Full Version: Night of Nights
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There was a gentle glow from the man's wings as he walked calmly through the meadow. The vines here were thick, gnarled, reaching up to grab at any paw that was placed down wrong. He would breathe in, taking in the foreign scent of this area. For while he had lived for years, floating around the world, he had not seen a place such as this. The area were beautiful, ancient, and he would find himself fascinated by it. The young man would come to pause, closing his glowing eyes.

The night was calm, almost eerily so. There was no sound of birds, nor insects. It felt as though he might be watched from all angles, and the man felt a little on edge about it. He would feel a knot in his stomach, taking in a deep breath before opening orange orbs once more. A flick of his head would remove the hair from his eyes for but a moment -- long enough to see what was before him in a clearer sense. Not that he could see too much with the thick darkness about him. It was hard to see more than a few feet in any direction... and that was only thanks to the glow of his body.

A sound startled the man, and Ethel freezes. He takes a breath, calling out into the night.

<b>"Hello? Is someone there?"</b>
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Thy sacred temple, her majesty of stone and vine, twisted epitaphs astounding in their grace, and sheer dominance. This land, this dominion of the wild gods whispered of a time without union, without ownership of the foolish mortal. She was a lady, a queen, a ruler of her land in the barbed nails she passed upon spine, so easily snapped beneath her touch. Lay upon her alter, sacrifice the precious blood in veins, and offer fealty to all that she was; surely, now other action would be acceptable. The dark halls unraveled into a twisting maze, a place the unknowing would lose themselves, never to be seen again. Yet, this man, this servant to the divine, he came with a touch of illuminance, the septre of the gods spire placed upon his bodice. They shivered, casting out a aqua hue to the trees, their trunks painted with depictions of great titans, snarling ghouls and vicious sprits. The ghost moved with a silent step, the ominous blackness of his vision broken by an inner flare, mimicking the stones upon his back. He seemed out of place in this world, untouched, perfection of white silks and polar fleece, a prize set before him by those who sought redemption.

Sighing, soft air passing through his parted lips, Aldrnari paused in his wondering, casting out a net to sample the whispers, the silent word of the land before him. On the edge of his senses, he could hear the intangible coo of dreams, their mirror of silver glass reflecting the textures in his mind, sharing with him the desires of the simple folk, the creatures who did not speak his kins tongue. Shivering, the ashen man walked the length of this great cathedral, watching as the shadows shifted with the changing lanterns, the internal glow of his bodice saturating the darkness. Many would fall to slumber at this faint hour, the realm of the nocturnal ruled by vile predators in their simple minds. A voice sounded in the night, a frightful thing, lost to the dangers of the path he walked, and Aldrnari paused, his large ears pivoting, sampling the voice, tasting its worth and finding it acceptable. <font style="color:#97dbd2;"><b>"You should be careful child. Not all beings who answer back will be friendly."</b></font> A light, airy voice whispered past his ivory fangs, slithering along opal tongue to meet the other, his pale form breaking through the flora. <font style="color:#97dbd2;"><b>"Blessed be thy caucus,"</b></font> a tilt of the crown, illuminated eyes amidst the blackness of his retina remained on the others face, and a simple grin softened the curve of his lips.
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Another would answer his call, though with warning. Ethel would let his glowing gaze fall on the other, making him out through his long black bangs. He would frown deeply, furrowing his brow. Not all beings who answered back would be friendly? But what else was there here other than insects? Ears would flick back with uncertainty. Who was this man? Why did he warn him so? Were there truly such terrible things out there?

<b>“If I may ask... What sorts of things might answer?”</b> Ethel would inquire, tiling his head to the side. <b>“I am... Ethel Nevaeh by the way. May I ask for your name, sir?”</b> The young man would ask.

The strange was handsome, a creature touched with illuminessence much like himself. The young man was in awe, captivated by blue hues. The figure before him seemed much more like royalty, a regal being placed upon this earth. Perhaps it was another form of attraction that drew Ethel towards him. Ethel wasn’t sure... He just knew he was captivated by this stranger.