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<table background="" style="background-position:none ; background-color:#000000; background-repeat: no-repeat;border:3px solid #000000; top=300px; width:650px; cellpadding="10" cellspacing="10"><tr><td height="100px"><tr><td align="justify"><div style="width:360px;height: 120px; float:left;"></div><link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><font color="#db0909" style="font-familyTongueoor Richard; text-transform:none; font-size:10px; text-shadow: #8b0000 1px 1px 6px; line-height:15px; word-spacing:1px; letter-spacing:2.5px"> <div style="text-indent: 20px;"> <i> Lo' I remember thine presence upon first greet. Regal stance which shan't find defeat. Composure stoic with glimmer-mischief dost thine gems preen. Excuse beckoned beneath breath of maternal lips, chorused by kingship demands should I squander and dabble in the threshold of emissaries and assassins. Oh but that was just a tale of once upon a time of which to share, to curious eyes and ponderous mind – listen, listen little imps who reckon with the devil.</i>

Evening nigh' settles homeland in anxious wait upon parental return. Childish thrum of her heartbeat rattles, riled with anticipation of excitement to ever feel the touch of her mothers kiss upon cherub cheeks. A promise made by paternal word that she would be taught to scavenge and hunt her own this eve by his guidance, even so since the sun had since gone, her sight had returned. Oh horrid sun-beast monster, foolish grin to mock a child and to steal away her sight until his appearance no longer deterred the heavens, replaced by humble lune maiden – beckon to ever gaze so fondly upon. Envious she was; greed and gluttonous – nay to to share such blessings of sight with brethren fire-beast. Spiderling babe had oft' admired lune-maiden's greed – yet shared such hatred for fire-star as her vision would be tarnished and stolen as rays would soon peak with morning hour. Oh but the eve had only just begun; she could hear the cantering whispers the adults gossiping like the birds nestled in high into the trees.

Devious little girl; she was. To stand behind the entrance wall of her home. Cheeky little grim ebbed raven lips, touched by web of spider that never seemed to fade. Anxiously she would wait, careful to listen as the voices would near ever closer, yet ever softer as if guarded by secrecy. Delicate little ears would perk, cater to eavesdrop and remain to linger within shadow veil. <font color=white>“Elle sera mécontent.”</font> (<i>She will be displeased.</i>) Maiden's words crooned with worry of her mothers voice. Serpent hiss would tease the child's ears of French dialect. Confusion would touch her face; questioning her mothers concern of who it was to be filled with displeasures. <font color=white>“Il est une demande je ne pouvais pas refuser .”</font> (<i> It is a request I was unable to decline.</i>) There was her father. His voice never mistakable of any other. Even while she loved him, his voice was ever so grim to send a spine even down those who'd never tremble to anything, even upon their own demise. His voice would grumble like that of a waking rupture of a quake or the rolling thrums of thunder in a summers storm. Constance could hear her mother scoff to digress, disgust punctured her tone, causing the young girl to wince as if it were she to be the one being scolded to. Her curiosity had finally beckoned the best of her as she turned the corner suddenly to see her mother and father standing just a yard or so before the entrance. A small smile cusped the girls ebon lips as she looked to either of them. A mesh of a spitting image of either of maternal or paternal figure in some fashion. Her mother kept the mark of a widow beneath her left eye; though too painted with enriched raven hairs while her father was brindled; coated in webbing; an inferior trait hardly passed down into a new generation. Thought they were only blessed with a single child, so surprised to see that she was born with the ancient décor. The child's growing long tail swayed from side to side so amiably to see them once again.

