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His ear twitched, the cold breeze irritating him to no end. He hated the mountains, hated that he had to climb to the high altitudes to get to the temperatures he was used to living in. But if he moved back to the tundra’s he’d be sentencing himself to exile again. He didn’t see Dione enough as it was so what happened if he moved to the territory on the other end of the island? She wouldn’t visit because she hated the cold and she hated anything that involved work. But was it worth it for him to live miserable all the way up here? Okay yeah it was.

There was more food up here, he saw Dione when she wasn’t busy with Aule (which was rare but less rare then it was when she had been with Jager), and there were many places to throw himself off of. He had lost the suicidal tendency’s, thankfully, after a failed attempt at cliff diving that had left him healing at the bottom of the cliff for 3 weeks without food and water. He didn’t needed it but after that he figured he had depended on it for so long that it was more like a drug then anything.

Inhale, heavy exhale.

The monster lay on a ledge nestled snuggly against the cliff face, dug out just enough to provide him room to stretch his paws out. Anyone who saw him might marvel at how the beast had gotten up there but after over a week of failed attempts he had figured out a way. And now he wasn’t coming down until that damn drug addiction took hold again. Or the addiction to pain flared up again. Yes he had lost the will to kill himself after lying around for three weeks and learning how exactly to do it. Things were never as fun after you knew how to get the end result. So the attempts to kill himself had stopped some a year or so back.

But he had become severely addicted to the pain. Self-mutilation had become an issue and he had begun abusing himself in every way one could imagine and more as per a few suggestions. He had blamed it on Dione at first; her addiction to drugs had probably what he had picked it up from but then, how could he blame anyone but himself?

The beast shifted, muscle undulating underneath his flesh to make the bone patterns ripple. Bone spurs and horns scraped the top of his dug out, making a sound similar to what people would call nails on a chalkboard. Face contorted into a disgusted expression as he rolled to move. Too bad there was no room to roll or it would have all worked out flawlessly. That weightless feeling was a welcome one and for a second he allowed himself to imagine he was floating, simply drifting along without a care in the world. That was, until the memory of the stalagmites below drifted to the forefront of his mind.

He remembered just as the point of one drove into his hip, the velocity he had gained toppling him over so the point left a deep gash along his right hip and his head slammed against the side of the rock. Once free he fell another few feet, head over heels, before the next one caught him, this on tearing up the left side of his ribs and ripping up his paws as he tried to slow his fall. The third tore a gash up the left side of his neck and after that the rest were small enough that they did minor damage, at least compared to the first one. His landing was less then graceful, he forced his head back to save himself from a broken neck but still landed head first, forepaws stretched behind him so his chest took the brunt of the impact and his chin smacked so hard against the ground his teeth punctured his lip and tongue.

His hindquarters toppled down as if an afterthought and for a second the beast lay there, shivering. There was no fear, no terror in those red eyes, only pure pleasure as his body continued to quake. There was a moment were muscles tensed and flexed, pain seared though his body and he came to terms with his shattered collar bone but then he was righting himself. There was more pain when he moved but there was no screaming as chills ran down his spine. Even a hint of a smile was visible on the male’s bloody lips as he hauled his mass up and swayed. He took a few steps and tumbled to the ground but at least he was out of the thicker stalagmites and on the icy grass of the meadow below the mountain. Hey, maybe there would be come company today, or some poor soul that thought they could take him in his weakened state.

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Eyes were narrowed and head was down with shoulders hunched, anyone who saw the green she devil would get the vibe that they should immediately turn around and leave her to her own devices. She was tiny, short, and thin with long bony legs and a tail that didn't suit her. Her coat consisted of varying shades of green, sticking out like a sour thumb against the granite backdrop. Starting from her head, lower jaw, cheeks, the underside of her neck and belly were all black along with her legs up to her shoulders. The rest of her was a mixture of colors from forest green to deep teal. On the top of her head a messy mop of neon green that could only be described as hair. Sprouting from between overly large fox like ears were two horns, tips barely reaching above her ears. Tail was as long as her body if not longer, fluffy and patterned like a raccoon’s with colors switching from dark green to that teal color.

