Full Version: What Are You Afraid Of?
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<div class="asursbox"><p><p><p><p><br><div style="margin-top: 110px; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: auto; background-color: #000; width: 400px; height: 350px;"><div style="padding: 0px 20px 20px 20px;"><div style="overflow: auto; width: 379px; height: 350px; text-align: justify; font-family: verdana; font-size: 10px; color: #f0f0f0; " class="asur1"><div style="padding: 20px 20px 20px 20px;">He would lounge lazily in the frozen wasteland, hips flipped in a relaxed manner though he would keep himself propped up on his elbows, one talon'd paw supporting his chin while the other one would idly pick at the frozen shrub before him. Body would remain pressed against the charred and blackened husk of a tree though for once there was heat coming from the husk, a soft light illuminating the immediate area. He wasn't overly fond of the winter but something about this winter made him think it was here for quite some time. Eyes were slightly glazed, as if he wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing. Black feathers lay sleek atop yellow body for the first time ever. Normally he would fluff up the magnificent plumage that he was so proud of but today seemed so... Lack lustre... A sigh would slip from his lips and paw that had been tasked with pulling at frozen leaves dropped to the ground. He was feeling strange today... Homesick perhaps? At least with father there was always something to do, something to prove... Here there was nothing. His older siblings were bickering all the damn time, Widow was nowhere to be seen... Thankfully Cardinal had shown back up so that made him feel better at least. 

Slowly he would drop his hand from his face and slowly roll himself into a standing position, taking his time and stretching. Feathered tail would ruffle and shake as he shook dust from his pelt. Like the rest of his litter he seemed to be more feathers then fur where as his eldest siblings sported more long feathery feelers then actual plumage. Though Widow sported a tail much like their fathers, something he was quite jealous of. Slowly he would turn south, heading further into Mactibilis and more towards where Morgana had claimed her pack. Funny how everything had worked out. Warbler had always seen himself as a leader and yet now here he was following his less then ambitious brother and his littler girlfriend. At least this purple woman was beautiful, a fact that their father would approve of. Hopefully that was what would get them further in life but who really knew... He was just oh so bored... Even the eternal winter seemed dull now that the initial shock had died down. The howls that seemed ever present in the distance seemed to constantly draw closer before fading away again, for some reason they didn't bother him as much as they had originally bothered him...</div></div></div> 

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"Taking a midday nap, are we?"

Azure lips curved into a frown as Ouroborus begrudgingly lifted his head from his paws. He had long-since made a habit of taking naps—as short as they tended to be, they were quite refreshing, and kept him on his toes throughout the day—but what sniveling, hare-brained creature had the gall to come and wake him from one? Couldn't they tell that he had been sleeping and clearly hadn't wanted to be bothered?

Irritated, he turned toward them and parted his jaws, but the words that he'd been ready to spit seemed to die almost immediately on his tongue. Standing before him was a rather imposing creature—a wolf that held itself as though it were the undisputed ruler of all things, mortals and spirits alike; as though it had lived through centuries and witnessed the birth of the Gods, themselves. Bathed in hues of cyan and midnight-blue, his form seemed to burst at the seams with power, and eyes like gems mined from the depths of the ocean bore into the azure prince as he stared with his own emerald orbs. Atop the creature's raised head sat a pair of ivory antlers, quite regal in appearance.

Ouroborus couldn't believe what he was seeing.

<span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"Father...?"</span>

No response came from the wolf. Visibly stunned, Ouroborus stared at him for a moment longer, then scrambled up onto all fours and, once he'd gained some semblance of a posture, hastily tipped his antlered head in a bow. <span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"I...I didn't expect to see you, again...I was s-sure that you were—"</span>

"—dead?" Tuan finished, his voice as cold as the air around them. The azure prince thought that he'd heard a bit of bitterness in his tone, as well, but he couldn't be sure, still somewhat-unconvinced that his eyes weren't deceiving him. "You would be right. But did you think that I would be gone forever? One's body is merely a chain that keeps them tethered to this realm; losing mine has allowed me to venture far beyond it."

But of course. The man was a spirit, now; Ouroborus supposed that he should have known, having been there when his life had been stripped from him...but perhaps he had been hoping, if only a little, that he would be wrong. That the vivid memories from that day were fake, somehow.

<span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"Am I...dreaming?"</span> the azure prince asked, unable to drive the sudden thought from his mind.

"Yes. Though unless you want to lose your life, I'd suggest that you wake up, soon."

At this, Ouroborus raised a brow. <span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"What do you mean by that?"</span>

"This land has become a frozen waste. And by the will of the Gods, nonetheless; it seems as though they seek to punish their creations."

<span style="font-style: italic; color: #6defe2;">'Punish?'</span> Ouroborus inwardly echoed. <span style="font-style: italic; color: #6defe2;">'Why the hell would they want to do that...?'</span>

"There doesn't need to be a reason," his father replied, as though he could read the prince's thoughts. "All that matters is that you take advantage of the situation. Seize it. And don't you dare ask me how; I came here to warn you, not to remind you how to use your goddamned brain."

With that, the great Tuan O' Cuilinn turned to take his leave, having supposedly fulfilled his purpose, and Ouroborus had to stop himself from taking more than two steps toward him. <span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"Father...Father wait, I—"</span> he began, nearly tripping over his own words as he struggled to speak. The man couldn't leave. Not now; it was much too early, too...too soon.

"Seek out the pond in the forest's heart if you wish to speak with me again," he said, turning his head slightly to glance over his own shoulder at his son. And then he vanished, leaving the azure prince to stare wide-eyed at the spot he had been standing in mere seconds ago, his somewhat-cryptic message lingering in his mind. The pond in the forest's heart...but there were forests in every corner of this damned land! Which one had his father meant? And what opportunity could he possibly have in the midst of widespread chaos and confusion?

Mulling over these things, Ouroborus woke himself up and started to walk, unknowingly wandering deeper and deeper into the eerie wood that he had come to the night before. Somehow, it was even more eerie now that it was buried in snow, the bare, blackened branches of its trees poking out from the endless mounds of white, like the limbs of some skinny, ungodly beast. It wasn't much longer until another figure fell into his line of sight; an interesting-looking fellow who seemed to be part-wolf and part-bird, feathers as well as fur covering his hybrid form, the yellow making him stand out a good bit. Curious, though about what he wasn't exactly sure, Ouroborus began to move toward him, being as careful as he could to avoid the deep snow along the way.

<span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"This is hardly the time nor the place for a leisurely stroll,"</span> he commented as he approached, coming to a stop within a few feet of the feathered man. <span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"Though you don't seem to be...enjoying yourself."</span>

                                          <center> <span style="font-weight: bold; color: #6defe2;">"Speak!"</span> <span style="font-style: italic; color: #6defe2;">'Think!'</span></div>

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