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To kill a unicorn was such a taboo task, she had asked others for their assistance but none had truly stepped up to the task. But summer was quickly coming to an end and it had to be finished sooner rather then later. She had been wandering around with the eye of the tunneller floating behind him ever since the first day she had plucked it from its skull but the unicorn horn... She would be lying if she said she hadn't looked for one, hell she had searched most of the lands with no avail. She had hoped Odysseus would help but no. He was busy plotting to see the world burn. She would be on her own for this one... If only Newt was here... But she wasn't and she couldn't dwell on that. There was no point mourning the loss of the missing. Either she would come back or she would not and there was nothing to be done about it.

Long limbs would pull her through the forest lazily, slowly, circling the dead zone with practiced ease. She had done this often for quite some time. Though now she could see... The tunneller eye would drift ahead of her easily and through it she could see... She could see through the veil that her sonar couldn't pierce. Inside was nothing spectacular, funny how the mind creates images for things you don't know. Funny how sometimes the imagined thing didn't always live up to the creation you had made in your mind. Yes... Wasn't it all just so funny... She had contemplated a few times taking a peak at the wolves she surrounded herself with but in truth she had no real interest in putting faces to voices. It made them real, it turned them into something less disposable...

This place was the only place she could think of to hunt a unicorn. Though Karemin had never specifically said to kill the beast, only to give the horn Erzs doubted that she had to keep the beast alive. It was such a taboo thing, such a frowned upon sport and yet she didn't really care. She would do whatever it took to appease the gods. Especially her goddess... So she would continue to drift and move, sending the eye to eye to watch the surroundings and follow any sounds that she might hear. Were unicorns even around anymore? Were they on this island or another? She didn't even know where to begin her search. She was about to give up when it would appear before her like something out of a dream.

A pelt of brown and white, nose as pink as a newborn rodent, it tail was strange though. It was a long thing that was half braided and dragged in the mud behind it, and lastly it had three horns, seeming slightly transparent as it moved and all three seeming to connect half way up though she didn't really know what she was thinking when she thought of a unicorn. Maybe something more like a horse rather then some mythical beast  that stole maidens and granted wishes. Though even that was just something of a story rather then cold hard facts which it what Ezzy usually operated in. She didn't like working on assumptions and hunches as they usually ended up being incorrect or false.  It's hooves were cloven also... Huh. How strange, but again, what had she been expecting?

For a moment she would stand and stare, watching the creature move about the dead zone with ethereal grace, what was she going to do? She really had no game plan here. And this was a creature with magic all its own unlike the tunnellers that were more just stone encrusted gorillas. Slowly she would wrap herself in her own abilities, ghosting herself out before taking a few steps forward. She was silent naturally, already gifted and now she was all but invisible. The only thing was keeping down wind of the creature and not stepping accidentally in the dead zone.

She didn't know how long she waited, standing just outside the zone, waiting for the creature to do something to graze just inside the boundaries. Then then there was a twig. It would snap somewhere deeper in the dead zone and the creatures head would snap up instantly, seeming to take a moment to consider this before taking a few hesitant steps forward. It was really all she needed, immediately she would throw herself forward, lunging at the beast. Pre coiled muscles launching herself upwards. Jaws sought jugular with practiced ease though how long had it been since she had killed anything larger then herself. She preferred to lay poison traps and wait for rabbits to run through them then eventually die. It was truly a better way to live. But this. There was something about feeling their life blood that brought such joy to the woman.

<i>'Submit and you'll live.'</i>

It wasn't a request, it was a statement though Ezzy was unsure if the creature would be able to understand her truly. But all of a sudden it would kneel, dropping to one knee and glancing wildly up at her through dark eyes. How sweet... For a moment she would drop with it, standing and holding its throat, pulse racing beneath her jaws. It was a lucky shot, this much she knew easily. <i>'What would you have me do?'</i> The words were transmitted suddenly, masculine voice weaving its way into her thoughts and at that feeling she would blink slowly. So it was an intelligent beast...

<i>'I require one of your horns... Don't move.'</i> Again a demand. With that she would move quickly, releasing its throat and throwing her jaws around the beasts horns. Three... With tongue she would feel at them individually before settling on the lowest one. A swift snap and jerk. A scream. She had had been fairly certain it wouldn't tickle but wasn't it like a hoof and would be no big deal? Instead the creature would throw itself backwards, leaving Ezzy with the smallest of its horns clasped firmly in her mouth. After a moment she would reach out with her telepathy and grab the horn before dropping from her jaws. It would float away slowly to join the eyeball that still drifted nearby. She had dropped it and her other magical abilities when she had lunged forward but now she would touch them again.

Peering through the eye with her warg ability she would find that the unicorn had stayed nearby and stood on quivering legs, blood pouring down elegant features from where she had snapped the horn from his skull though the other two remained. <i>'What is your name?'</i> She would inquire, stepping forward towards the creature. It would remain planted, all four limbs solidly in the ground even if they quivered from the early onset of shock. With healing abilities she would reach out and knit bone and flesh together.


The name was strange and she would tip her head curiously before shrugging narrow shoulders lazily. It was an odd name but who was she to truly argue, her name was odd as well. <i>'You shall accompany me where I travel from now on. Are we clear?'</i> She would say. She had no doubt that the beast would one day attempt to kill her but for now she didn't care. She had gotten her two items for her quest and now it was time to return to the mountains. The trip would be made easier with a companion. Odysseus had been busy as of late, this Extasis would do in his stead.

Slowly she would turn, moving away from the wretched dead land. Behind her she could hear sound of hooves pressing gently against the ground though she didn't look back to make sure the creature was following her. She knew where he was located after all, if she needed to she could come back for him. Hopefully that one fluke would make him think that she owned him, that he owed her his life. It was no way to start a companionship but hey it was better then nothing. It was better then how she treated most of her friends... If she even had friends, something made her think that others cared for her but what did she really know? All that mattered is they didn't want her dead as far as she knew. For now.

But that was it, it was time to leave them again. Last time she had gone Odysseus had been less then impressed but who really cared. It would only be a week or so right? Blind eyes would turn back to glance at her new companion, soft sonar pings confirming that he was in fact still following her. Too bad she couldn't some how figure out how to get him to carry her to the mountain, surely it would be faster. Ah well, another time. Maybe it was something to consider while she walked, she doubted the creature would want to talk after what had just happened, she would be pissed too if she was him.

-exit Erzsebet-