But despite the foul mood she seemed to be in and her peculiar appearance she was in fact quite lovely, maybe not drop dead gorgeous but pretty enough to turn heads. Though when in a better mood she didn't only turn heads, she broke necks. Or... maybe not broke necks but she did use some charm to kill. A lovely little seductress. That was her role and she was fine with it, she drew other wolves in, charmed them and played them while her partner was usually the one to end their miserable little, insignificant lives. But where was he? Weeks had passed since their separation and he had promised only to be an hour but of the two of them he was the least likely to be killed. Most ran away terrified, he was no only huge but his mutations were abnormal.

"Tan... Where are you?" she called not for the first time, one paw lifted as she stopped mid step, head raised for red eyes to peer out from under that stock of neon green hair. Angry demeanor was gone, if nothing else she looked completely and utterly lost, sad and forlorn. Small paws were having a hard time grabbing and keeping a hold on the rocks; pebbles skittered down noisily as she continued her trek up the mountainside. She was no amazing wolf that could go bounding up and not be out of breath, no she was not even close to being a third of the ways, she was walking and she panting. Hard. It wasn't that she was out of shape but it was steep, there was no level ground and even if there was it was made of pebbles and dainty paws were constantly scrabbling for a hold.

"Tan...?" she breathed, the high elevation making the syllable come out in a cloud of condensation. A thicker cloud followed as a sigh escaped parted lips as the thin creature continued on with her journey. She didn’t even know where to begin looking, well, she was here because he had always loved the cold, he was from the arctic originally so maybe he’d be in the mountain… Maybe… She could have sworn that she had caught his scent while in the forestry at the base of the mountain with Aule but she had long lost his scent and now she felt like she was just being desperate. She knew Tan hated being around during the training but she hated not being around him so she had gone off in search time for the unthenth time in the past few months. She had spent so long in a pair that hunted together she always felt like she needed Tantalus.

At this point she didn't even know where the hell she was, somewhere in the mountains with a sheer cliff up and down but where she stood was a fairly wide platform with a forest of stalagmites covering the ground. She knew that at some point she had crossed into pack territory but part of her didn't care... A sigh would escape her lips and slowly she would turn and begin to make her way back down the mountains. She didn't know how far she had gone before a thud broke her out of her thoughts, the smell of blood suddenly thick in the air along with Tantalus's scent. Head tilted slightly and she frowned slightly, lively trot slowing to a walk then she paused. The beast before here looks like it shouldn't be alive, chest caved in in an unnatural way, blood spilling freely from it's mouth and body torn and beaten. The creature took maybe two steps from behind a stalagmite then collapsed to the ground, shivering, probably from the adrenaline rush.

But despite the horrid appearance, the bloody puddle slowly forming around it's form Dione recognized the creature and a sad smile formed on her lips. "Turning into a regular sadomasochist aren't we?" she murmured as she padded forward, the feel of blood under her paws making her shiver slightly. She needed more drugs soon, or maybe she could burn some shrooms or chew some bleeding heart. God she needed some drugs and soon, she didn't deal with Tantalus's beating well when she in her right mind. At least he had stopped trying to off himself but he couldn't seem to live without his pain, probably in the same way she couldn't live without her drugs but she found it hard imagining inflicting pain on herself. She had three scars and she hated them, she had received them from one of her first hunts, adding more would be hell.

