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<center><div style="border:3px solid #000000;background-image:url('');background-repeat:no-repeat;width:400px;padding:30px;padding-top:500px;background-color:#000000;text-align:justify;font-family:century gothic;font-size:12px;line-height:100%;">The memories of the beast that he could only assume was malevolent, were still as clear as day. Vivek hadn't been able to shake them. It seemed that no matter what was on his mind, the shadowy figure of that giant lupine swallowing the sun and all who lived here into darkness held on. He was worried, and because of that he hadn't left Millicent's side completely since. The two wanted to do a bit of roaming, get to know the lay of the land, but he was always a call away and he took comfort in the fact that she was the same. Her constant company had soothed much of his younger lustings. Lust for power, glory, fame, attention, they had been temporarily quelled in Millicent. Yet being here, in this new land, he would wonder just what it had to offer him. Offer them. Surely there was something here other than dark figures and indecipherable details that he was forced to call magic. He simply needed to find it for himself. 

Footsteps left an obvious trail behind him, his natural temperature was more than enough to melt the ice around his paw pads. As he left the plains behind him, he would find himself crossing a dead tree and entering a forest. And it wasn't just any forest - it was glowing. Another unexplainable detail then. Still, Vivek was not completely without an eye for beauty. It could be because he had four of them, one had to be able to see allure in a forest full of luminous trees. The light that they gave off was strangely warm, enough to even give off a touch of heat if he was close enough. It was almost as if they were a consolation for the sun being taken away. A new source of light and warmth, however, it wasn't something that seemed like it could replace the burning orb forever. The frozen ground might be enough to attest for that. 

It was still all speculation though, he didn't know much about these lands. 

What he did know, was that Millicent would need a place to sleep, and these trees might just be someplace that they could stay for a while. There would be no sunrise, no safer time for them to hunt and explore - so a den would do them well. Perhaps a few, if they decided to stray far from here. Vivek wasn't sure whether she always would be near enough to share, but when she was it wasn't something they he felt he should be shy about. They had done a lot of growing up together, she knew him when his voice was still relatively squeaky. The thought made the brute snicker, and then sigh.

They really had left quite a bit behind.

Eyes would wander south, toward the ocean, and he would wonder whether the wolves in his memories, that felt like they were from a world so different from the one that he was living in now, were doing alright. </div></center>

She wasn't used to the other lands just yet and that was something she intended to work on.  Despite being on her own with hardly anyone she knew around, Pandora Artenie was not going to let that dampen her spirits.  She was a mixture of Armada and Artenie, two great bloodlines that had successful reputations.  Back in Alacritis, she was a legend, one of those children whom was expected to conquer the world.  While her paternal grandfather had come so close, she knew she would do better.  Her desire for world dominance was quietly hiding, but she knew it would appear again one day.  She just needed someone right to stroke her flames.

At the moment, the pretty young thing was flying above glowing trees, making her vibrant colors pale in comparison.  Over a period of two weeks, she had grown more accustomed to the bird appendages attached to her shoulder blades. They were majestic, <I>beautiful</I>, and perfect for showing off when she needed the attention. A girlish giggle slipped from her dark lips as she thought about past experiences with the men she had lusted after.  Some of them had been mere boys, others had been full grown adults...Both categories had their pros and cons.

She peeked a glance down at the widening girth of the woods and was startled.  Among the glowing leaves and trunks of the world below, a bright red seemed to slowly move through unfamiliar trails.  Ears perked around her silvery horns and curiosity began to peek. In no time at all, her mind was made up.  Pandora dipped and aimed for a part of the woods about a half mile from where the source of light was moving.  She knew that there was always a dangerous side to exploring unknown sources of life, but she was too indignant to care about her safety at that point.

