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Lullabies of the <i>sweetest</i> notes; exquisite tones flitted and <i>gamboled</i> upon the zephyr which promptly awoke that of the verdant woodland encroachments. <i>Quivering</i> did chartreuse leaves in lively antics to the <i>nipping</i> chill which embarked across the landscape fresh with dew of the early morn’ which scintillated in the <i>yawns</i> of the massive star that arose from slumber! Whilst above <i>shivering</i> canopies, twisted and <i>knitted</i>, did the charcoal canvas that had been embellished with <i>twinkling</i> delights but now feel the <i>rushing</i> tepidness of sultry <i>kisses</i> of morning’s lethargic sentiments. Tender caresses of cobalt intermingled with aflush coral tints that tip-toed across the skyline in exaggerated zeal. Ah, and beckon did the world as if <i>crying</i> out in sheer desolation; a heartache. Sacchariferous <i>hums</i> echoed through the corridors of the coppice, outcries of early awakenings, <i>tweeting</i> and gracious <i>trilling</i> outlined by the ever supple <i>vibrations</i> that sauntered across the breeze, of feathers <i>brushing</i> ever softly against feathers… <p>
Convulsions <i>exploded</i> behind thin silvery sheets which tenderly blanketed fuchsia pools, thick and frosted lashes spasmed with the contractions of the muscles of facial features. Summoning forth from the <i>dreary</i> and chimerical outlands of slumber, was it fabrication of Seraphim design was but disturbed by the ever prodding fingers of Father Time. It <i>ticked</i>, <i>ticked</i>, <i>ticked</i> away…. All of it… Shuddering lashes of ivory weaving were drawn upwards with languid pulsing of the muscles, ah, and revel did the glorified morning to her sleeping knight! Effulgence <i>touched</i> and <i>danced</i> upon rapturous concoction in ecstasy, to <i>warm</i> and coddle in humble <i>desire</i>. Stoic was gentleman of winter’s bearing, <i>turned to stone</i> in the cosset of first light, achromatic lashes casting ever <i>deep</i> umbrage upon highly etched cheek bones in perfection of handsome characteristics as bubblegum pools of visionary plight did stare in solace, <i>cutting</i> through existence with an ever seeing vigor. <p>
Pleasantries delighted as the sir did dare not move forth from the tantalizing warmth of the bassinet Mother Earth had bequeathed to the <i>wariness</i> of a wayward vagabond. In times of distress did the Earth but cradle with simplistically of affection, when <i>aching</i> bones and <i>crestfallen</i> heartbeats did <i>yearn</i> for repose; turn to the Earth, they had whispered in fable like tunes to jejune boy… Humble was the supple sigh which escaped through kissers crafted of cotton candy, <i>delicate and saccharine</i>, as memories tangoed through the plaguing darkness that eternally washed upon thy gentleman’s oculars. Gifts of woven dreams but delighted, as slumber was sought like that of <i>paragon</i>; years stolen away by the dreadful <i>kiss</i> of time did encase the gamet of the universe’s grandeur pigmentations to the memory banks of the man, whose dreams conjured forth the resplendent faces and times…. Slowly did lips soften and curl upon the edges to portray a gentle smile into the unforgiving shadows that bore down upon his existence. Ah, and memories were but what kept the soul alive, were they not? <p>

Auricles painted with artistic strokes of alabaster, etched into the cranium, swiveled to and fro to ensnare the majestic poetry which <i>effervesced</i> forth from the woodland isles but not far from him. Thew <i>rippled</i> in petite waves across the scapulas, reaching down the spinal column and buttocks as stalwart pillars beneath erected the wraith like being forth from the supple soil below. Pelvis shifted with weight as he shook, freeing the pristine alabastrine garments from debris of the earth he had slumbered upon. Duplex paintbrushes of ivory lassoed to the buttocks moved and but seemed to <i>slithered</i> behind the framework of seraphic beast, <i>savoring</i> the soil as espadrilles of ivory lifted, painted upon the undersides with roseate. Languid were but the motions which carried the creature across the bosom of the earth in <i>ethereal</i> movements, slippers orchestrating reticent rhythms. Nostrils <i>flared</i>, softly tinted in that tincture of irresistible bubblegum, taking in the aromas of the landscape around as the regal neck lowered so that the nares vaguely brushed against the lushness of the world below, catching the scent of which he sought out. Childhood would embark on the mastery of tales told and an education imprinted upon the cerebrum of the man, the knowledge of herbs. Blindness perhaps was that of a cripple which could easily strip away the soul and liveliness of one, but to give thyself <i>purpose</i> was to <i>live</i>, and such was it that the alabaster sir ventured the world working his mind to the brink.

