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<center><font style="color: #2B1313; font size: 45px;"><b><h1>THE MYSTERY BOX HAS APPEARED!</h1></b></font></center>

<p>The mystery box appears randomly, placed with care by the gods so it nestles tenderly amongst the underbrush. Slowly the gods lean down, breathing life into the box so that a glow begins to grow in the once empty chest. With that they disappear, retreating back into their solitude to watch their newest creation work. 

<p>This is the third mystery box appearance. The following sections in the market have been numbered, powers, legendary powers, accessories, quest items, blessings and curses. Once you post you will be given a number and then the item will be sent to your characters account. THIS JS TO CELEBRATE OUR 200TH MEMBER!!! So this will be open for 1 week! Only one wolf to post per member. Post must be at least 500 words for it to count, you may acknowledge the other wolves or you can simply find the box alone. 

<p>There is a chance for maim, for sickness, disease etc. Keep this in mind when entering this draw. Most curses are temporary, or they are reversible through god quests. You have been warned!

BEAUTURN- DISEASE [Will last for 2 ooc weeks] given
TALON-WARG - runes given
ASURYAN- GUARDIAN [this power will remain dormant until Asur chooses a wolf he wishes to protect] -runes given
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<div class="notext"> lThe Eagle-blood has noticed... </div>
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Skytouched, breathtaker, the view of ages cast beneath heaven's shroud. Unusual. Tiger toothed rocks laze amidst the edges, a dance of death in minute decimal. Amidst it; God. The eagle king and mythical fleshed companion. They dance their game of treachery with wings upon their back and the forgotten king is just as fleshed in his confidence. "twas amidst thy youth sublime that a man was judged by the ocean." The king mused, nostalgia lacing the tone lost amidst the past. He was there in his memories. "I approached by eagle god was told to cast thy bones into the oceans below, sink or fly; what a rite of man."

He turns with this musing to the Roc, the mighty keeper of the winters. Crimson upon crimson doth their eyes meet and in turn the eagle king casts a smile as the roc dips his head. "Nevermore, nevermore." his words hiss a vicious lullaby of the truth and Beau accepted this with the passing of his sorrows. "However, old memories are so often blessed." The false king murmured and in his words he peered over the edge of the cliff, Eagle-blood wings curled to catch wind as they spread as if prepared for a dance of gusts. "I feel I have lost myself as a man since my coming to this place." His voice, soft, melodramatic. Beauturn as Beauturn had always been. "Perhaps I must take my rite once more, throw myself upon these rocks and fly as a god blessed man."  He looked to his paws, his face wracked with guilt.

"Libra, dearest Libra, this I know now I must do." The Roc lifted his head to face the man and in his motion let forth a sigh "If it quells your mind then I will not stop you." and in step the towering bird lofted himself upon the air, this helmaroc king, crowned with feathers of dusted snow. Beau looked gently towards the ocean, closed his eyes in prayer. "Altair, you cannot hear me. However in you name, your flesh doth I be reborn into this new world as god blessed eagle." With this he plummeted.

There was no fear, no guilt nor remorse. Wings folded tight amidst leopard kissed bodice as he fell to the judgment of his skills. He however, unlike last time, kept his eyes closed. He could feel the gutters of wind, taste the air around him. He felt almost one with the winds, almost. The jagged teeth closed up the ocean. Fangs of rock. However he did not catch a drift just yet.  

His thoughts fleeted of home.  

The ice laden metropolis, how he was trapped amidst the ice narrows, the look of death in his fathers eyes. How he almost drowned, the struggle, oh the struggle of life. He in this moment felt an epiphany, of course life was a vicious cycle of misfortune with few sunny pleasantries. His features curled into a smile he'd learned from death. His wings unfurled and he felt his form with every draw of muscle carry him further from death.  

He did not feel any closer to these new gods however. That was until from his throne upon the skies he saw a golden box. Libra's claws so delicately resting on its lid. "Come hither king of kings, the gods have noticed you It seems." Beauturn fell into shock, the gods have noticed him. He felt his eyes tear up and his form become weightless as he plummeted towards his mythical companion. A burden had been lifted from the shoulders of a religious man.  

He slithered so carefully forth feeling his runes glow as viciously as starlight.  

Tenderly, he opened  the box.