She picked her way around his truly enormous form, dainty paws splashing around in his blood like it was a puddle before she ended up standing beside his stomach. The tiny she-devil lay down neatly, blood soaking her coat instantly as she scooted forward so her head was between his front legs. "I love you too much for you to keep doing this to me" she murmured softly, not worried about the blood loss or the wounds, he'd be fine in a few days, woozy for a week but this wasn't enough to kill him. At least she hoped it wasn't.... The blood was already slowing even though there looked they had bled two animals dry. She curled into her friend, nuzzling close to him and paying no mind to the wounds, if he liked pain he wouldn't give a shit right? She paid no mind to the face that she was now almost completely red and dreanched in his blood, maybe she'd go see someone lader and scare the shit out of them. Well after she was done cuddeling with her torn up friend...

Pain flooded his senses, the lovely feeling that he closed his eyes to and let sweep over his whole body. It was exhilarating; it was refreshing and though he knew would have so many issues moving for the next while he enjoyed it while he could. To anyone who happened to stumble across this bloody mess they would be smart to turn away. Blood dripped from the rocks above that had cut deep into his sides and the puddle that had begun to form around him was slowly turning into a sticky red lake. He could feel the bone spurs that jutted from his back already recreating themselves along with the horns that sprouted from his brow. They had always been the fastest to recreate themselves, flesh would be next then his insides soon after. He could feel his ribs bent into a lung, blood was bubbling up his throat and though he knew that wasn’t good it would be fine… eventually.

But the bliss could only last for so long and though he was below the mountains and in a fairly open valley the stink of blood was almost overwhelming and the wind was blowing it everywhere. He could only be alone for so long before someone was bound to find him. The paw falls were small so hopefully whoever it was they wouldn’t be able to do much damage, he really didn’t want to deal with some idiotic wolf right now. There was a sticky sound as whoever it was reached the edge of the bloody lake and continued walking towards him. There was no hesitation in those steps and he breathed deep, trying to catch a scent but only inhaling blood. He coughed, more blood spraying out from between red lips before he relaxed, he could take whatever.

But he didn’t expect who showed up.

Dione slithered around him, movement’s fluid and swift as she turned herself around to curl up with him. She had always been tiny, compared to just about anyone but especially compared to him, when standing she was about belly height on him. She pushed herself so she was laying on one of his forelegs and had his other one draped over her shoulders. She pushed her head against his throat as if demanding to be snuggled but in a way that made it comfortable for the both of them and her horns weren’t forced into his throat. Her words made him chuckle, though it started as a small laugh, turned into a gurgle then ended with him coughing. ”I thought you’d be used to it by now…” he rumbled, voice sounding like someone who had fluid in their throat, which was true in this case. Though he had been avoiding Dione for the last few weeks, he had to admit he had never wanted to see her more in his life.

It felt good to be with him again, she couldn’t even begin to describe how much she had missed having him around. But couldn’t there be some compromise? She knew Tantalus hated Aule, well not Aule specifically but he had always hated the idea of her being pregnant, nevermind a mother. That was why he was gone, and she hadn’t looked for him in fear she would find him in this exact position. She was slowly coming to terms with his addiction to pain but the constant suicide attempts had been hard on her, this was the closest to death he had come since he had given up the last time. She could only hope that this had been a way to relish in the pain rather then an attempt to end his life.

The tiny female nestled deep into Tantalus’s chest fur; not paying any mind to his caved in chest, shallow breathing or irregular heartbeat. Her legs instinctively curled into her and she scooted around so she ended up with Tan’s bottom foreleg bent around her shoulder to cushion her head and his other foreleg pulled around her. The blood was sticky and gross from the high altitudes and chilly air but she paid it no mind, wanting nothing more then to lay in silence and listen to her friend breath. As long as he was breathing everything would be all right. Red eyes were drawn not for the first time to his faintly glowing toenails, something she had never noticed before. Craning her head up to look at his head she noticed that there seemed to be a similar green glow showing from between his jaws.

