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I need to be more active, and to do that I need some more threads for Cit. I'll start 'em. Any character, any place, any plot. Gimme gimme gimme.
Well I have Para who's in her pack.
Si'drue, my fire boy. He has very little to do. He's loyal and chill and needs some development.
Or I have Persephone. Who's just goofy and talks A LOT. She's also unpredictable and may hug you at any moment.
All sound fun xD Maybe Persephone for now? Cit needs some social skils lol. I'll write up a quick thread and tag you in it.
Plots, you say?

*twirls moustache*

Welp, once Ouro's first tussle gets graded and he's all battle-scarred, I was thinking that he would go and find a healer to get himself fixed up. Citali could help him out. ...and if she doesn't want to he can just whisk her away and force her. XD
I have to admit that mental image made me giggle a bit.
And Cit would probably help him anyway 'cause she's a weenie with a healer's creed to uphold

Defintely up with tossing them together and seeing what happens. Should I start it now, or wait til the fight is judged?
I'd saaaaaaaaaay wait till the fight's judged. Either way, impending shenanigans!
Works for me, just poke me in the box or on here when you're ready.
Rare needs to be more active too


I have Andurïl; the nomadic man who is prone to long moments of silence and tends to observe more than he speaks. Though he's gonna end up in the Clutch soonish one day so they'll be pack buddies eventually XD

I has Aulë a pup that has just recently come to the mainland after spending his childhood on Xipphas. Right now he's kind of shadowing Ody cause heller saved his life. 

And Aldrnari my wandering shaman whom is from another island of the Vindico isles and has come to spread the word of the divine!
cit and cara need a thread so cara can tell her that she can go to Isra's pack for some training
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