Full Version: Silence Under The Cold Moonlight
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Midnight coloured paws carried the deep crimsoned marked male across the land, quickly but yet not in a hurry all at once. His white pupiless eyes opened and alert with his hears swiveling about listening to the world around him. Always alert this young male was. The necklace of feathers hung around his neck, the colours would seemingly glow faintly in the pale moonlight. His body seemed to be steaming in the much cooler months of winter; his body was often a lot warmer than most wolves. It was a fire that burned deep inside him, a fire he had yet to conjure into this plane of existence.

Talon would come to a stop to a large portion of land that held not a single tree; instead there was still some tufts of dead long grass in spots here and there. This was a new place that he hadn’t yet traveled to. Feeling a little anxious the male would turn to look behind him. He had traveled a lot farther than he expected to, and without Anja to boot. He had stayed close to the woman for some time after he found her; she was helping him to ease his nightmare that haunted him every night. Sadly she did nothing to help him regain lost memories.

Talon has now accepted the fact he will never remember his life before his drowning incident. Instead the male chose to carry on, his new goal quickly changing into something more like making lots of new memories. He still was uneasy and was hostile when meeting new faces, but it was simply just habit to keep to himself. He may never remember anything, but if someone knew him before, or didn’t like him for whatever reason he had no way of knowing.

With a sigh the darkly coloured male would sit himself down to gaze around him. Winter was here, although the snow wasn’t particularly deep yet it had already begun to fall. There was a light dusting all around him, yet the cold wouldn’t bother him, not with a deep internal flame that was always burning. Slowly he would allow his mind to wander, he began to relax. Being alone never bothered him, even now with Anja he still had his moments where he rather seek a little solitude, however now he didn’t like to stay away from her for too long.