Now there was something she had never noticed before…

Wait… What was he asking? Was she used to this? Would she ever be used to this? No, probably not. ”Tan, how could I be used to you loosing almost all the blood in your body and lying here for someone to find! What if I had been someone else? Like someone who might want to kill you? I’ll never be used to finding you like this…” she whispered, blinking rapidly to keep tears from slipping from her eyes but to no avail. He probably wouldn’t notice anyways, his legs were already soaked with blood, what were a few tears? She sniffled slightly, trying to get a hold of herself before she said anything else to him. Dione had always hated getting emotional but this was the worst he had been in a long time and after such a long time apart it was just getting to her…

He knew what she was thinking, what she was feeling. The first few times she had found him in a similar state to this she had flipped out to put it simply. There had been swearing, name calling, tears, threats, promises, apologies and so much more all strung together into a seemingly endless stream of words to an already worn out mind. Sadly all of that had come from Dione, he had lay there and taken everything she had said then held her when she had curled up with him afterwards and continued mumbling more hateful words at him. But as with all women, once it was off her chest it was like nothing had happened and the next day it was back to usual. The beast had often wondered what it had all meant before another suicide attempt, but despite all his intelligence his social skills and ability to decipher the meaning behind certain things were still beyond him. In the end all her ranting had only helped her get it all out. After that one time she had skipped over all the words and simply laid with him while his body fixed itself.

The closeness of her was comforting, her scent familiar amid the sea of blood that was slowly clogging up his senses. It felt like one of his lungs had collapsed completely, or at least there was a rib stabbing into it, so there would be no physical exertion for a while and every time he exhaled he coughed up some more blood. Red eyes slid closed after a brief glance above him to how far his puddle had spread. That was an abnormal amount, far too much for any normal wolf to loose and survive. The larger cuts were still pumping out blood at a good rate while his body worked at repairing the damage that needed to be immediately repaired like his lung then the bleeding would slow then stop then everything else would be tended to. Maybe a day though his heart would take time to replace the blood so he’d be dizzy for a few weeks.

She spoke, words soft and delicate beside his harsh, hoarse voice and his ears instinctively flicked to show he was listening. Dione sounded… sad? He couldn’t really tell if this was the case because he couldn’t see her facial expressions and vocal patterns wasn’t his forte. But… He knew he had to comfort her some way, without moving of course but somehow. ”Dione, I know you can’t get used to it, just like I can’t get used to you wasting away in a drug induced haze but just as you sit here with me now, I sit with you at those times to.” he started but then paused as his rib that he had guessed had hit his lung suddenly popped back into place with an audible crunch. ”But this was an accident, I promise, is there any way I can make it up to you?” he asked, trying to sound as gentle as possible. He had made her sad and the right this to do was to do something else to make her happy right? He wasn’t sure, he had never been a very social creature and what Dione saw in him that had made her befriend him he wasn’t sure but since they had met he felt an overwhelming urge to keep her safe and happy. She was his sanity and right now he wasn’t doing a good job at keeping her happy as she lay in a puddle of his blood.

Tiny body would wrap and curl, cooking about itself even as she pressed deeper into his dented and damaged chest. How much effort was he putting into simply staying conscious? She knew how much effort it took him to repair his body, how long it took him to recover even after his wounds were healed. He would be down for the count for quite some time with this amount of damage. She would stay with him until then. But she didn't intend to stay sober. Since loosing her son in the fires there were very few times where she was lucid, very few times where she wasn't floating in a drug riddled haze. It was the only way she could seek to cope with anything anymore. She didn't want to feel, she defiantly didn't want to remember. She knew it hurt Tantalus to see her in that state but hell it was all she knew how to handle anything. It was all she could do to join him in throwing herself off a cliff too. Only she wouldn't survive...

For a long time she would simply rest her head on his shoulder, listening to the sound of his body mending itself and slowly pulling herself together. But he would speak all too soon, drawing her back to reality and slowly she would pull her ears back to her skull as if trying to dismiss said reality. She knew he was right, they were too damn self destructive to every be good together but hell she loved him and she was sure he felt the same about her. His rib would pop, bouncing her head a bit in a weird major that caused her to lift her skull and study his side. That had been weird, there was no denying it. He would continue to say that this had been an accident, not on purpose... That he would make it up to her and finally her eyes would lift to look at his features. Bone spurs and horns had already repaired themselves, blood coated his face but still... He looked so sad.