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The dark coloured male had wandered too far from Anja, so it was high time he made his way back to his treasured friend. This time he had traveled a different route and found himself in a wide open space. The only plant life here was the soft and lush grass that would sway just slightly in the small breeze. Talon could almost taste the salt in the air from being so close to ocean, curiously the male would move silent across this terrain his white eyes would find the edge of the cliff and far below him the ocean would beat against the walls with every wave. For a moment he would stare at the waves and water far below, but he pulled himself away quickly as he was beginning to feel uneasy.

Something about being out in the open for any creature to lay its eyes on him made him feel uneasy, but the cliff itself was a danger and one slip could carry him off to his death. The male would turn and walk away from the cliff and would continue to roam across the lush greenery. Green. All he would see was green, or if he moved his gaze skyward all he would see is blue, with just little flecks of white clouds that took their time to traverse the sky.

Although hating to be out in the open, Talon at the same time didn’t mind this little spot. Perhaps he could come back here with Anja on a later date. Had she seen this lush green grass? Would she like it or would she become like him anxious for the cover of the trees? The brute would walk in his usual silent way gracefully and carefully picking his way through the grass.
There was a glimmer of colour in the corner of his eye, the sun was reflecting off of something amongst the grass. Perhaps there was something more in this lush greenery than he had thought. Curious the male slowly and cautiously made his way to the glimmer in the grass. His eyes would narrow as he drew closer to a strange box, it seemed to glow within. Talon would sit and look around. Suddenly unsure about how the box got here or whose it would belong. It seemed to whisper to him to come closer and take a look inside. His tails would twitch as he looked at the box once more.

Something felt off about this box, whatever lay inside it could be a blessing or a curse from the gods. Dare he risk it? Talon went to turn away, perhaps it was best not to delve into things he didn’t understand. He would take a step or two away only to turn his gaze from the box. This box could contain his missing memories. He felt torn, as he stood simply staring at the strange box. He slowly turned back around his curiosity getting the better of him. He decided after all that he should maybe take the risk.

So after a second pause more Talon edged closer to this mysterious box and nudged it open, his curiosity won.
<center><link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><div style="background: #dadce1 url('') no-repeat bottom; width: 500px;"><div style="padding-right: 25px; padding-left: 25px; padding-top: 45px; padding-bottom: 700px; font-family: 'Cantata One', 'Georgia' serif; text-align:justify; font-size:10px; color: #223144"><font style="font-size:50pt; line-height:10px;">T</font>he fields of green stretched on into the horizon. The sounds of distance waves could be heard crashing against the cliffs. The air was salty, a breeze blowing across the sea inland. It was a place she enjoyed, but there was little protection in the treeless plains. But this didn't stop the Queen from exploring. Wings flared as paws touched down lightly, talons sinking into the soft grass. Nostrils flared pleasantly, herds scattering at her sudden presence. Feathers were tugged to and fro as the breeze swept over her. Though it was tempting, she was not going to move the pack, they were already in shock, it was unnecessary to cause them more grief by moving. Besides she had grown rather fond of the mountain and the protection it offered. It kept away the summer heat, had plenty of food and undeniable protection that would come in handy should they ever be attacked.
Her thoughts ran ramped. Her brother was leaving, returning home. He hadn't spoken a word of this until the meeting, it was the first and last thing he had told her. A sigh slid from her lips, sorrow tugging at her mind. How could he? How could he just get up and leave, making a decision without telling anyone, no warning or anything. Anger had yet not risen beneath the anguish she felt. They were suppose to rule this pack together. But now he was leaving. Wings sagged a bit beneath the realization that she would be doing it alone. There was so much work to be done. She knew that many of the wolves didn't trust, didn't believe her to capable. And who could blame him, she had gone into a rage the very moment they all gathered. All they remembered was the anger, her anger. She knew it would take time to heal old wounds and gain their trust. Perhaps she should meet with them, get to know them and mend relationships. Including those of her siblings. She had not spent much time with her sister. Then there was her half siblings, which she couldnt fully bring herself to regret not spending time with them.
She walked across the fields, wrapped up in her own thoughts until she tripped over a box. Startled, wings lifted her, gaze searching for the offender. Curiosity captured her attention as paws once again touched the ground. Nostrils flared as her crown lowered, sniffing the strange looking box. She had never seen such a thing. A forepaw lifted, reaching out to poke the box. It was hard, made of wood, and just generally weird looking. She gave it a nudge and it moved, though it made no noise. Without warning there was a blinding light that had her back pedaling blindly away from the box. Panic flared as eyes blinked rapidly, though it took a few moments for her vision to finally return. Her body tingled with a strange sensation that caused her to examine herself. Ears fell loosely against her crown, wings flared defensively. With a glare at the box she would back away, keeping her eyes on the thing before she was far enough away.