Childish giggle would rupture from her lips as she bounded towards her mother first out of habit, nuzzling into the woman's bosom. A kiss was placed upon the crown of her head in greet. <font style="font-family:Marck Script; text-transform:lowercase; font-size:12px; line-height: 10px; text-shadow: #f50000 1px 1px 1px; color:#8f0000">“Les leçons sont ce soir, oui ?”</font> (<i>Lessons are tonight, yes?</i>) she anticipated an answer, pleading rubies would look to her father as she capture a stranger from the corner of her eye. Her smile hesitantly subdued with caution, noticing that the stranger wasn't just <i>any</i> canine foreigner. But the specie was indifferent too. <font style="font-family:Marck Script; text-transform:lowercase; font-size:12px; line-height: 10px; text-shadow: #f50000 1px 1px 1px; color:#8f0000">“Qui es-tu?”</font> (<i> Who are you?</i> ) she was rather forward as she she would slide by her parents and approach the large feline. Her accent heavy on her tongue, teasing the feline under the assumption that he was unable to comprehend. His coat was black with the faintest hint of spots, though difficult to point out in the evening shadows. His eyes glowered so coldly with mild disinterest, painted in a cold carmine seriousness. Build was angular and square – taut and formative, body marred with old wounds of battle scars. <i>He's so big,</i> “Montague.” he would answer curtly. His voice bellowed of a cellists strum, as he looked down to the young girl. Her lips would fall as she turned back to her parents, seeking for answers. <font color=white>“Our kind holds an alliance with your kingdom. I've offered my services to you – through mission and guide. I am to be your eyes when the sun claims the skies; and translator to others should misunderstanding.”</font> Little brows would furrow, her eyes remaining on her parents; now <i>demanding</i> an answer. What was the meaning of all of this?

<font color=white>“Constance.”</font> her mother would pipe; being the first to offer an explanation. Her father interjected as he shook his head. <font color=white>“Si vous voulez participer à l'académie ; en raison de vos limites - vous êtes d'avoir un compagnon avec vous en tout temps - ce qui est une exigence de sa majesté - une demande dont je suis incapable de refuser.”</font> (<i>If you want to partake in the academy; due to your limitations – you are to have a companion with you at all times – this is a demand by his majesty – a request of which I am unable to refuse.</i>) The larger male would huff as he looked to his child with a stern gaze. Constance would stare at her father; her lips parting to protest but oh such a glower her father did have, she would shy away from despairingly. She could not argue with him then. Intimidated by his brutish nature. <font color=white>“La cérémonie de liaison aura lieu au lever du soleil .”</font> (<i>The bonding ceremony will take place at sunrise.</i>) She heard her mothers' pained words pipe, gaze casted towards her lover.

Oh what a wrenching feeling did rile within her stomach. How quickly excitement would be floundered by such unwanted news. Why should a child be treated with unneeded treatment in such away? To blatantly point out her fallacies which lasted a mere ten to twelve hours during the day?

<i> I couldn't tell you, how the day would've started – with obvious of reason. I just remember <u>feeling</u> the cooling waters of the springs and hearing many words shared between pack member – kin. Listening to the sounds of beating hearts that remained ever near, and movement of bird flapping their wings against morning breeze. I could <u>feel</u> him there. The black panther beast sitting behind me, towering over me like a shadow. The brewing despairing I had grown and the distrust I had felt of those who shared little faith in my unlearned abilities. A chant was hummed by elders words, and a pain would spike through my being as if part of me had been ripped and restored by what assumed to be the feline beast – oh what an unexplainable pain I feel! And to not be able to <u>see</u> what was going on – how <u>terrifying</u>. Awaken – Remembering the burning singe of lilac and lavender of shamans den, quiet murmurs passed between elders and parent. Jingling of accessories which adorned the old woman’s apparel as she entered her cavern. Jaguar companion stood so curtly by my side; a change in he, as webs too decorated his body as if he too then shared a trait I carried. The bonding ceremony had since passed and apparently ended in completion. But oh does a new story unravel as a new foreign life breathe into my chest. </i>   |  <font style="font-family:Marck Script; text-transform:lowercase; font-size:12px; line-height: 10px; text-shadow: #f50000 1px 1px 1px; color:#8f0000">"<i>!</i>"</font> 
This companion has accepted your attempts to tame it.