Ever since the day they had met he had always looked so very sad...

She would slowly lift herself. Pulling herself out of the pool of blood and into the surprisingly warm air, His body temperature had always been glacier compared to anything else, she would look around. Winter was coming if not here already, she didn't know how much she could find. <b>"Don't die... I'm going to go find some herbs or something for you. We can talk when you're better."</b> She would sigh, dainty paws pulling her out of his blood and hopping over his massive limbs. What was this place? She didn't even know, she and spent too long on that damn island. <b>"Tan... I lost Aule in the fires..."</b> She said softly. That was why she had come looking for him after all wasn't it? To tell him that? She would look back to him for a moment before slender limbs would churn and send her bounding away in search of herbs.

-exit Dione-

She skirted along the edges of the plains, occassionally peering up at the mountain to her left. Legs moved with hurried mentions, though still retained a quiet grace. Nostrils quivered as eyes darted back and forth with uncertainty. She didn't like being out in the open, if left her feeling exposed and vulnerable. Her head was held low as she moved through the shadows, sticking close to the base of the mountain. The smell of Israfel was heavy in the air, but she was careful not to trespass. At least until the scent of blood touched her nostrils.
Her movements would stop, her crown lifting fractionally. Was one of his pack mates injuried? She shifted her weight uncomfortably. Did she enter uninvited or go to provide aid? With great hesitancy she would cross over his borders, feeling every bit guilty with each step she took. She hurried across the plains, bounding across the heavy snow. The world was still in perpetual darkness and the monsters still howled with the violent wind. No one should be out and about while injuried.
He was not hard to spot, a giant gray and bloodied mound. She would approach with caution, now entirely uncertain of his rogueish scent. He was trespassing, much like herself. But at least she knew the King. Are you alright? She would inquire, her soft voice barely audible above the howling wind. The tiny dame was nearly crouched on the ground as she approached, skittering around him like a frightened animal. Her tail tucked loosley between her legs, ears hanging loosely back. She shouldn't be here, she should be back in the forest, where its safe.
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Si'drue was content with lounging under the tree's, watching the day pass by until a rather alarming, strong scent reached his nose. At first, all he could smell was the blood, he came to the conclusion one of the pack mates were injured and needed assistance, until he took another smell and found it was also a rogue. Many thoughts crossed his mind. the first one, he was trespassing and yet, could they really turn down someone who was injured, perhaps if they helped him, he'd be on his way back to wherever he came from. The man's large mass would lift up from the hard ground, his long legs quickly pacing down the territory, looking for where the incident was taking place. As he came closer, more scents would introduce themselves, more rogues. Irritation swarmed around him, though he'd carry on with the little journey, his defenses up. Once he arrived to the scene, he'd see the man surrounded in blood, with a woman who seemed shy and didn't want trouble. He couldn't help but feel he's smelt her around before. Was she a friend of Israfels? Or has she been sneaking around here recently. For now he would not address the issue, instead looking upon the injured man, not quite sure how to help. It was moments like this he wished he paid attention to the healers in his old pack. With not many options left, his cranium would lift towards the blue painted skies, calling for Pixie, hoping she knew what to do.

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She would curl about him and slowly his massive tail would lift and drop around her to offer one semblance of warmth even though his body temperature was naturally cold and he was probably doing more harm then good. But she wouldn't shy away from him. At least not at first. It would take her a moment to collect herself before pulling her body out of the blood. He found it kind of strange that it hadn't crystallized or frozen yet with these temperatures. Especially since his blood was already basically sludge in his veins with how cold he was. He didn't move so slow completely on purpose, it was more the fact that it was a hazard that came with being an ice user with passive magic.

