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She had left her new companion half way up the mountain on the trail, hopefully the pack wolves here wouldn't bother him. They had to know that that trail was sacred right? Ah well if he couldn't fend for himself what good was he to her anyways. Hours had melted to days and eventually she had finally found herself near the peak of the mountain, long limbs pulling her easily up the side as if she hadn't just scaled the whole thing and was as exhausted as she truly felt. As usual the eye and the horn drifted telepathically behind her, dancing and floating on the breeze due to the fact she was too tired to truly bend them to her will. They would do. She had been housing the eye in a mucus type liquid she had found in the swamp to keep it from shrivelling up.

Slowly she would come to rest at the plateau of the peak. Here it was warm, summer having still touched the land and despite the high altitudes once you got to the plateau it was surprisingly easy to breath. All the other mountains it was harder but here...? It was different. The gods had blessed this mountain top no doubt. Slowly she would turn and look around before placing the horn and eye carefully on the ground before her. Massive tail would drift lazily around her hips as she waited. One did not need to call the gods, they were always watchful and ever present, she was certain Karemin would come. It was just a matter of patience and waiting...

tunneller eye -
unicorn horn -