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She had lost him. Somewhere in the fires he was gone. A part of her mourned, another part rejoiced but every part of her told her to go back to the island. It had become too much a part of her to ever truly leave. This was her home, her safe spot and honestly she would be fine spending the winter here in her solitude. She just wished Tan was here... Tiny body would cool languidly on the bear by the shore, watching the surf drift in and out as eyes tracked the progress of the sun across the sky. Winter was coming and there was a familiar bite to the air but she would keep fluffy tail coiled around herself and draped over her paws for warmth. She was made for the winter, already looking more fluffy then usual. How delightful...

She couldn't think of him. Her heart might start hurting again, she couldn't...

And that was when she saw it. The great hulking beast that would slowly grow larger and larger until the mountain top itself could not contain it. The beast would step back, a massive paw slamming down on her island. That was when she screamed. Whole body would rocket into the air like a frightened cat as she began to run. Hell she didn't even know where she was going! But the law was expanding and she was panicking. And then it was gone. She would halt and turn, wide eyes looking up as the great beast flew into the sky. And then he would swallow the sun. Well shit. Warmth would begin radiating from her trees and she would cast a glance to them. Then the frost hit, freezing all the vegetation other then the trees. Okay. Maybe the island hadn't been the best idea...
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Somehow by the grace of things that lurk in the dark, he had managed to elude his captors for at least a little while. A semi rare form of attachment was felt for the fledgling pack, even if they gave him those dirty looks. An inky grin eased across his features as his toes wriggled in luke cold sand. This place seemed out of the way, an other worldly place to get lost in. If only he could ever be so lucky.

He hadn't made it very far in, not that this was Manhattan just a figment of it's imagination perhaps. A slowness to his gait, as if he might be struggling to shed an extra thousand pounds of gravity. A flutter in his heart, then nothing. Taking a careful glance around, if wishes came true well good thing they didn't. He felt rather angry for no particular reason, at least none he cared to blame. It could of been nice here, until he decided to show up.

And then.

A scream tore through the silence along with him, flinching as he turned to root out the source of this disturbance. A molten green shape, very feminine and also very rude. A snort, the electricity flooding back into his system as his synapse suddenly decided to cooperate. Shaking off the rest, he freeded himself of that damn gravity and suddenly launched his pale hide towards her with a filthy curiosity dripping as he went. Inhaling that salted air, secretly wondering what she might taste like.

He halted abruptly just a few yards off from her, sand spewing forth like a volcanic eruption. His orange eyes illuminated, giving her a once over as he struggled to suppress his instincts. Once he would not of hesitated to take her as his own, now. Well now he just didn't care that much. Satisfied, he relaxed and offered a rather toothy grin. <font style="color: #683931; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"your very loud."</b></font>insults, great. He really needed to start working on himself more.

<font style="color: #683931; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Speech."</b></font></div></div>
Ms he didn't panic often, hell she was usually the complete image of calm but when a giant foot came crashing down on an island and then the sun disappeared she figured it was about as good a time to panic as any. Though as the great beast and the sun coiled about itself and disappeared she was left standing on the beach in the dark breathing heavily. That was when the frost came. A giant breath of freezing air that seemed to encase all the plants in ice. All the plants except the trees that seemed to glow with a soft hazy light. Aside from that there was only the stars to grant them a bit of light. No sun so no moon. Shit. What had just happened?

And that was when he would arrive, a white male bounding forward only to skid to a halt and send sand spraying at her. Fucking asshole. There was a moment of inner turmoil where she couldn't decide between screaming at him to get off her beach or asking if he had just seen everything she had seen. But then words. Fucking words. An insult would roll off his tongue and like and angered cat she would fluff up her pelt. Massive tail would grow larger as it puffed up as well. Asshole. <b>"Uh excuse me? Are you so blind that you didn't see what just happened?!?"</b> She would ask, words spit out like venom from her tongue, ready to jump on his face and tear eyes from sockets if she could. No she was not in the mood for this game right now.