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She had watched with horror. First the large fiery balls that rolled down the mountain side, then the sudden splash of water that exstinguished flames. What in the hell was going on?! Then there was the massive shadow in the sky that swallowed the sun, plunging the world into darkness. Darkness was followed by a brief warmth before a vicious cold set upon the land. She had been frozen to the mountain side watching in horror as some unholy monsters manifest from the snow, rising like zombies to do who knows what. There had been a crack of thunder before the world went silent.
She scrambled up the mountain side to the caves. A howl left her lips, demanding and urgent. She needed the entire pack, now. However, she left the invitation open to any rogues in the area that sought shelter. Now was not the time to be wandering alone and any help would be greatly appreciated. But first she needed to ensure her packs safety, she needed to warn them of what had just happened.


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Horror. It was all something out of a horror story that grandparents told their grandchildren to keep them from wandering too far away from home. Jaw was slack and eyes were wide, the male finding for the first time in his life that he was absolutely and completely speechless. He had heard the rolling fireballs from inside the dens and had wandered outside to investigate though he had no real way of preparing himself for what he had seen. He could do nothing but stop and stare. Below him Cara we doing he same on a different ledge but he couldn't even take a moment to notice her. And then it was gone. The sun was gone. He was out after that, ducking back into the caves and allowing his breath to come in short heavy gasps. He didn't even have a chance to watch the beasts rise, having fled before that. It wasn't until Cara howled that he would snap back to reality. He was moving without even thinking. He had been absent from the pack for a time, avoiding meetings and responsibility but he needed to make sure everyone was safe. He would take the tunnels, winding onwards and down until he was on the same level as his sister. What he saw on her face was what he felt he would see if he looked in a mirror. <b>'Did I just... Did that. Was that...?'</b> He didn't even know how to phrase the question as he stared at his older sister in complete and utter bewilderment.
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The world was ending.

Robin found that he wasn't really that surprised, having been on-edge since early that morning when he'd awoken to find the bitterly-cold mountain air thick with foreboding. And though he had tried, he'd been unable to get rid of the feeling that something was horribly wrong, so it'd stuck with him all day, nestled heavily in the pit of his stomach, making him feel as though he'd swallowed a rock.

Then the mountainside had begun to tremble as huge, flaming boulders tumbled across it, leaving molten coals and trails of fire in their wake, only to be washed away by a sudden surge of water, as if the sea had temporarily rose to stop them. Robin had gone scrambling into the nearest cave, by then, pressing his thin frame as far as it would go against the stone walls, his ears flattened against his skull and eyes as wide as honey-coated moons as he peered outside, just in time to witness the sun being engulfed by a gigantic shadow.

And then it was cold. Much colder than it'd been, before...colder than any winter he'd ever endured. Thin layers of frost crept along the face of the mountain, and what clusters of grass he could see from his pseudo-shelter seemed to turn to ice, all of a sudden. Then gargantuan, horrific-looking beasts unlike any he'd ever seen came out from under the snow and ice, looking as though they were waking up from some century-long slumber.

The world was ending.

It had to be true. Still plastered against the wall of the cave, watching the beasts trudge their way down the mountain and into the distant forests and fields, Robin searched his brain for answers but couldn't find any others that made sense. The world was simply ending and he was unfortunate enough to be awake for it, to have to witness it as it split at the seams and fell apart.

A sudden howl pierced the air, and the young wolf was quick to recognize it as Cara's. The Rani was summoning the others, probably wanting to check and make sure that they were all safe...but was it a good idea for them to gather, now? Things seemed to have calmed down, but for all he knew there were more boulders ready to fall, or...or more ungodly beasts lurking around, lying in wait for an unsuspecting wolf to go by.

Robin swallowed, forcing down the lump that had formed in his throat, his heart beating mercilessly against his ribcage. He didn't want to leave the cave...if he did, he'd be crushed or eaten, or he'd drown when another wave came, or freeze to death.

And yet he knew that he had to, if only to see that the others were still alive and well. Worse yet, what if they decided to leave the mountain and he wasn't there to go with them? What if they left him behind...?!