<font style="color:#995500;"><b>"Caracara"</b></font><font style="color:#990011;"><b>"Andurïl"</b></font>

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One voice alone
A haunting cry</DIV>
<font style=" font-size: 15px; font-style: italic; font-variant: none; text-transform: none; text-shadow: 0px 0px 9px #000000;">Citlali no longer had</font> a flight teacher, but she was determined to continue learning, reclaiming the skills she had been denied as a slave. The winds here were excellent for gliding, which allowed her to focus on simply maintaining her balance in the air and remaining aloft as long as possible. Once the initial vertigo died away, she found she quite liked letting herself be carried up by the winds, startling gulls and feeling seafoam fleck her fur.

Her training had resulted in more muscle gain on her wings, which now actually looked capable of bearing her aloft. Still, she could only keep herself in the air through flapping alone for a few minutes, lacking the naturally aerodynamic, athletic form Andraste had had. If one was comparing them to true birds, Andraste was a hawk, proud and predatory, while Citlali was more of a falcon, small and alert. Even her wings were slightly curved like a falcon’s, and so while she could make quick turns and stunning dives, she had difficulty staying aloft on her own power.

Nevertheless, this was an excellent spot for flying. The winds were constant, and she was having great fun letting herself be tumbled about. It helped take her mind off Caracara’s new leadership, and Indian’s absence. She found she already missed him, quite a lot actually, which surprised (and maybe embarrassed) her. He was what a leader should be, caring and noble, rather than brutal and fierce like the king of her home pack, or controlling and manipulative like Cruxer and Lucia. Speaking of them—she was glad they were gone. They had left to scout out new lands, giving her orders to remain here and spy, but unbeknownst to them, Citlali had a bad habit of turning on her captors the moment they gave her any leeway. Of course, Indian’s departure threw a monkey wrench into her plans to confess. Indian or Andraste might have forgiven her, but Cara? She couldn’t know, not ever.

With a sigh, Citlali folded her wings and let herself fall for a few moments before unfurling them once more, bringing her back up. Maybe she didn’t have to tell anyone. Maybe Cruxer and Lucia wouldn’t even come back! Yeah! Maybe they would get lost, or find someone new to terrorize, or get eaten by a giant frog! She could only hope.

Presently, a bright pinpoint of light on the cliffs caught her attention. With some difficulty, she flapped out of the thermal she had been riding and glided back down to solid land, thumping onto the ground heavily and pulling her wings in. She cautiously neared the glow until she found it’s source—a small, beautiful chest. Memory stirred in her suddenly as she remembered a box not unlike this one that she had found before. It had channeled some sort of energy into her that she would later discover was entirely new magic. Part of her fear died away, and she moved closer, gently bumping her nose against the lid to see what treasures this chest held.

                                            <center><font style=" color: #a1cbde; text-shadow: 0px 0px 10px #ffffff;">"May I speak?"</font></div>
<DIV style="text-align: CENTER; font-family: georgia; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #fae58f; text-shadow: 0px 0px 20px #ffffff; letter-spacing: 7px; line-height: 12px;">One song, one star burning bright
Let it carry me
Through darkest night</DIV>
Things had been different since the disbandment of the child like kings home. she had been wandering more often. searching for a little bit of danger and it was just her luck that today she would find that bit of adventure. she could almost hear the hum of the familiar odd box. she had found it once before. she had been stalking the child like king. She had been dreaming of possibly ending his life. The thought had come and pass. Though temping as it may have been, she had watched her king wander deep into the mud and touch the glowing box. she had done the same and had been gifted with the odd bracelet the now slithered up her front right leg like a snake familiar.

The aroma of the ocean was thick in the summer air. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breathe of it. Just as the last time, others had come to inspect the odd glowing thing. She was certain the odd thing had been a gift from the gods. What was to come this time around was beyond her knowledge. Her ears flicked forward as she drank in the scene unfolding around her.