Golden-dipped front paws lightly touched the ground as she delicately landed.  Her wings fluttered at the tips before they neatly folded themselves around her suave form.  Her nose immediately caught onto the source's scent and she began her escapade.  Eyes flashed with mischief as she walked through the nearby trees, weaving around them smoothly like a snake.  With each small intake of breath, she exhaled a short bout of ice, making her presence more obvious than she would have liked.  Soon, she was close enough to catch the whole scent of the life source and her eyes widened.  No...surely it was not who she thought it was! Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her; maybe this was a dream she needed to wake up from.  Instead of nipping her front leg to induce pain, she remained in the dark, covered her full frame with her wings, and lowered herself to the ground before smoothly calling out, <b>"Viviek?"</b>
<center><div style="border:3px solid #000000;background-image:url('');background-repeat:no-repeat;width:400px;padding:30px;padding-top:500px;background-color:#000000;text-align:justify;font-family:century gothic;font-size:12px;line-height:100%;">He looked so different the last that she had seen him. His second set of eyes had yet to open, his horns had yet to show - he was simple, plain. Now he was different, strange, positive that if someone from his past were to take a glimpse at him they wouldn't know who the hell he was. And yet he would be startled from his thoughts by the flutter of wings - along with an all too familiar voice that gently spoke his name. The scarlet male was bewildered, turning toward the winged woman and staring, his lips slightly parted as his jaws fell slack in hesitant shock. Could this really be... brows would furrow, feeling tricked - there were many tricks here, things that simply didn't make sense, that shouldn't happen, shouldn't exist. And yet there she was, supposedly in the flesh and not a dream like figure sent here to haunt him.

"Pandora." He would softly reply, his voice for a moment would reflect his disbelief. He recognized her frame, her markings that had been lovely even then, and now she was adorned with horns, wings, truly grown into herself. "Wow..." He would say lowly, his mouth finally closing as the shock wore off and the moment seemed to solidify, just enough for him to really believe that she was there with him. "You... how did you..." He had so many questions, whirling about his thoughts so quickly that he wasn't sure which ones to ask first. So it would seem that words would wait, and the brute would step toward the girl he had once known, noting that she wasn't a little girl anymore just as he wasn't a little boy.

"You remember me." His words were meant to be catty, mischievous even, but his visage had yet to lose the astonishment. As he closed the distance between them, he moved to nudge her, a somewhat rough nuzzle, to both assure that she was not a figment of his imagination, and to show her that he had missed her. He remembered her too. "I'd be a fool to forget you." He would say lowly, more husky to his voice than was there when they had spoken in the past. The scarlet brute had done his share of growing too.  It had been over a year since they had last spoken - she was so young then, but playful and confident. He had to wonder whether any of that had changed.  </div></center>

He was silent in his passage, moving with the slow moving confidence of a continent. It was trouble that his new fixation had wings and he did not but he had never been one to complain. Beast was one of burden, happy to shoulder and troubles that might come his way. More then anything he was happy to have a task once more, a purpose... Even if he didn't truly know what that meant for him or for them. He had only known her a short time but she had shown him kindness and that was all he needed to task himself with a new purpose. So he would follow. It wasn't easy to track her movements in the clouds, like following a dark spot as it moved across the stars, but he wasn't worried. If she truly needed him to hurry perhaps she would call... Did she even know she could call him? They hadn't exactly spoken words that he would follow her, rather it was something he had decided to do. She was his new Dione, his new Diell. Thank god he had moved away from the D's...

He would see her circle down from the sky into the dark forest, though the blackened husks once called trees now glowed eerily. How very strange. A boon from the gods perhaps? He didn't pay it no mind, though he would continue to allow massive tongue to loll out over jaws, the eerie greenling her that it emitted along with the light from his nails enough to light his passage though it was slowly destroying his night vision. He was no idiot, he could hear the distant howls of ice beasts that had been bred of this ice age apocalypse. He wished to stay close to Pandora... Plus this was his element... For once in his life he felt at home in his own skin, he felt warm... Ice was forming around his horns and spines, as well as around his mouth, nose and eyes. Vindico itself was not a cold place and the beast of ice often found himself melting, his magic working overtime to try and keep his body temperature down.