The possibility was frightening and real enough for the young wolf to peel himself from the wall and start sprinting, retractable claws scraping against rocks as he made his way down the mountainside. He didn't slow down until Cara was within his line of sight, but by then it was already too late and, with a yelp, Robin ended up colliding with Warbler. Ordinarily he would have given the wolf an immediate apology, but he couldn't really bring himself to speak, at the moment, crouching close to the other's side as he looked over at their leader, his eyes filled to the brim with fear, every inch of his small frame trembling violently.

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It seemed to be a time for panic and fear.

<P> It happened so quickly and she couldn't help but believe they were all going to suffer. It was light, the lands peaceful and silent, however as time went by something started to change for the worse. It was cold, significantly cold. It was in these moments she wished to have thicker fur to make winters more bearable. However, this wasn't a typical winter. She saw The sun engulfed, stolen by there very own Gods. How could they do such a thing! First fire had caught Vindico, licking and killing the plant life, damaging the scenery which looked like it'd be forever destroyed. And now? It seemed like the world was dying out. A call would beckon them forward and Paradise would quickly eat away the distance, wishing to be in the safety of an entire pack. Though she was concerned and slightly afraid, her face remained calm and controlled. It didn't take long to find a small group, a bit too small for her liking. Though perhaps she was early. " Have we all upset the Gods... again." She'd gasp, having no words to explain this event. She barely even noticed Warbler who seemed to be scarce most days, which she still had to nag to him about.

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Cardinal would wake from a nightmare, to find himself in a real one. He stared opened mouthed as the fire fell from the sky stunned by it’s dangerous beauty. His fur was on end as he just lay motionless and in complete shock as the sun disappeared. He didn’t shiver in the sudden cold, perhaps simply because he was frozen in utter fear. It wasn’t until his sister’s call broke his nightmarish trance. He wasn’t dreaming.

The male would lay motionless for a moment longer before he hurriedly scrambled to his taloned feet. Where was Paradise? Was she safe? His thoughts came crashing down on him as his worries shifted from the chaos to his family. He ran like his feathers had caught fire. He ran blind in his worry and panic towards the call of Cara.

As he reached the small number gathered together he released the breathe he didn’t know he was holding. Cara, War and Para were all here. Robin was also present, but his initial worry was that of his siblings. He rushed right to Paradise first and rubbed against her side, mostly to reassure himself she was fine. Next he did a similar thing to his brother Warbler. His wide worried obsidian eyes would turn to Cara looking for some sort of answer. They seemed to plead to his half-sister to tell him that it would be alright.

He remained silent in his panic, remaining as close as he could to his siblings, as if they could provide safety simply just by being near him. What in the world was happening? Where they all going to die? Cardinal was overwhelmed with his thoughts and terrors. A part of him wanted to run and hide away forever, but he couldn’t leave to seek safety without his family. So instead he pressed himself close to his siblings once more to keep himself from trembling or flat out breaking down completely.

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<p>Time to fly, time to touch the sky
One voice alone
A haunting cry</DIV>

<font style=" font-size: 15px; font-style: italic; font-variant: none; text-transform: none; text-shadow: 0px 0px 9px #000000;">A joyful reunion</font> between herself and Indian had ended abruptly with the sudden disappearance of the sun and the onset of a deathly-cold winter. Stars glittered overhead, a light that had once enthralled her now seeming mocking and cruel. Their light was mirrored in the glow that now covered the forests of Vindico, distant masses of light from their vantage point in the mountain skies. The giant entity that had swallowed the sun was unmistakable as Phu'arne, but what she couldn't wrap her head around was why he had done it. What did the gods have o gain by killing their followers? Her opinion of the gods had never been favorable, but this went beyond what she expected of them. As they flew, every now and then Citlali caught glimpses of the hulking forms now wandering the frozen tundra. One looked up as the wolves soared high overhead, and she saw beady red eyes glowing in their sockets. The she-wolf shivered and flapped harder, endeavoring to keep up with Indian as best as she could.

