Full Version: Ice Bridge
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<font color="#5a152f" style="font-family:georgia; font-size:16px; line-height:8px; text-transform:uppercase"><b>Y</b></font>ule's touch upon the land had brought about a pure blanket of chill to cover the earth. It seemed this winter would be different from the last for the young woman of dawn paints. However, she had known it would be, and for a long while, Ann had begun to wonder what it would be like to survive a winter without a family, and friends, to support her. Dark lips parted, lungs breathing in the crisp morning air, puffs of mist leaving parted maw as the moist warmth of her breath entered the cold. Now, she realized, perhaps having a pack to live with wasn't such a bad idea during the season of nature's hibernation. Eyes of mixed pink and gold closed while these thoughts flowed through her young mind. It had been a difficult but fun adventure during the warmer seasons, but now that winter's cold touch had finally taken hold, it was time to think about finding some shelter or even a group willing to welcome her into their fold. 

Slender form shifted over the frozen terrain, wavy train flowing elegantly behind while those feathers appeared to be hovering beside the spinal extension. The snow had formed ice crystals upon the tips of those lengthened locks which dragged behind her tasseled paws. However, she did nothing to fix the issue knowing full well it would only become tangled in ice and snow moments after grooming it, and so Ann's golden tipped tail remained a tangled, wavy, train. Limbs of matching thinness came to a slowing trot as the young she-wolf caught a glint of light not too far away. Spotted crown would tilt in mild curiosity before Andrasta curled towards the cause, front paws of dawn gradients following the twist of her sudden turn. Only a few moments passed before the darkly dressed woman came upon the largest lake she had ever seen. Long lashed lenses widened in surprise and in awe as the large expanse of water. However, this lake had long been frozen over due to winter's chilling grasp, the waves frozen in place and much of the ice covered in a blanket of snow. The glint, she realized, had been some of the ice which had escaped from being fully covered by the pure blanket.

Even in the midst of winter, this water formation was quite the spectral to behold, the young Ealith's eyes shining with wonder. Andrasta knew she would be returning once the thaw of spring returned this massive lake to its more lively state. However, she could only wonder what dangers hid around its shores and within its likely immense depths. The woman of warm hues would soon find herself testing the ice's thickness, paws soon carrying her lithe form over the bridge of ice and snow. To many she was probably clearly visible, especially with a pelt such as hers. She was far from the pale beauty of the Kaddain, the deep and vibrant hues of dawn helping little with camouflage, but instead making Andy stick out like a sore thumb. Due to the empty expanse, the wind blew more fiercely, the lack of trees and undergrowth failing to provide breaks in the gusts. Fur was tugged to and fro, none too gently either, those charms upon that dark magenta aud chiming their light tunes while necklace shifted less violently around her slender neck. What an interesting place this was!

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