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-we are here for the study of magic and that is all, anything that can or would help further your study is acceptable
-all wolves are bound with metal upon joining.
---bands around the tail mark a member's magic level, the number of bands mark which level of magic you are
---the witch wears a band around her upper throat
---escorts wear bands around lower throat
---advisers wear bands around both front ankles
---mages have left ear rim encased in metal
---protectors have right ear rim encased in metal
---students have a band on their upper right elbow
---contracts have a band on their upper left elbow
-the happenings of the rest of vindico are none of our concern
-once you are part of the faction it will support you through anything
-no request to mate have to be made, furthering our bloodlines is crucial
---if you mate with a rouge the children will be required to stay within the pack
-cause no intentional harm to your pack mates
-using magic to settle disputes is encouraged, do anything to further yourself and your magic
-if need be the witch can preside over a challenge but normally just challenge and inform the witch of any rank changes


Witch: <a href=>Erzsebet</a>
Escorts: <a href=>Odysseus</a> & <a href=>Newt</a>
Adviser: <a href=>Persephone</a>

Protectors: <a href=>Killian</a>

General Population
Apprentices: <a href=>Lux</a> & <a href=>Elysia</a>
Contracts: <a href=>Erish</a>

Witch: (1) the leader of the pack and generally the most powerful female of the pack, this is a challengable rank, in fact challenging is encouraged in case someone thinks they are superior
Escorts: (2) generally the mate of the witch and one other, charged with her protection and safe keeping. this is also a challengable rank though it is based on fighting skills rather then magical powers though more skilled magic users are favored.
Adviser: (1) the only non challengable pack rank, given to a member who is charged with simple keeping track of all that happens within the pack.

Mages: these are the more powerful wolves who are skilled in their own magic and confident enough to pass their knowledge along to students. teachers are appointed by the witch or other teachers.
Protectors: these are the more physically capable wolves who haven't shown a lot of promise magically, they are trained to keep the pack protected and fed and help in any way necessary.

General Population
Apprentices: the bulk of the pack and anyone who wish's to study magic, they may join and find a teacher to help them better themselves in any one or multiple disciplines.
Contracts: we do not keep slaves but instead offer contracts, trespassers and those who wish to cause us harm are offered the option of taking a contract or receiving a maim. contracts are two years long and the witch holds contracts, negotiations may be made. contracts are required to attend classes along with apprentices. they may fight for their freedom or fight to become a full apprentice.