When they landed, most of the pack had already gathered. She pressed herself to Indian's side, her usual phobia of touch overridden by mind-numbing terror at the disaster they were facing. One forepaw was lifted, brushing repeatedly against her scarf in a futile effort to gain some sort of reassurance from it. The others were questioning Caracara, and she added her own pleas to the cacophony. <font style=" color: #a1cbde; text-shadow: 0px 0px 10px #ffffff;">"Why would they do this...?"</font>

<center><font style=" color: #a1cbde; text-shadow: 0px 0px 10px #ffffff;">"May I speak?"</font></div>

<DIV style="text-align: CENTER; font-family: georgia; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #ffffff; text-shadow: 0px 0px 20px #ffffff; letter-spacing: 7px; line-height: 12px;">One song, one star burning bright
Let it carry me
Through darkest night</DIV>

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<div class="asursbox"><p><p><p><p><br><div style="margin-top: 80px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; background-color: #000; width: 380px; height: 330px;"><div style="overflow: auto; width: 379px; height: 329px; text-align: justify; font-family: verdana; font-size: 10px; " class="asur1">He was trying to exude calm but all he felt was panic, all he felt was terror and this overwhelming sense of doom. He had watched what had happened along with Cit, he had watched the gods turn on their followers and had dodged massive fireballs with her. It was terrifying. All of it was. Cara's call had been a source of grounding, had been something to give him a task and a pale to go rather then to panic. Thankfully Cit could fly now, though her wingspan was not near as large as his nor were her muscles at quite the same level so he found himself speeding up unconsciously in an attempt to flee only to have to slow down once more when he would realize he was leaving her behind. Thankfully it wasn't far.

He would drop down with Cit and move quickly inside, thankful of the hot springs within the mountain that kept the caves warm. Others were gathered but where was Widow? Eyes were wide for a moment before he would attempt to swallow his fears. He would focus on slowing his breathing as Cit pressed into him. Instinctively he would lift a wing and drape it around her in an attempt to offer some form of comfort. He would not add to the questions that seemed to be swirling around, instead looking to Cara in hopes she would meet his gaze. <b>"It was Phu... He took back his heart..."</b> He would murmur softly. It was a creation story their mother had told them before bed as children... But why?


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All he could do was run!

Horror had struck the lands once again, the gods were still displeased. When everything began to happen Arlo ran, seeking the pack so he could stay with them. While running he watched as Phu swallowed the sun, his eyes widening in fear. Was the world ending? If so the male felt he had failed to have a proper life. Sure he now had a higher rank, but he hadn't had his own family nor find a mate. All he wished now was that he was with the rest of the pack. If he were to die today he wished to be with the pack, and not alone. The male slowed for a bit watching the large fire balls the the dim light that was pushed to the trees. Oddly the air turned warm, comfortable even, making him stop. He did not know why, but he stopped to watch Phu above, shrink and then disappear. That was before the deep freeze came, chilled him deep into his core.

He felt panic once more and Cara's call added to it. His head looked to the caves where she had called from and again the chocolate male darted. He ran as fast as he possibly could, rushing to get to the others, seeking solace in their company. It felt like he had ran forever, that the caves had been so far away. He was so set to get to the caves the male didn't even watch the descent of the new beasts, meant to terrorize the world below them. He scrambled up the mountain towards the caves and searched for the scent of others. It took him a while but he was able to find the meeting place, though he was panting and heaving from the run. Pushing inside the caves he moved over to the others before flopping on the floor of the cave to catch his breath.

What were they going to do?

<center><font style="color: #2e982c;"><em>Thoughts.</em></font></center>
War was the first to arrive, much to her surprise. She had thought him to be gone, but nonetheless she was relieved to see that he was well. Robin followed, making quite the entrance and he barreled right into war. Had things not been so serious she would have chuckled. Paradise followed, claiming that they had upset the gods. Again. A sigh slid from ashen lips. Cardinal next, looking every bit as frazzled as she felt. Citlali and Indian arrived, a bit late, but they were fine and that was all that mattered. Citlali wanted to know why, while indy started babbling about the gods. What are you talking about? She would demand from her brother. Phu took back his heart? What in the hell did that mean? Arlo came flying into the caves last. The only one missing was widow. She prayed that her sister was well.
No one will leave these caves alone. She announced to the pack, looking at each and everyone of them. I will gather a hunting party, mostly those of us who can fly, so we can gather food. She rushed through her words. Citlali, please take Indian and gather whatever herbs you can find and think you will need for anything. She would instructor the healer. The rest of you, stay here, travel in pairs if you must leave the caves. Her voice was firm as orders were given. This was no game. We need to figure out how to make this right, or we are not going to survive the winter. She met their gazes with some semblance of stability. They would either freeze to death or starve. That is if one of the monsters didn't kill them.
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