She would speak, voice soft and frail as she told him not to die while she went looking for things. The one up side to this winter was the fact that all the plants were so well preserved. He would begin to curl back around himself to rest while she left when her voice came drifting back to her. She had lost Aule in the fires... His heart would sink but before he could say anything she was gone, disappearing into the stretching darkness. It was so dark lately... And there were not many trees here to provide any warmth. He just wanted to be back in the caves with the hot springs... That was all he wanted in life right now.

Eyes would close and he would drift to sleep, he needed to sleep to heal better or he would kill himself. His healing abilities had taken on a more passive effect and it was getting ridiculous. Sometimes he just wanted to leave his wounds to heal naturally but t was getting to the point where he was pretty sure his body was in self preservation mode. At least until he heard the sound of paw falls. How long had he been out? An eye would crack open as he listened to the sound of approaching paws. Couldn't have been long, blood was still gooey... But instead of green he was greeted with brown, another tiny female though this time it was one he didn't recognize.

Head would lift slightly as he studied her approaching form. Timid and shy she moved with caution, eyes glancing and darting about as if something might jump from the bushes and eat her. She would ask of his state and he would grunt softly, flexing limbs slowly to test his wellness. The healing rate was slowing now but the bleeding had stopped at least. <b>"I have had better days no doubt..."</b> He would offer, attempting to insert at least a small amount of humour into the situation though he wasn't sure what else he was supposed to say. There was blood everywhere, it was defiantly his own. Was he okay? Probably not.

Another would approach, this time a man made of fire it seemed with quills adorning his body. He had no rhyme or reason why but he had never truly trusted his own gender... Massive beast would slowly roll himself onto his forelimbs, sitting more like a sphinx with his hips flipped to the side and massive tail coiled around him. The tip of his tail flicking like an aggravated cats as he tossed a wary look at the woman. And then the man would howl, calling to someone and immediately Tantalus's lip would curl in disgust. <b>"If your not from here I would suggest you run..."</b> His words were soft, meant for only her to hear though eyes would remain locked in the fiery male. Again muscles would tense and flex... Was he able to get up? Probably not...

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Winter breath combed amiably in whimsy tease, carousing in tantalizing tugs. Morning-dawn eyes gazed aloft to the heavens with cantering thoughts. Amiss of the king away due to political endeavors. Long tail sashayed through tall grasses that too combed against tye-dye pastel hairs. Soft luminescent glow radiated from the entirety of her form, antlers and silkworm thread which dressed upon dorsal and horn. Medicinal plant and herb hung around her neck in a web-like sac shaped by old cobweb and leafy foliage, as she'd spend her day harvesting and gathering to add into collection of medicines she would busy herself with the work. Pale ears would brush against her skull, nose twitching as she captured the call of the fire-sir beckoning for her assistance. Brows knitted with inquiry as she tilted her head ever so curtly. Was something wrong? She pondered. Tail would sway as she turned direction and follow suit – capturing the pungent copper <i>smell</i> of blood. Ears pulled forward and alert with concern, however her demeanor kept calm and studious.

The first to catch her eye was Si'drue and the flames which expelled from he. <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“Troubles, good sir?”</font> she chimed ever sweetly, preparing to speak further only to be ceased by the larger beast <i>soaked</i> in blood and a chocolate-tiered woman shying in the distance. Pixie would take a moment to spectate and access the situation, expression remaining calm and genuinely friendly. Paws would tread carefully closer towards the larger male, to see if she could inspect his injuries, head tilting to the side with opalescent analyzing eyes. <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“I see we have a bit of a mess here – ..”</font> she would try to make light of a tense situation, as any practitioner would try to loosen any stresses. She kept a friendly smile upon her face. <font style="font: 15px Dancing Script; font-variant: none; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #aadcfa; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“Might I take a look-see?”</font> she would look to either woman or man for permission.
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