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<center><div style="border:3px solid #000000;background-image:url('');background-repeat:no-repeat;width:420px;padding:30px;padding-top:500px;background-color:#000000;text-align:justify;font-family:century gothic;font-size:12px;line-height:100%;">Eyes would crack open, parting into slits, seeing for the first time in what felt like days. The action, for some reason, was not an easy one - the world was blurry and unfocused, and it felt like he was cross eyed, a sudden wave of dizziness forced him to slam his eyes shut to try and force the feeling to subside. A groan would leave the male's throat, eyebrows knit in confusion. A single thought crossed his mind as his brain struggled to function normally far too quickly - senses were slowly coming back online, and for every one Vivek would note that something wasn't right. His head was heavy, his sight was not coming to him as it should, and although his legs and nose were freezing his chest remained strangely warm. 

Shallow breaths would deepen as he awakened, only to be followed with a coughing spell. Deep breaths hurt - it was as if he was swallowing air for the first time. It tasted sweet - laced with something that sparked deeply within him, and as soon as his coughing fit subsided he noted the smell of smoke. But now at least he was sitting up, and more alert than he had been for however long he was drifting. The beast would sigh, releasing his warm breath onto the white sands beneath him. It was day out - but there seemed to be something... above him. Eyes would lazily squint, the bottom set before the top, and the man would gawk. 'I must be dreaming... He would stare at the large lupine that seemed to be growing larger, watch him spread over this strange land before he... swallowed the sun. Vivek had his share of eating mushrooms for the psychedelic effects, but... this was beyond anything that he had ever seen on his pleasant little trips. 

"What would Milli think of that..." Deep voice would rumble, the comment off handed and only half serious because he was dreaming, wasn't he? Yet it all felt so real, as did the subtle glow that was coming from what appeared to be the mainlands. The male would test his legs after being at sea for so long, and slowly, and far more weakly than he liked to admit, he would stand. Red eyes scoured the beach for the woman that had been with him. On the off chance that this wasn't a dream, he had to find her. He could feel the sand beneath his paws, feel the cold set in, see the faint icing of the sands. What if she was freezing somewhere out there? Or if she hadn't made it out of the water? Leaving her behind simply wasn't an option. They had looked out for each other for nearly a year now, she was his responsibility, whether she knew and liked it or not.

"Millicent!" The brute would bark, his deep voice carrying over the empty beach. If she was here, she should be able to hear him. 

Disoriented and with a mission in mind the red male would take his first steps in the land of Vindico, wondering the whole time whether or not he had imagined the sun being swallowed, or whether time had simply passed without him realizing. He wasn't exactly the sort of wolf to believe in magic, but perhaps a good look at his own face would be enough to remedy that.

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The taste of salt in her mouth was overpowering, her tongue dry and craving water, fresh water. The last few hours, days had been a blur which she simply couldn't remember. they drifted away, together. It had been around a year now since they found each other over on Alacritis, when Millicent believed all hope was lost when her mother was poisoned and the sudden disappearance of her sister. It  was a lonely and isolated path, though by the time she turned one another had found her and cared for her. Vivek. He to seemed to be a rogue, wondering from land to land with little to no purpose. He took her in and supported her until she was once again healthy and thriving and now she knew they'd always have each others backs. There was a gentle hum in the air, the sound of waves washing ashore and soaking into her clotted fur. It was then she abruptly awoke. Her eyelids shot open, her golden gaze taking in Vindico for the very first time. Her breathes were heavy yet controlled, what... had happened. Where was Vivek? Was he alright? She would slowly raise from the floor, Shaking her fur free from any dust and sand which had caught within her fur. Before she could take in everything, something breathtaking yet frightening caught her attention.

<P> He... It... Engulfed the sun. THE SUN. Her jaw slacked ever so slightly and the world become cold. So cold. Was it winter? She snapped back into reality then as she heard her name being called from afar. She felt happiness consume her as she heard him, he was alright! They were  still together. Trying to ignore the sudden strange event she would bound forward until his large figure was in sight, a large smile spreading across thin lips. It didn't take long to reach him, her cranium aiming to press desperately under his chin and neck for reassurance and the need to feel safe. " You're alright!" Her tail would wag eagerly by her heels, looking upon him in excitement. " W... What's happening? Are you okay?" Though it always seemed he was the one who took care of her, she couldn't help but feel the need to make sure he wasn't hurt. These lands were strange, though she believed they could have a brand new start. Though, the sudden change in the environment wasn't exactly promising. " This place... is strange." She would murmur, in case it wasn't already obvious. " What are we going to do? The sun.... it's gone." She talked to him as though he had all the answers, like he'd make everything right again.

