Full Version: Ody x Ezzy Puppies!
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That's right all! It's the first puppies of Vindico and they are going to be fun Tongue Ody's mom is white, his dad is black, Ezzy's parents are unknown but both parents of these pups are blacks Ezzy has some whites, greys and blues as well. Ody has spines and two tails and Ezzy has a massive long tail and long fur but mostly unmutated!! We can have up to 6 puppies, we will decide who wants to pay for what once we find out how many free pups we get.

The pups must look like their parents unless you want to pay for a paintbrush!!!

A notice that we will take these pups back if the rper goes inactive at any point!!! 2 weeks without posting and we will take them back unless you have talked to us prior.

There will be one pup raised by Ezzy and experimented on, the others will have a relatively normal royal life. Please let us know if you are willing to have your pup tortured!

Brief Description of Plans:
Willing to be Tortured?: Yes/No

Note: Please keep in mind that none of these pups will be "good", they may pass as being similar to Ezzy, but never good as they will not be brought up in a loving family. Also note that Ody may sterilize those with any undesirable traits so the Elysius blood won't be tainted.
Saffie made a bunch of designs:
<a href=>Design 1</a>
<a href=>Design 2</a> (this one is mine, though I am not opposed to the idea of twins)
<a href=>Design 3</a>
<a href=>Design 4</a>
<a href=>Design 5</a>
<a href=>Design 6</a>
Name: Braithe

Gender: Female

Appearance: Here!

Her figure is small and unimpressive, long, slim legs supporting her meager weight as she slinks about, tending to move as though she were a serpent instead of a wolf. Seeming to borrow her color scheme from her mother, Braithe's fur is a clashing mixture of blue, grey, and off-white, the latter of which coats most of her figure, while her eyes are a pale, sickly green. The fur on the back of her paws is a bit longer than normal, but other than that she bears no real visible mutations.

Personality: For lack of a better term, Braithe is quite the abnormal child. She's a mute, more or less, though on the rare occasion that she does speak it'll usually be in a handful of hushed words. Other than that, she lets her body speak for her, relying on gestures and facial expressions to communicate with those she deems interesting enough to be around. Usually, however, Braithe likes to keep herself in the shadows, both as a way of avoiding interactions with others and because of some sensitivity she'll have to light, which she'll find "unpleasant."
All in all, she's a curious soul that likes to investigate things, oddly fascinated with ones that might end up harming her.

When she's not clinging to her mother's heels, she'll be seeking her out or trying her damndest not to be alone, as lonelieness in of itself frightens her, but being with strangers absolutely horrifies her.
That's...all I've got, for now. Other stuff will develop on its own.

Brief Description of Plans: If elected as honorary Tortured-Babby, Braithe won't probably want to interact with anyone outside of her direct family. I dunno how long the experiment stuff is supposed to go on for, but if she hasn't been around the rest of her siblings for a while she'd probably try and track them down. Or maybe she'd just stick around Mummy...get some awkward Stokholm Syndrome in there, haha.

Alternatively, she'll want to stay close to the others and will be more of the silent, agreeable type, always going along with what they say and whatever Mummy and Daddy tell her to do because she doesn't want to upset them.

Willing to be Tortured?: You bet!
Name: Sham

Gender: Male

Appearance: <a href=>*Design Here*</a>

Species:: Hybrid
Height:: 34" || Weight:: 147lbs
Traits:: Long || Leggy || Big Ears || Slender Snout
Visible Mutations:: Dual Tails || Fangs


The male is a beast who is long before anything else. Bodice stretches out, particularly along his dual set of tails, causing his body to look abnormal. The majority of his height is made up from his legs, capped with average sized paws. Larger than average ears sit above the male's head in a gentle triangular shape. His muzzle is slight longer than average and slender, giving it more of a fox-like look. Overall this hybrid looks strange, like a freak of nature from his long length and his bizarre fangs that jut out from his mouth.

Posture and Gait::

Sham does not carry himself with any sort of stubborn pride. He instead walks with his head at average height, tails lowered down towards the ground. He does carry himself with a certain sort of self respect, however, despite being a submissive male. Usually one can find Sham with a small smile on his lips, if not a sad smile. It seems that the young man is often lost in thought, obvious by gazing into his eyes. He holds a light sheen of life to his amethyst eyes and a kind look within them the majority of the time.

Sham is often seen moving quickly, however, as if the young man always has somewhere to be. While this is not necessarily the case the male likes to move with purpose. Unless he is out searching for herbs this young man is not one to take too much time to focus on the scenic beauty around him, but instead focuses on the beasts who are about him with a curious look.


While he is not an elaborately colored male Sham is a figure of more simple beauty. Ivory coats the majority of his body in a soft, white blanket. Touched only by ebony anywhere else, it is as if parts of his body has been dipped in ink, starting with the tips of his ears. A little further down, upon his face, is a mask of ebony that starts from his nose and comes up to circle around his eyes. Finally, as if he has stepped in the bottles of inky ebony himself, his legs all have socks of the color, reaching up just past his ankles.

Eyes and Expressions::

In terms of shape Sham's eyes are almond shaped. While the shape is sharper, the gentle amethyst hues of the orbs give a more gentle, caring look within them. The normal appearance of these eyes are more widened, as if trying to take in everything the young man sees.

When angered Sham's eyes narrow into small slits, his brow furrowed, and a deep frown upon his face. His tails will often lash back and forth more like a cat, puffing up the fur along them.

When scared Sham will hunker down as low to the ground as he can go. He will curl his tails around his body, often having them cover his face, and he will squeeze his eyes tightly shut.


Nature:: Submissive|| Preferred Skill:: Healing
Good Traits:: Good Listener || Intelligent || Kind
Neutral Traits:: Curious || Honorable || Loyal || Open || Selfless || Truthful
Bad Traits:: Passive || Reckless
Personality Disorders:: Potential Stockholm Syndrome || Potential Anxiety {Both to develop later depending on how he develops IC}

Sham is an intelligent little being naturally curious and inquisitive. He has a thirst for knowledge, especially when it comes to plants. He can never learn enough about the ways of healing the mind, body, and soul. Part of the reason he does so well as a learner is because he is a good listener. He takes everything he learns to heart and memory.

Sham is also a kind soul. Open minded, with an open heart, making him easy to talk to. He wants to be friends with everyone, to take away their hurts and sorrows. He has a lot of true, kind intentions deep in his heart, selflessly putting others before himself. Because of this he also has a more passive nature, being the more submissive type.

One thing that can definitely be said about Sham is that he is loyal to his family. Regardless of what problems go on within he stands by them through thick and thin. He is truthful, feeling bad should he even attempt a white lie, and honorable. He shows mercy to all, and believes in giving everyone a second chance.

The last thing that can be noted about Sham is that the boy actually has a reckless nature. He will delve into learning about all sorts of medicines, including the kinds that are more like drugs and have some negative effects on the body. He will be one of the first to test the medicines out. He will also be an exploitative little thing, going far and wide to search for different herbs.

Brief Description of Plans:

Stick close to the family to be a personal healer. Will be a healer of the mind as well as the body, and likely delve a bit into drugs and poisons too. He wants to make others feel good. If elected as the torture baby it could be because of these weird experimentations that make him want to heal others, so that they don't feel the same pain he does.

Willing to be Tortured?:

design number 5 is pretty hawt oOo
Also, everyone should keep Elysius family traditions in mind as these will be key IC events.
Puppies will be born in about a weeks time!!