Full Version: Eri Rindalfuhr
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Hello everyone, i decided to put Echolon's brother up for adoption. So here is a little bit of info.

Eri is the same age as his brother, they were split up several days after their sister had died from fever, and, after a couple days happed to have gone by, a rockslide happened to come into their path. Eri had decided to meet his brother somewhere else away from where the rockslide was, but, Echolon happened to hear his brother scream, belieivng he was dead altogether and left him. Eri was very much alive, for he was attacked by a rogue wolf and happened to miss the tip of his tail in the process of escaping, but, he happened to find his way here, hoping to find his brother.

Name: I would like his name to stay the same, but you can come up with a middle name if you wish.

Appearance: He has a white coat with purple patches around his body. His eyes are bi-colored, his right eye being a dark blue and his left eye being a lime green. He has the ability to heal like his brother, long fur, wings that are purple with white feathers scattered around the wings. Everything else is up to you, unless you have a different appearance.

Personality: Childish, Sneaky, Clever, Courageous, Respectuful, Cunning, Trickster, any other things you want to throw in there.

Gender: Male

Plans: What plans do you want him to be in? Will be reuinite with his brother, will he join a pack, etc.

Alright, so here's the form for him:




Personality (150 words):

Appearance (150 words):


Rp Sample (100 or more words):