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Hey all, I have decided to open up a little studio and maybe practice my wolf arts Tongue At this time I am not very advanced, I will reserve the right to say no to your wolf if it is ridiculous lol. most of my wolves I wouldn't even attempt to manic so please don't take it personally! I will be making just table images for now, 600px wide maximum. These are just practice pieces so please bare with me D: I can code them if you like, but I won't code them unless you as me to. Please fill out the code and plunk it here and I will do my best to complete it! (rare. don't come near me with that feonix. not yet... all you people with passive magic begone with you as well!!!) you can check out my... well... images of sibelle in my gift art thread if you like XD one character per table for now please thank you!!

I'm going to open up some chibi request slots, after I tried making ody for saf I quite like them and would like to try some more. I have no limitations to mutations for chibis, I will take your most f-ed up characters and attempt to chibi them. oh yeah. bring it.

Name: first, last, do you want them on the table?
Text: optional
Anything else?:

1. Romulus
2. Ody fight (maybe)

1. Val
2. Paradise
3. Aule
4, Diell


ODY: Image- Hex Fade- 6e604e (table to come)
ROBIN: Image- Hex Fade- 18190a


Name: Robin Willowreaver. Annnd...nah, they don't have to be on the table.
Text: Can't think of a thing c:
Colors: Reds and whites
Mood: Calm...or maybe frightened, whichever one is best.
Reference: Here's a more color-specific one:
Anything else?: Have fun with 'im! X3
Name: Odysseus
Text: the bruises on your thighs like my finger prints
Colors: dark
Mood: dark
Reference: .....he's all black with silver outlining his ears and silver eyes. 2 tails, elongated fangs, and spikes down his back that get smaller towards the base of his spine
Anything else?: i loves you <3

and can you code it for me?

slowly pushes Cara forward too
Name: Romulus
Text: Go on and tear me apart
Colors: dark
Mood: dark
Reference: bone spurs on the backs of his forelegs, long fur on the backs of his forelegs as well
Anything else?: can you code it please
Name: Ody
Colors: dark
Mood: fight table please
Reference: still the same.
Anything else?: <333333
Rom for chibi!!!
bone spurs on the backs of his forelegs, long fur on the backs of his forelegs as well
-pushes sib forward for a chibi too-
* pushes Fenris in for chibis *

<a href="">Fenris Ref</a>
-pokes in- one for Persephone and Paradise? If there to iffy just ignore this requestxD
Can I get a chibi Aulë <3 dats him <3
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