<i>Delicate</i> aroma wafted unto the nares as proboscis was buried in the softness of Chamomile, testing the perfume as the salmon hued appendage leapt forth from jowls to curl around a singular bud. Gnashed between teeth did the central portion of the blossom <i>pop</i> to send a bitter taste through taste buds but bring with it a calming sensation that spiraled and <i>buzzed</i> into the cranium. Ah, but perhaps it was <i>destiny</i> did proclaim that with such haste, a fine day would not be wasted on the mental dictionary of herbs… Singular was the audit upon the dome which flicked, rotating sideways to catch the slightest auditory disturbance amid the <i>humming</i> chorus of avian ballad. Low key yet high pitched did a sound reverberated to the left distance of the brute, skull tilting to the left yet limbs did not venture to move the framework of bone and <i>flesh</i>. Once more something lowly <i>clicked</i>, a melancholy flickering in the depths of the sound, and with such was it the genteel creature set out in such a direction, slippers taciturn in movement as to not frighten. As it grew louder the man identified that it came from the ground and the neck lowered so the nares tested the earth below stalwart pillars, catching the aroma of a <i>rat</i>, and this the beaded gemstone of bubblegum perched upon the rostral portion of the muzzle <i>thumped</i> against a stiff and <i>chilled</i> object, once more he tested… and decided that it was a perished creature… Audits flicked with the subtle clicking and puzzling whine that came inches from his snout, and moving forth with it adventurously did he find a rock, beneath it a wiggling and crying rodent. Thew rippled through the neckline as the cranium jerked, nose pushing the stone from the jejune rodent. Immediately it seemed to hiss, it’s throaty reverberations high and stunning as it’s diminutive feet thudded against the earth in warning; calmly the brute offered a portion of chamomile which had been resting between saccharine kissers, and slowly he could feel petite hands grab it away as the sound of teeth gnashing rang through his audits. <p>

Ever soft was the smile which curled and graced handsome kissers as the brute lifted his skull and turned about, slippers caressing the earth as he began his journey through the woodlands once more. Although as the man ventured the faintest <i>pitter</i> and <i>patter</i> of lush foliage beneath feet caught his attention from time to time. Perhaps, the man had thought, that his increased sense of hearing had driven him to a place of insanity… yet it came once more as he once more neared his Chamomile bush, and with soft lyrics did baritone outreach, <font color=#ffb6c1>”Would you like to join me little one..?”</font> a coo it seemed to become intermingled with the faintest spice of laughter as the pitter patter of feet drew closer. Tendrils of ivory thread sewn upon the body which seemed to wisp and wave in the breeze to send electrical images of his surroundings felt the proximity of another soul but nearest his front left paw. Lips parted and grasped that of Chamomile once more, the trunk of a neck lowering to gently offer the herb to the creature, who humbly took such generosity; perhaps the poor thing had been frightened? Perhaps it had lost its family… Fuchsia kissers pursed ever faintly to that consideration, the cardiac muscle within the virile breast <i>throbbing</i> with the memories of a history long erased.<p>

Generosity was but simplistically <i>engraved</I> into the being of the humble beast, as he had stood and fed the appetite of the little rat, and as he had ventured forth once more towards the canticle of a rushing stream to quench a sweltering thirst, the creature had followed. With droplets still fresh upon ivory chin and breast pressed against the earth as he laid, did he listen with a vague humor. The stream he had sought out was incredibly diminutive, perhaps not even as deep as his ankles, but it’s freshness was evident and it <i>cooled</i> the innards with a soothing repose. Subtle <i>splashes</i> echoed through the atmosphere as the rodent bathed itself, cleaning every nook and cranny of itself; if existence was but not so crude and such a destroyer of dreams the genteel man may have laid opticals upon the pristine white rodent that had followed him out of the woodlands that fine day. In the mid-day shade did they rest, his nostrils detecting the perfume that wafted from the rodent signified her gender as but female, and with such his mind spiraled and <i>cranked</i> with thought as the creature vaguely nibbled at the bayonets which sprouted forth from the massive paws, <i>cleaning</i> them and then cleaning herself once more. Once more jowls parted, as the pink appendage rolled outwards, curling and tapping against the nostrils as a <i>yawn</i> escaped him, the female rodent shimmying up his scapula, her diminutive weight felt upon the lower portion of his antlers as she laid, resting herself. A pirouette of a smile lifted upon handsome features once more, how comical it was, such a tiny thing and something so <i>despised</i> could seemingly trust and bond with something as himself. Oh, how his mother would have hated this new found companion… <font color=#ffb6c1>"Cithara.”</font> He murmured, pools of bubblegum staring into the distance as ivory lashes flicked, as he murmured once more, <font color=#ffb6c1>”I shall call you Cithara… dear friend.”</font> Perched upon the kingly adornments that did sprout upwards from the skull did the wintry rat click her teeth together in agreement, yawing softly as she began to doze off.

<font color=#ffb6c1>“Speech”</font>

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