He didn't like it.

The voices were what would lead him to them, a male one speaking to Pandora. No jealousy or distrust arose inside of him, no feelings bubbled to the surface just a calm understanding and assessment of the situation. He didn't love her. How could he love anyone that would ultimately leave him one day. Instead he was left with a single minded desire to help her attain her goals and to keep her safe. So that was what he would do. As he slipped into the trees it would warm considerably, again cold breath would hit warmer air and condensation clouds would form. The ice on his body would melt a bit, receding slowly and he would sigh. Damn he hated the warmth... He would approve the pair lazily, not trying to hide his approach. Massive beast would come to stand a foot or so to Pandora's right flank. Head would remain lowered as if weighted down by the mass of his horns. Tail dragging lazily behind him in the frozen snow. But he would remain silent. He was here to observe and protect after all...

Even when the male turned to look at her, Pandora wasn't surprised by the changes.  Since she had been in Vindico for awhile, she had seen more weirdness than she was used to in Ala.  The horns were a nice touch to the handsome man's features, making her a little envious in the process.  She tossed her head to show off the glossy silver horns that curled around her ears, a smile slowly appearing on her darkened features.  All four eyes ran down her frame, or what he could see due to her wings.  The golden feathers that outlined those wings quivered in a passing breeze, making the rest of the feathers rise and fall in small waves. 

His reaction to how she looked made her bat her eyes, but when he made the first attempt of physical contact, she couldn't help but slightly buckle.  The heat that radiated from his body sent warm waves to her inner iceberg core.  She softly moaned from his touch before she reacted.  Her nose met his fur, leading the way to her pushing her head against his neck.  She buried her crown into his pelt and took in the familiar scent she had grown to obsess over in her earlier days.  Again, she moaned before she raised her lips to his ear, where she whispered, <b>"You are hard to forget, too, Viviek."</b> Ohhh, if only she could show him what her nostalgia was doing to her senses.

The soft padding of large paws met her ears and her smile broadened into a dark grin.  She bit down on Viviek's darkened scruff before pulling back to break the intense silence that had been building.  Her wings readjusted themselves across her back as she looked over her right shoulder to meet Tan's bright gaze.  Looking back to Viviek out of the corner of her eye, she lightly giggled and slowly backed away.  <b>"Where are my manners?"</b> she teasingly asked until her right wing was level with Tan's head.  That right appendage unfolded and lightly grazed the massive man's chin with the soft feathers.  <b>"Viviek Sovari, meet my companion, Tantalus."</b> She wondered how Viviek would take the news, but she was one of those women who didn't really worry about being with one wolf...for the moment.  <b>"Tan..."</b>" She looked over at his large face and her eyes sparkled with ease. <b>"This is Viviek.  We grew up together in his mothers' another world."</b> A hint of sadness rose on her voice, but it silently left as she waited for either male to speak.
<center><div style="border:3px solid #000000;background-image:url('');background-repeat:no-repeat;width:400px;padding:30px;padding-top:500px;background-color:#000000;text-align:justify;font-family:century gothic;font-size:12px;line-height:100%;">She made him feel so warm - the brute could feel his skin grow warmer as he leaned over and touched her, every hair that his nose and muzzle brushed across was hot to the touch, a spark of something. And yet she chilled him, sending a shudder through his core, cool and familiar. The feelings that she sent pulsing through him were as opposing as their elements, but Vivek didn't mind. He loved it, missed it, remembered fondly the sweltering knot she would put in his stomach at each sight of her. Of course as a boy he had not quite understood why her teasing meant so much to him, why her presence was one he craved so badly. Now though? Now that he could reach out and touch her, hear her quiet lyrics in his ears? Now was definitely a different story. He wanted more than anything to claim her, and he swore for a moment that he could set them both aflame with the power of his longing, his lust. As she leaned into his neck, he swept his head over her neck, leaving a kiss on her ear before she could pull away, only to find a nip to his scruff.

Oh? She it seemed that she still liked to play?

