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I apologize to those who I owe replies to. My mind has been a bit frazzled and I've been losing my mind counting down the days for today to come. I keep telling myself I'm going to do replies but I get so distracted from many factors at the moment, that I can't think clearly - or think like how I want my character to think.

Instead of beating around the bush, I'm just going to get to the point, if this is too personal for anyone then just do not continue reading. We're all adults here and I am just a pretty forward person.

I'm three weeks late for my period to start.

Now, before anyone bothers to: stop. I DO NOT want any advice about how my body functions, or what this or that could entail. Every womans body functions differently. This is my body, I generally understand how my body works and something just isn't right.

I have considered my stress factors:
-I was working the grave yard shift at waffle house - super stressed and miserable job. I did quit. (woo!)
-Yes I'm sexually active with my boyfriend.
-I'd just moved to the state of Ohio from the mountains of North Carolina
-I stress very easily, and I'm a nervous person over all
-No, I cannot be on BC because of my medical history - and I am not willing to risk those non-hormonal BC's

Generally if I am super stressed, my period is about three days late, so for me to be going on two weeks later and I STILL haven't started, has raised some alarms, I've also been taking note of some weird abnormalities/symptoms that have been reoccurring:

-By 3a.m.-4a.m. This wave of nausea literally crashes over me.
I haven't reached to the point of vomiting but I have had some close calls.
-Fatigue : I've got a pretty balanced sleep schedule since quitting from Waffle House. This does not mean I wont stay up til the crack of dawn because I'm a night owl though normally I can get through the day pretty fine. Lately I've felt completely drained and exhausted. I can take a 1-2 hour nap and still feel like I've not slept.
-Mood Swings - (this isnt really abnormal cause I have these all the time ) - I've been super pissy, or overly emotional lately and I've caught myself in the middle of them |: And I've cried at the littlest of things, including my nephews cute little video of him playing with a coke bottle when he was still crawling OTL
-Cravings - I either want something or I go to get something to eat and suddenly lose my appetite

<i>Have you taken a take-home pregnancy test?</i>
Yes. I took two of them about five days after I realized that my period hadn't started like it should have. Both of which came out negative. The only issue I have here, is that when I read the instructions (wat) - it stated that if you go certain amount of time without taking the test that the results <u>may not be accurate. </u>

Also: When I normally CONSIDER taking a preg. test my period is like LOLTROLLED. IM HERE. and just Chuck-Norris punch me. And I still haven't started.

.... I have a doctors appointment today at the OB/GYN to have them find out if I am pregnant or not.
Part of me REALLY REALLY REALLY WANTS TO BE and the other part of me is all NO, NOT YET STAHP - mixed emotions.
either way, I'm preparing myself to be disappointed. =w=;
I got put into circles, yay lol so update:
I have the possibility of being pregnant. But they do not know for sure yet - if I don't start soon I need to go get blood drawn. She also mentioned that because my mom had a PE she recommended that I get screened for some blood clotting disease. I am to take a pregnancy test next week and then the following week. Urine samples sometimes aren't enough, and theres the chance that it could be an ectopic pregnancy. But there is just no way of knowing at this moment.

She also stated that its not healthy to be living in stressful environment because I can make myself physically sick. I need to find ways to distract myself as difficult as it sounds, and I need to work on a healthier eating habit and start exercising. I'm not over weight (I actually lost 4-5 lbs) I just need to have a healthy lifestyle lol.