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He hadn't realized how attached he had become to the girl - how important her well being had become to him. For an entire year, he had not so much as let the purple female out of his sight. She had needed him at first, needed someone so badly, that he couldn't. She got him to actually nurture someone for the first time in his adolescent life. Although she hadn't quite turned him into someone that one could call compassionate - it was very clear that he cared about her. His first action in this strange land, despite the missing sun, was to look for her. Because there was no point without her there. He simply couldn't have washed up here without her. It was out of the question. If she hadn't been there there was little stopping him from marching right back into the ocean to look for her. 

The brute would sigh in relief when he caught sight of her - her iridescent frame shrouded by the darkness that the giant sky lupine had thrown them into. Immediately his eyes would look over her figure, checking to see whether she was injured, smelling for any sort of blood. Her gate was smooth, as graceful as ever, she seemed fine. With that he would breathe a little easier. When she reached him, he would curl around her, their fur tangling in the places they met. Despite everything around him seeing that much colder, Millicent was warm - as warm as he was. The whole beach was rapidly dropping in temperature - something that would cause the brute's brows to furrow a moment as he watched his breath fog in front of him. 

To him, her emotions had always been a bit contagious. It was the closest thing to empathy that the tawny brute had experienced. Her excitement brought a smirk to his dark lips, and red eyes would notibly soften as she looked up at him. She wasn't much smaller than him if at all, but it would seem that the horns as well as the higher set of eyes added an extra bit of height to his appearance.  "I don't know Mills." He would answer her, baritone voice somewhat husked with hesitation. Vivek wasn't the type that felt fear often, but there was so much unknown here. So much happening that he wasn't sure of, that he didn't have answers for.  "But I'm alright, I promise." He had been disoriented when he first woke up, but things were falling back into place now. Her being there had definitely been a big part of that.

And then she sombered, her voice growing quiet as she examined her surroundings, thought back to what they had both seen. He had thought of her, thought of how she'd react. It had felt like a dream, but if she had witnessed the sun's disappearance then it wasn't. It was real - a giant wolf had swallowed the sun and... "You saw that too..." He wished that he had more answers for her. He wanted to tell her it was a dream, that everything was fine - but he just wasn't sure. Even though the cardinal was not adverse to a bit of fibbing, he couldn't get himself to lie to Milli. He had never needed to before, this did not seem the appropriate place to start. Taking a breath, he would quietly huff away his doubt, his fear of the unknown - trading it in and focusing on what he knew for certain instead. "You're not hurt. That's what's most important." He would nose her head, ever careful of his horns. 

"It's getting chilly, and the tide is getting higher. We should look for a way off of the beach." Vivek could not provide answers, but a temporary goal was something that he could give. First things first was easy, the basics were easy, relying on instinct could get them to their next step. A place to call home, even if it was only for a night or so. It was obvious that they couldn't stay here, the waves just a little further out were nearly large enough to pull he and Millicent back into the ocean again. This time, he doubted that they would be lucky enough to end up on another shore.
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            </center>  <div style="font-family: tahoma; font-size: 11px; color: #0c1338; text-align: justify;"> <font style="font-size:50pt; line-height:10px;">N</font>o one understood... No one saw the logic behind her actions. Everyone was so tied up in their own emotions and feelings. Everyone except Odysseus. She could appreciate his analytical mind, with him everything was business. It was all well organized and laid out deals and plans, bargains and bartering. It was how her mind worked so it was what she needed. Emotions... She would fake them, she could understand them... But she had never been able to reciprocate them. Maybe that was why Newt had left, maybe she hadn't just disappeared and instead she had gone to find someone could love her the way that she loved Ezzy. Could she blame her? No not really... Though in this time of darkness and terror Ezzy couldn't help but wish Newt was here. Odysseus was almost suffocating her now that he knew she was pregnant.

She had trailed south almost lazily, long limbs dropping her off the face of the earth it seemed to the point where she at some point had tumbled onto the beach. How lovely... She had always hated the beach, the sand shifted and reacted awfully beneath her toes. But so far she couldn't find an easy way back up the drop off so she had begun making her way east along the shoreline. Her lower jaw as always would remain unhinged, throat constantly working to click and send out sonar frequencies to try and pinpoint anything. The water looked odd in her sonar world of darkness, big blank spaces where the water trapped the sound and refused to return it to her. How very curious. How was she to find all the fun things in the water?