But the games would be cut short at the arrival of another. The brute was large - larger than he by a mile even with his own dark horns added to his height. Red eyes would peer at the other, cutting to a sharp side eye, although he was honestly just curious as to who this stranger was. The beast was impressive, his markings outlining his bones, his claws were bright, leaving them looking dangerous. He didn't look like someone to be trifled with. He waited for the other to say something, anything - even a half-ass greeting would be better than the silence, however interesting a brute he looked to be.

He would leave the introduction to Pandora though, and Vivek would look back to her as she laughed, noting that the sound was appealing. Bright, similar to the glow of this forest around him. She used her wings well - he wondered how long that she had been here, when they had grown, how long it took for her to be able to fly. She was good at stealing his full attention, even when she was doing her best to give a name to go along with her apparent companion's face. He wondered what the wor d companion consisted of, the way that she spoke it, he couldn't tell whether it was heavy, an implied relationship - or not. Either way, he wouldn't be upset, he had found a companion of his own. Millicent was necessary, someone that he couldn't really see himself without. Perhaps Pandora was the same way with Tarantula here. Snirk

"Tantalus." He would repeat the male's name, nodding his head toward the other in greeting. "Pan seems happy, I figure that was you." He was grateful to him - her family had never been the best at staying close to her, just as his was the same way. They both had large, powerful lineages, but they were not known for being the best of caretakers if the two of them were the ones being used as examples. "Means you can't be that bad." Dark lips would spread into a toothy grin, his tails flicking behind him. It was approval, for the most part - approval that he didn't really expect to be returned, but he was indifferent as to whether it was or not.

"How long have you been here?" The inquiry was aimed at Pandora, although either lupine before him could answer. He knew at least that the blue woman wasn't a native, but he couldn't say the same for her friend. "Did you see what happened to the sun?"  </div></center>

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He was a statue, completely still as he came to rest at his companion's flank, head lowered so it was almost level with her knee though horns would still somehow manage to tower over her. Red eyes would study the male before him, there was no judgement or harshness there, simply and idle curiosity. He had always held a bit of caution when it came to his own gender though there was really no true reason behind that logic. Just this sinking feeling in his gut that left him feeling distrustful and cautious around the whole male gender. Maybe that was why he always felt so automatically attached to women. It was never a sexual thing, it had never been... Just an attachment. A protectiveness...

He wouldn't miss the closeness, the proximity they had shared before his arrival, before Pandora had leaned back a bit and stretched a massive wing out so it would hover over his head as if indicating to him. She would give introductions. Vivek. They grew up together? Interesting. But not siblings. Obviously from their appearance. They had grown up in another world. How odd. Odder that he hadn't known that but then hey had barely done introductions. She had simply stayed with him while he had been healing and from then on he had started following her around, feeling protective over the girl almost instantly.

After a moment of silence the other male would repeat Tan's name and in response the massive beast would lower and lift head in a sort of nod of acknowledgement. <b>"Vivek."</b> He would offer, voice a low rumble that rasped and clawed it was up his throat as if he hadn't spoken in quite some time or he had a sore throat. He would offer a thanks of sort, saying that Pan seemed happy and slowly eyes would slide towards the girl curiously. <b>"I would like to hope so..."</b> He would say softly, words a bit less gruff. It was nice to think that his presence might be having a positive outcome on the girl. Just as log as it didn't go south as it had with the others...

The male would say that Tan wasn't too bad and a half smile would curl the edges of his lips momentarily, again nodding. There was some respect there. At least not an instant distrust as Tantalus usually felt amounts his own gender. Nor a hunger he felt around most that he disliked. He would ask how log they had been here and slowly Tantalus would look to Pandora. A question of the sun was next and brows would furrow. <b>"I was born on the island to the north and came here a few years back. I did not see what happened with the sun. Just came out one day and it was gone. Did you witness it?"</b> He would ask, head tipping. He knew of the gods, was devout but for some reason he found it hard to believe that the gods might do this to them...

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