble debris crunching beneath his massive weight. It did not go unnoticed. A growl slid from her throat as her defenses slid into place. A sneer curled his lips. <I>Perfect</i>. He reached out with the shadows, throwing them at her face as he leapt forth. He came down across her back at a slight angle. Forelegs hooked around her chest while jaws gripped her scruff in a deadly grasp. He thrashed his head wildly, ripping open flesh. Blood spilled across his tongue, exploding with sweet ecstasy. He didn't know what compelled him to attack her, but he did, he was. He was going to rip her life from her very grasp.
It came out of nowhere, the sudden darkness that clouded her vision and left her vulnerable. Then she was hit by a freight train. He landed across her back, his forelegs wrapping around her chest. A snarl burst free from her jaws as she bucked wildly beneath him. His fangs tore into her scruff, blood matting her crimson pelt. Under his sudden weight, hind legs gave out, sending her hind end tumbling towards the ground. Her upper body arched around, jaws snapping viciously at his expose foreleg, right where it met the rest of his body. Who the hell was he? And why was he attack her?! She had done nothing to him, she didn't even know him. But she did know his kind. The kind that killed only for sport, the kind that tortured the innocent and ruined lives. He was a monster without a doubt. With her hip pressed into the ground, a foreleg lifted, scrambling to sink deadly claws into his soft underbelly.
Pleasure shot through him like fire, igniting his body with undeniable lust. She stumbled beneath his weight, her rump falling to the earth. Jaws kept a hold of her scruff as he shoved forward, wanting to shove her onto her side and pin her against the earth. Jaws snapped at his foreleg, fangs ripping into his flesh, blood spilling. Her claws flailed, lacerating his belly, though nothing lethal. With as much force as he could muster, his chest collided with her shoulder, shoving her to the ground where he would cage her in between his legs. A forepaw pressed into her neck, jaws unhinged as peered down at her. A chuckle spilled from his lips. <b>What shall I do with you?</b> He rumbled, his voice gravelly, eyes clouded with lust. Salvia dripped from his jaws, tinged red with her blood. His other forepaw pressed into her shoulder, keeping her pinned beneath him.
She fought the panic that swelled up inside her. He shoved her to the ground with what seemed like no effort on his part. Her jaws were ripped free from his legs, claws doing very little to aid her. Her scruff was pinched beneath the ground and his paw, another paw pressing into her shoulder uncomfortably. He towered over her, his sickening silver eyes alight with amusement. A question feel from his lips, pulling a snarl from her lips and jaws snapping at his face. <b>Fuck you.</b> She snarled angrily, thrashing beneath him, hindlegs flailing as claws sought to gut him. His attack only renewed her hatred for anything male. Unworthy bastards. Jaws continued to snap like a rapid animal, but she was caged animal, and death was knocking. She tried in vain to get free, but realization was beginning to set in. She couldn't get free, she was at his mercy.
She moved with an eerie silence through the dark forest, drifting through the seemingly endless forest of twisting and gnarled trees. Head was held high, tail snaking behind her like a serpent. Around her tail bands of metal coiled and drifted, seeming to intertwine with her fur. It was the voices that would draw her, emotionless she would turn towards them. Silent... Completely and utterly silent... The scuffle drew her toward the sound and slowly she would come to stand a short distance away. His scent was noticeable, hers was unknown but she would say nothing, she wouldn't interrupt. Instead she would simply stand at a distance and stare eerily at the pair. Tail would coil around her, coming to wrap around her own body as she studied them. There was nothing to say, she just wanted to body once he was done...
She was feisty thing, spitting out curses and and thrashing wildly beneath him. But it was only adding fuel to the fire. He craved this, needed this. And he never even knew it until now. He had unleashed a monster that had a taste for blood and desire for violence. Was this why his mother fought to continuously? No, his mother hadn't killed for sport, had she? Sure she killed his father, but he didn't think that counted. Her legs flailed, claws leaving lacerations wherever they managed to land, but she wasnt in a position to lethally wound him. Jaws flashed, sinking into her exposed eye, the tender appendage popping deliciously. A groan was pulled from deep in his gut, jaws slavering. She yowled in pain, but was helpless to stop him. He raked his dull claws across her shoulder before returning it to the ground. Twin tails curled high above his hips. Colors flashed all around her, it only added to his high. He had truly missing out on life all this time. He didn't remain alone for long. A familiar scent and presence caught his attention. His witch.
She was helpless. Helpless to stop the jaws that came at her face, fangs that punctured her eye and left her in excruciating pain and partially blind to the world. A yowl of pain left inky jaws as she thrashed with renewed vigor beneath him. His claws raked her shoulder but she didn't feel it, all she could feel was the pain that pulsed at her face. With his paw no longer on her shoulder, she rolled beneath him, tugging at the flesh of her scruff that was beneath his paw. Forepaws sought his face, claws stretched out of rake his muzzle with her other foot sank claws into his chest, her leg straightening in a vain attempt to push him away. He was a monster. She kept repeating in her mind, though it did nothing but raise her level of panic to the point to where she felt like she couldnt breathe. She was going to die today and no one would ever know.
For a time she would watch... Oh yes she was watching... Their aura's were alive with colour, forums twisting in some sick dance as she stared unblinking as if the motion might rid the sight from her eyes. The aura's were in her mind not in her sight. Hers twisted with rage, fear... His withered with lust and pleasure. Slowly she would step forward even as the sound of her eye popping reached her. That sickening sound didn't make her wretch or really feel anything at all. There was nothing there, nothing in that black heart of hers as she came to stand above the woman, staring down at her. Slowly she would reach down, allowing breath to cascade slowly over the woman, healing some of her wounds though magic would work far quicker on Odyessus. 'I'll race you... See if I can heal as fast as you can rip...' She would offer, looking up at him and grinning wickedly, black eyes alive with a strange light.
She rolled beneath him, claws raking down his muzzle, causing his skull to jerk back and a snarl rip from his jaws. More claws sank into the center of his chest, her talons slicing through flesh with ease. But he was interrupted. He hovered possessively over his prey, ready to snap at even his witch if she tried to stop him. He watched with a sharp gaze as she leaned over the trapped woman, magic weaving through veins and knitting the womans flesh back together. Her whimsical voice filled his mind, pulling a rough chuckle from his lips. <b>Winner takes all.</b> He rumbled. Without so much as a glance at his prey, jaws snapped vicious, ripping flesh from bone, crushing the ankle of the paw pressed to his chest. A hind leg lifted, slamming down on the exposed tender belly. Jaws crunched until he removed the womans paw, dropping it unceremoniously to the ground. Jaws then sought her chest. He would have her heart.
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