A soft sigh would drip from her lips as she halted in her project and lifted slender face to the salty breeze. It was cold out here... It wasn't as frozen thanks to the sand but there was still ice nearby and the chill was almost intolerable. But there was the scent of wet wolf nearby... Why would anyone be swimming in this wretched temperature? Curiously she would set off towards the scent, switching between aura reading and sonar in an attempt to more quickly pinpoint them. And then there they were, two frozen forms just within the grasp of the water. A curious frown would touch her brows as she drifted ever closer. '<span style="font-style: italic; color: #000;">What are you doing in the water? You should go to the trees for warmth...'</span>She would suggest, her words drifting into their minds even as she closed her mouth to study them more with her aura reading.

                                           <center> <span style="font-weight: bold; color: #000;">"Speak!"</span> <span style="font-style: italic; color: #000;">"Think/Telepathy!"</span></div>

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She felt comfort within his reach and presence, as though no harm could come to them as long  as they were together. But how could she know if that thought was still true? This place was so strange and so different. She  knew something just wasn't right, the sun... it was so important, how could it just vanish before our very eyes. Her nerves would ease as he would confirm he to was not injured and he saw the strange event occur. At least she wasn't going crazy, but the uncertainty of what they should do next made her anxious. Vivek would speak once more, a goal in mind that would surely distract them from this chaos... shelter. He had good logic, getting away from here and finding higher, more dry lands. She would not to his words, long limbs beginning to move until quickly stopping once more at a sight of another presence. Her muscles stiffened and hackles raised, her eyes never leaving the stranger before them. She moved slower then usual and at first it wasn't clear that she was actually blind. What was more shocking was that the woman was inside her head! speaking to her as though it were normal. Could this lady not simply speak out loud instead of invading a wolfs personal space. She couldn't help but feel slightly irritated. However as her negative mood began to slowly wash away, she realized the woman was just  trying to figure out the situation. Millicent would sigh before departing her lips. " We... we just arrived here. What is this place and why did they.... it take the sun?" She would gasp, realizing this all just sounded to strange and unreal.


@Vivek @Erzsébet
<center><div style="border:3px solid #000000;background-image:url('');background-repeat:no-repeat;width:400px;padding:30px;padding-top:500px;background-color:#000000;text-align:justify;font-family:century gothic;font-size:12px;line-height:100%;">He knew that they weren't here alone, that much he had naturally assumed. Vivek had not known though, that they would meet another lupine so soon after landing here. That might speak volumes as to how many made this place their home... but that was all speculation. Vivek would eye her curiously, wondering what this woman with an ever looming presence could want from the two of them. He would bristle just slightly, not knowing this woman, not trusting her just yet with Millicent. Two red eyes would gaze at her, the top two sliding shut as soon as the other female made herself known. "What do you want?" The male would hastily ask, voice low, tone questioning. Although there was little threat behind his words, he was not quite what one would consider friendly. Being a gentleman was never one of his concerns. 

It wasn't a moment after he had interjected, that he would be startled by a voice. One that wasn't his own, a lulling questioning tone that was nothing like the voices that were already in his head. His conscience had not taken the form of the voice of another since he was young, since he was alone, since Millicent. This was different, this was aimed at him, a conversation - this was not his own voice, this was coming from the woman standing before him. Red eyes would flick over the female's frame, not sure how to feel about this female or her apparent abilities.  'Just how much of my mind can she see? ' He was sure that he had not seen her mouth move... but Vivek would look to Millicent to see whether she looked just as chagrined as he was starting to feel.

It seemed that she was a bit vexed, and at that Vivek would smirk, but take a single step forward. He was still more beside Millicent than he was to the stranger, but he wasn't sure what this woman was capable of. From there, Millicent would speak up first, explaining a bit of the situation and asking questions that he also had on his mind. "I hope things like the sun being fucking devoured don't happen often here..." The dry comment was spoken with a tone of irritation, but it was mostly to mask the fear that anyone would feel at the planet's source of life being taken away. "And who are you mindreader, if you don't mind another question." It was a request this time, less of a cautious demand as it had been upon the stranger's initial arrival.

If she had wanted to cause trouble, perhaps she would have made more of a scene getting there. There was also the possibility that she was alone - and just as lost as they were. She had come from the mainland though, she wasn't wet like he and Milli still were. She seemed like a native too, judging by her strange ability. He could not wrap his head around how she had communicated with both he and Millicent with nothing but her mind. 

