Full Version: Homeward Bound
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Boop, testing one, two, three....

So I am unsure if I had mentioned this to any of you in the chat box recently or not, but this quarter of cramming and overload of information is coming to an end! Woot woot! My exams begin tomorrow, starting with Large Animal Husbandry & Disease in the morning and then Animal Hospital Principles 1 in the afternoon. Thursday I have my final exam for Large Animal Anatomy & Physiology and will probably be wearing some normal clothes under my scrubs and just tear them off, jump in my car, and head home. It's been a while since I've been able to have an extended amount of time with my family, especially during October (which is the month we celebrate "Banana Split Day" in memory of my grandfather's passing, as well as the month my dear dog passed). I will be taking a wonderful 9 hour drive back to Upper Michigan where lo' and behold, internet is incredibly rare and I will have to go to my grandmother's house or into town (which is like an hour drive) for internet access.  Unsure if I will honestly be online or if I will have time to be online, although the entire concept is for me to go home and relax (and get stuffed to death like some early Thanksgiving) and visit family, friends, and my frustrating yet adorable ass boyfriend. I will be absent from September 24th - October 7th; classes for next quarter start October 7th, so I may be driving home October 6th depending on weather, although please be patient with me returning quickly, as my classes include Pharmacology, Microbiology Lecture, Microbiology Lab, and Animal Hospital Principles 2. This next quarter is going to be extremely difficult until I get into the swing of things, so I may be on October 6th or I may be delayed for a few extra days, it all really depends. Roleplaying helps me unwind and is a form of relaxation for me, so I shall return as soon as I can, but I shall not be gone for too long, but I know you all will miss me(; 

In the meantime, Pixie has full authority to accept new members to Feerique Lux in my/Israfel's absence and to make decisions if needed, as the Shaman of the pack is considered in similar rankings as that of Beta's. If any of you need me for extenuating circumstances, you can probably get a hold of me on Facebook or have Okie track me down. I luff you all, behave yourselves, and see you soon Tongue