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Echolon wondered where his brother could be. All he remembered was being seperated from him and hearing a loud scream. He didn't wish to ponder what fate might have happened to his brother, and a single tear fell and landed upon the landscape before him. The single thoiught of his brother, lying there dead in his own blood and lying motionless just made him sadden even more. What could he have done though? He was seperated from him. He just wished that he knew how to fly so that he could reach his brother instead of running like a terrified little pup. He was a year old, and he had been practicing on how to fly, however, he had been unsucessful mutiple times.

"Eri..." he whimpered his brother's name, wishing that he could bring him back and help him any way he could, but, due to them being torn apart just made his heart break as he howled in sadness. His wings covered his eyes as he threatened to cry since he was alone for a long time. Each time he tried to have a straight face and smile, it was like it was impossible to do so.

He looked at the river, seeing the fish swim around. His stomach growled as he smacked the water, however, this caused him to plummet inside the water as he howled out in pack, whimpering. He was a year old and he didn't even know how to swim? What kind of wolf was he?! All he hoped was that he would be rescued, but, somewhat, he also wished that he wasn't.
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Cherub song bird trilled a soliloquy of notes in the beckoning rise of the early morn. Cloudless heavens painted in an array of warm pastels of ginger honey, like the sweetened honey developed by bees. Sweet pea-pink blushed a dabble of color like a newly blossomed carnation in the start of spring before ebbing out in the cerulean carolina blue skies like the sparkling waters of the ocean. Fire-star beast sun crept so impishly into the horizon as he began the start of his laboring hours of daylight, casually nudging away the lune maiden into her quarters until her hour of night to come again. The harmonizing chords of morning cicadas crescendo'd their song into the musical symphony of birds and other orchestral creatures of the early dawn. Impish wind would loftily roll through the trees causing bramble and leaf to tango in unison as whimsy fingerless touch would brush by them with a soft, delicate kiss. Same breathy wind would comb every so longingly and tangle into pastels of blues, lilacs and hints of pink and white which belonged to the young Ealith only just recently returned to her studies and curiosities. <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“Vindico has been relatively quiet as of late.”</font> quiet hum slipped away like a hapless wraith from pale lips. Morning tye-dye gaze kept forward, delicate paws kissed the ground with leisured stride. Pale nose twitched capturing the aroma of morning dew. Small smile kept a close knit upon her pale lips, keeping quiet thoughts to herself.

She wasn't one to be filled with complaint, simply thinking aloud and sometime a little forward – more than she intended sometimes. Tye-dye pastel ears brushed against birch like antlers.

The lulling hum of the Fons' waterbed ebbed into pastel ears like the sound of an oceans' wave coming and going from sandy shores. Wildlife flocked as if they were at the Lacus coming and going form different places trying to take a drink for nourishment and to quench parched tongues. Suddenly a distorted wail sent birds to scatter from their nests in fright. What a <i>terrible</i> noise that was, even the young Ealith imp had thought. Birds squawked and squalled as feathers and wings alike were sent a flight. Quizzical expression found the maiden's speckled face; attention turning the direction form which it came. Head tilted ever so carefully to the side, silkworm threads which hung from her antlers and neck moved lazily in following. Long tail swayed from side to side, curiosity piqued as she leaned forward before moving onward, following the direction from which the birds had scattered – the Fons waterbed. Her stride was short with brisk movement as she arrived, noticing the flailing yearling splashing about in the water. Puzzled gaze watched him quietly, assuming he'd fallen in. <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“No, that is not right - ...”</font> she shook her head with a lightened, apologetic smile before approaching the shoreline.

Her neck craned down, eyes casting to panicked stranger with inquiry. Her head tilted to the right, exposing her silver-blue roses which grew from her right ear. She'd keep a comfortable distance from him to refrain from getting drenched by all the splashing though wouldn't mind offering a swimming lesson or two, as she was close enough to be heard, but far enough from the splashing zone. <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“You're making quite a fuss there,”</font> she giggled sheepishly. Playful tune floated from her lips as she continued before adjusting herself to where she was sitting up-right, and her forelimbs up with her rear flat on the ground. <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“If you move your legs like this,”</font> she explained, motioning her own limbs in a doggie-paddle like technique; <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“It's much easier to maneuver in the water that way.”</font> She'd finally let her forelegs fall to the ground, paws daintily rested in a casual sit, long tail wrapped loosely at her toes in a single round.
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The yearling continued to splash frantically in the frigid waters, eyes of topaz blue showing fear and fright in every single movement that he made. The birds continued to scatter in various directions, calling out in shock and terror from the screaming that the young brute had called out. His alabaster fur was drenched and his wings were drenched as well, making them unuseable for the time being. The smell of dew and honey, as well as the smell from the fish below made his nose wrinkle with displeasure. How he wished that he was not so stupid as to have smacked the water which caused him to be in this situation. He would look to the heavens, praying to the Gods that if he were destined to die that they would end his suffering and dramatic episode of splashing and wailing. However, before he even had time to succumb to the water's force, his eyes would shift over to a woman of light pastel hues. Roses grew from ears as antlers had appeared above her head, webs hung from them as her light, calming gaze focused upon him. The brute heard her calling, trying to show him how to swim like a normal wolf would if they were in this situation. The current was strong, however, he would switch his paws around and move in the same way that the woman was explaining, causing him to soon reach the shore within a couple minutes from fighting the current.

Echolon made it to the shore, eyes closing as he began to cough and splutter from the water that made its way into his lungs and throat, trying to regurgitate the remnants of water that made its way down his throat and causing him issues with breathing. His eyes would look back over to the woman, his coughing continuing to cause him issues, but he paid no heed as he talked to the woman through gasping breaths.

"I appreciate the lesson, Ma'am," he explained, his voice deep for his age, yet calming and vibrant. However, he was definitely no ladies man as of yet. His drenched wings were at his side as topaz stripes were cut against his hindquarters and front legs. Rings of topaz blue which matched his eyes were focusing upon the older dame with interest. The young brute was not sure who this dame was, and how she happened to come across him. However, he was sure that his screaming from utter terror was hard to miss, he was thankful that she happened to come over and help teach him swimming.