Maybe this was just the sort of place that wasn't meant to be explained with logic


@Millicent @Erzsébet
They were cautious... Not from here perhaps? Maybe they had washed up on these shores rather then swam here from one of the other islands... She would watch their aura's swirl and undulate around them, lively with discomfort, unease and worry. Considering the most recent events she did not blame them though here one could barely hear the snow beasts howling in the not so distant lands. Erzsebet's ears would remain forever pricked, listening and tracking them. She had not yet encountered them and she had no desire to test and see if she could face one alone. She doubted this pair would be of much help... The gods had created these monsters, tooth and claw would probably do no good. There was resistance in their minds, nothing major but at the insertion of her thoughts it was almost like their minds flinched. Not all were comfortable with telepathy but she had never met anyone who didn't know of it. Where were they from?

She was careful to give them ample space, standing easily at a fair distance with massive tail floating in its typical S pattern behind her. She held herself easily, head lifted so that metal band on her neck would glint in the strange light the nearby vegetation would cast but otherwise she was sure they would barely be able to see her out on the beach. The trees were what gave off light and warmth. Those did not exist here except for the occasional palm tree. Were there any nearby even? She was torn from her ponderings as the male asked gruffly what she wanted and slowly she would turn inverted eyes back to him though no expression would grace her features. A charming pair they were... She didn't bother to invade their minds, conserving magical energy for other things she was certain she would need.

The female was a bit less gruff, stammering out an explanation and as she mentioned the sun Ezzy would look up towards the sky as if to study the empty sky. <I>'This is Vindico, and yes the sun is gone. I do not claim to understand the workings of the gods though. The one you witnessed was Phu'arne... The one who froze the land Costentina, and the last goddess is the goddess Karmein.'</I> She would say, once more slipping her thoughts inside their minds as she turned sightless eyes back to her present company. The male would ask if it was a common occurrence and shoulders would rise and fall lazily. <I>'This is the first event of this kind I have witnessed in my lifetime.'</I> She would assure them though she didn't know if that would truly offer any form of reassurance.

Another question and Ezzy would open her jaws slowly, breathing out so that medium sized embers would drift from her jaws and light their area for a short while. It was the best she could do without any wood to burn. <I>'Erzsebet if you please. I am the witch of Fas Faction... Please allow me to escort you to the trees. They will help you dry off and I know how hard it is to get around in the dark...'</I> She would offer, motioning up the beach with her maw before slowly moving away from them and further up the shore. Again jaws would part and she would allow aura reading to slip away. If they didn't wish to come it was probably time her her to go home anyways. With sonar she would find chunks of driftwood, picking them up with telekinesis and pulling them closer before setting them ablaze and pushing them further away once more to float along with her. She would light three, pushing one to each of the new wolves. She would have the fire follow them if they followed her and if not she would hold it there until she was out of range and dropped them.

@Millicent @Vivek
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Would they ever find there way back home? Back to the comforts of what they were most familiar with? It pained her to think everything would change now. She even felt different. As though there was some sort of energy coursing within her, begging to be released. She couldn't really explain it however, knowing she'd just sound crazy or foolish. It seemed Vindico was already taking a toll upon her. She looked upon the black and white lady, wondering if she would be able to find her way back home from here before she got too cold. Millicent stayed close to Vivek, not staying to far away from in, though she doubted anything bad would really happen. He finally spoke, no where near as warm as welcoming as he was to her, though she couldn't exactly blame him, a stranger lurked around them. Millicent couldn't help but giggle when her red companion made a blunt comment '"I hope things like the sun being fucking devoured don't happen often here..." Though, she knew the situation as a whole was very serious, and she hoped this was only temporary so they could happily explore the lands and settle down.

<P> When he gestured to her as the 'mind reader' It was then Vivek to felt her invading their minds and how uncomfortable it truly was. It felt horrible having someone mess up there and Millicent believed it was only polite to ask first. The eerie woman would begin to speak and the purple nymph would quickly pick upon 'Vindico'. It seemed they'd be spending a lot of time here, was it hard to escape? to venture away? Perhaps it really wasn't all to bad here. " Do 'events' happen often?" She would murmur, wondering if the Gods liked to play little games often. Go to the trees, she beckoned. The idea was welcoming, Millicent was beginning to get cold and wanted all the heat she could get. With slight hesitation she would follow the woman, hoping Vivek would stay close beside her. Who knew if this woman was leading them to some sort of trap.


@Vivek @Erzsébet