The world had erupted with life. Green seemed to have consumed everything around the area and she could hear the screaming calls of the gulls in the distance. perhaps when the time came, she and her compaion could enjoy a walk across the beach. Maybe she could even convince her old king to come along and accidentally be swallowed by the sea. She smiled at the thought but dismissed it as the aroma of others drew her thoughts to the present.

several wolves had already made their way up the clif side and began to walk towards the box and touch it. She watched as a the first winged male made his way towards the box. The second was another male and then a lovely crimson female, then finally the last female approched the box. She waited for her turn, her tail curled across her paws as her violet eyes waited for the hum of the box to come forth and envelope around the others.

Once the box was free, she lifted her legs up off the ground. Her tail was level with her body as she made her way towards the odd box. Anxiety seemed to fill her for a moment as the box became closer and closer. Anything could happen. Be it bad or good, it was inevitable that something would happen. Maybe she would be lucky and the gods would bless her. She had hoped that she was in their favor. She moved cauiously, like she had before, and eased her muzzle towards the cool clamp of the box as she pushed the lid open. She could feel the hum of its magic begining to trickle out and over her and she closed her eyes awaiting for what ever was to happen to happen. She could only hope that her outcome was good.
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<div style="font-family: Sans Serif; font-size: 35px; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: center; line-height: 25px;">ASURYAN <br>KURNOUS</div>
<div class="asursbox"><div style="margin-left: 15px;"><div style="background-color: #677b89; width: 430px; height: 400px; margin-top: 25px;"><div style="font-family: verdana; font-size: 10px; color: #f0f0f0; padding: 5px; padding-right: 5px; width: 420px; height: 380px; text-align: justify; overflow: auto; padding: 10px" class="asur1"">
The protagonist had felt this feeling before. The feeling that a drop of infinity had fallen onto the mortal world, caressing it like a crystalline structure of liquid as it oozed and flowed down the leaves. Once before had he gone to that call, once when he was mighty and well-known but now he was a phantom. Recognized by a few but forgotten by others. The beckoning of that box has done it's worst on him, twisting the fabric of magic to instill a curse upon his person. Now he was weakened, and he still felt it's effects as it dogged his heels. Occasionally the curse would waver and hope would set in, but a tiredness would settle in his bones while his mind remained sharp. He was a young man trapped in an old vessel. The anger after the box had set in many months later once he realized what was amiss - at first the shock from the box was sharp like a fiery needle.

Asuryan stood upon the Cliffside, his gaze sweeping the horizon and all that lay in his wake. Absence had stolen his mind away off to a far away land, to where his family lay in mystery. What was to say that they were okay? No word had reached him of their condition but the Emperor felt as if nothing were amiss. But who could say that his gut instinct was right? It frustrated the celestial man as his glinting wisps lashed and coiled like writhing snakes under fire. A growl cut his thoughts aside as he felt an electrical tremor through the air while memories flooded through the circuit. He knew this feeling and slitted, calculating russet eyes darted along the cliffside before their frantic travel halted. Upon the soft grasses of the contrasting danger below stood a group of wolves, eagerly peering at a soft glowing object.

The King rose from his seat, his features once thoughtful but now determined as he seized the opportunity to meet this box once again. Would it take the curse from him? Or would it thrust another upon him? Doubt forced his paws to stay a while as he considered his next move. What if the God's maimed him? The thought found a comical side to the imperator before he considered the message hidden between the lines. Did the God's disapprove of him? Somehow he doubted it, but you could never know with God's. Fickle beings who meddled in the business of others but still his mortal respect for them lingered.

Hushing the thoughts aside he wandered through the tall grass which sighed and swayed in the soft summer breeze, while the sound of the booming sea's assault on the land below accompanied him. Eventually Asuryan arrived at his destination, his figure cutting through the grass before he silently approached the box. No words were there to greet those he once knew, Caracara, Citlali. He merely gave a nod to Caracara, the words left unsaid from their previous encounter while to Citlali he gave a smile which was warm, knowing - encouraging even before he dipped his head to inspect the box. He knew this game. He knew the end game. Pearl lids shut upon his eyes as he took the plunge, his muzzle disappearing into the box while the glow of the box shone upon his hooded eyes.

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<div style="font-family: PT Sans Narrow; font-size: 8px; color: #ffffff; center; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px; width: 400px;"><span style="font-weight: bold;">From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell<br />
And if I catch it comin' back my way<br />
I'm gonna serve it to you</span></div></div>