Full Version: he huffs and he puffs
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Why was it that everytime he returned home he ended up feeling more anxious when he came back then when he left. He didn't even know why, nothing exciting had happened. It had been nice to see his mother, see the next generation of Madars. But it was time to return home. He needed to be back with his siblings, back to his responsibility. So with that he would drift languidly back towards the mountain, massive wings outstreatched and long limbs pulled easily into his body. For a time he would drift around the mountain, eyes intent as he studied the terrain. A fire? Had he really been gone that long? After another moment he would slowly circle lower, closer to the mouth of the caves where his siblings and he had settled. Where he had once lived with Andraste... Something in his heart twisted before he would touch his hind limbs down and dropping front limbs before folding his wings into his sides. With that he would bark, sending the sound into the caverns looking for his sister. He had kind of dropped everything on her at the last meeting and was completely expecting her wrath...

She had been watching him from the shadows as he circled around and around. She waited, with great restraint until his paws touched the earth and a bark left his lips. She would come bounding form the shadows, lacking a distinct queenly behavior as she sought to barrel into her brother. "Its about time! She squealed. Eyes danced with joy that he had returned and appeared to have done so in one piece. Hows mom? Dad? Home? Does dad still have the pack? Do we have any more siblings? Questions tumbled from ashen lips in a rush, eyes bright with excitement and a grin stretching across her lips. Feathers stood on end and her features tail wagged furiously, shifting feathers into chaos. All the crap he dumped on her could come later, first she wanted to know about his visit and their family.

Her reaction was swift and not one he had expected. From the shadows she would bound, leaping and squealing as she looked to close the distance between them quickly and slowly his lips would curl into the smallest of smiles, one that only his siblings could bring. Questions upon questions would tumble from her lips and a soft laugh would escape him. <b>"She's good, she sends her love. As do our aunts. Dad says to tell you he is proud. Yes if you call what he has a pack. Though it has grown."</b> He would say with a laugh as he allowed tail feathers to wiggle as well. Excitement...? <b>"Two more sets, five in total. Another to come soon, the mother is a new one."</b> He would say with a chuckle, his father had always tried to never in pregnant two females to close together to avoid having to many non working mouths at one time.

A small smile curled her brothers lips. To some it would look like nothing, but knowing him as well as she did, it was basically an honor. His laughter would fill the gaps before he answered. Their mother was well and sends her love, along with their aunts. I do miss them. The rani would murmur. Her father was proud, which had her chest swelling with pride and smirk of satisfaction curling her lips. Though a brow arched at her brothers comment of his pack. Both brows shot up when he spoke of their siblings. Five more. Ugh. Plus another litter on the way. If she could bang her head against something, she would. He's been busy. She grumbled. Plus a new mother. She did not quite agree with the way her father knocked up everything that was moving and pretty.

It was easy, like he hadn't abandoned her and the pack to go run off back home, she would easily accept his words and something in his chest would slowly untwist. He felt more relaxed. He had been struggling since leaving home and it was almost as if now he knew that the two worlds could co exist together. That he could be here and his family could be there without there being any danger. Their father was a capable man after all... Cara would murmur that she missed them and he would nod his head slowly. <b>"If you ever want to go visit..."</b> he would offer, words trailing off as he sighed. He could handle things if she needed some time off to go visit family. Her expression would say it all when he spoke of their siblings, a soft smirk toying at his lips. They were on the same page about their family... <b>"How have things been here? I saw scorched earth..."</b> He would say, brows drawing together in a frown as he allowed his gaze to slip towards where he had seen the earth when he had been flying.

He would suggest that she go visit, and for a moment she considered it. She could leave for a bit, visit with her family, friends, everyone. "we'll see." She would murmur with a faint shrug. He would then I quite about how things were. "there were fires, it was bad but it didn't touch the mountains. I don't know how hunting for winter will be." Worry leaked into her tones as she peered up at him. "But I did promote a few members to hunting positrons." She would add, a smile touching her lips.