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She would move lazily, the temperature being slowly beaten back and away by the little torches she kept light and burning around her. Every so often she would mentally rip bark from a tree and set it ablaze before forcing it to float along with her. It made her a beacon in these dark times, it made her easy to find should anyone seek her out. This world or darkness was hard on everyone but her, this had always been her life, at least for the past year or so. She had become quite adept at making her way around without any help. Though since she had returned to the forest from her visit to Karemin she had found herself with a companion, she had found her powers had magnified as well. It was quite the rush to feel that magic coursing through her veins. It was as though the gods had shot her full of adrenaline and sent her on her way.

She wasn't entirely sure where she was going or what she was doing. She had been practicing using her wary ability to see through Extasis's eyes but he still didn't seem overly pleased with her so she had slipped easily back into old habits. She moved with lower jaw unhinged and sonar pings bringing her back images of what was before her. Massive tail would drift behind her, four bands now adorning her massive tail. Extasis now wearing a band about each of his four ankles like shackles. He was with her now and she wished for everyone to know this. Had had not spoken since she had ripped one of his horns from his skull, but she didn't really care if he offered company or companionship. He was here as a trophy, a sign of stature more then anything.

The albino male had found himself quickly added to a pack of wolves that seemed to answer to a blind witch. She was eerily beautiful in her own way, and he was endlessly curious about her abilities to project her voice into one’s mind. Kilian would lay in the dark, although the darkness and cold would bother him enough to place him on edge, it didn’t throw him in a panic. He didn’t fear the darkness, and the cold wouldn’t bother him for his element was ice and he was almost immune to the cold grips of the icy air. He just couldn’t shake this unease. The gods were clearly upset about something, he just wasn’t entirely sure what.

 Even his attached twin was reacting to the unease. Garstig had grown more agitated, ever more restless and rude. He always seemed to growl at every little noise a look of angry panic would reflect in his red eyes. It was clear he didn’t like the scenario any more than Kilian had. Both heads would be silent as he lay here. A rare thing to happen with Garstig. He usually always tried to get on Kilian’s bad side.

 Kilian’s ears would perk up in curiosity as his red eyes would catch the sight of a light in the distance. It was moving in their direction. Sitting up Kilian would notice that it was none other than the witch whom he met very briefly before at the pack summoning. He would wag his tail slightly happy to see the woman; even Garstig would lose some of his angry panic. His low growls and grumbles would stop all together. He would wait for her to move closer towards him before he stepped forward and bowed his head slightly.

 “What in hells name is that gaudy creature?” Garstig’s voice would be the first to speak as he spotted the companion that the witch had with her.

 Kilian, startled by the rude question looked back up at the witch a look of surprise on his face.
‘Garstig…. Here he goes again.’ He would think to himself glancing at his second head. ‘Is there anyone he is nice to?’
“Erzebet? Was that your name?” Kilian would ask softly unsure if he got her name right. Her name was odd on his lips, but not in a bad way. She was unusual, and her name fit her perfectly.

She had to confess that she hadn't expected to run into anyone as of late, everyone seemed to have disappeared into the roots of the trees as of late. No one was completely equipped to handle the cold very well, she had been lucky to find a warm shelter and discover a bit of fire magic. She had never really considered that ice users like Killian might actually like this temperature better due to their lowered body temperatures. But as he stepped before her and dipped a head she would halt and turn her full attention to him. As usual the second head was less then pleasant, asking of the gaudy creature that followed her about. Unlike most of the rest of the pack whom she could only assume were a bit put off by his demeanour she couldn't help but allow a small smile to touch her lips. <i>'Have you never seen a unicorn before Garstig? His name is Extasis.'</i> She would offer, pushing thoughts into both the heads of the male before her as to not leave either of them out of the conversation.

Blind eyes would slide back to Extasis as she closed her jaws, tongue flicking over inky lips before they would seal. Auras would bubble to the surface of everyone's skin. Anxiety ran rampant here. In both present. She found it odd how Killian and Garstig had different colours circling their heads but in the body they shared all the colours melded together and ran rampant. How very odd... She didn't pry into their minds, didn't bother as they were already speaking to her. He would speak a moment later, clarifying her name and she would shrug slender shoulder casually. <i>'Erzsebet to be more correct. You may call me Erzs or Ezzy if it is easier though.'</i> She would offer easily. No need for formalities here. <i>'How are you two faring in the cold?'</i> She would ask, head tipping slightly in faux curiosity. Funny how emotions slipped so easily to the surface after so long of faking them...

The albino would shift his gazes to the unicorn in curiosity. Her question of if he had seen one was clearly a no. It had the appeal of a sort of magical element to it, and yet it looked a lot like a large, hornless deer. He was struck with curiosity and awe as he gazed at the magnificent beast. His red eyes caught what appeared to be a damaged spot on the unicorn’s head. Like the beast had a horn there previously. Not wishing to be rude Kilian let that little bit of curiosity slide as he turned back to Erzs.

“I donno about you, but you might be careful someone far bigger than us might confuse your little friend as a meal on wheels.” Garstig would bark baring his teeth slightly in an amused sort of way.
Kilian ignored his twin’s comment and listened intently to the witch as she corrected him. He was close to getting her name right he gave a half smile as she questioned about the cold. He chose to seat himself before her to be a little more comfortable.

“The cold doesn’t bother us nearly as much as others. I suppose that has something to do with what little magic we possess. We are generally cooler to the touch than most, and there are times I can make the air around me a little frosty.” He said in his soft kind voice.
As he spoke his lynx paws would kneed at the ground as he drew out a little of his cold. His paws would seem to radiate cold in a visible little mist of frost.
“It’s an utter shame my brother is a piss poor magician. Even his seduction trick is poorly done. Couldn’t pull in the last woman we ran across” Garstig would growl harshly, which was followed by loud laughter.
Kilian would wince slightly as he stopped pawing at the ground, his gaze dropped slightly in embarrassment, his ears pulled back.

‘Magic isn’t very easy to learn…. I would like to have seen you try….’ His thoughts would ring through his head. Garstig could possibly learn to do something, magic didn’t always have to come from the rest of the body. It did rely on mental capabilities. Kilian was pleased however that Garstig hadn’t learned how to tap into the magic himself. He could easily overuse the seduction powers, to lure poor defenceless women close to his iron bite.

The more obnoxious if the twins would speak, uttering words akin to a thread towards Extasis and slowly Erzs would turn her blind gaze towards her new companion once more. Curious... <i>'If he cannot fend for himself he is of no use to me.'</i> She would offer mentally, this time though thoughts would be tossed to all three present. She wished that Extasis would know of his use to her and that his time with her would be limited if he couldn't care for himself. She wasn't one to baby and especially not babysit. She had no desire to spend her time looking after him and making sure that he wasn't going to die.

The fact that neither replied to her question on if they had seen one before left her smirking slightly, it brought her small pleasures to see others less intelligent then she or in this case less cultured. Killian would speak next, sitting himself easily as if settling in for a longer conversation. Very well. Extasis seemed to take note of this as well and took some time to allow long limbs to pull him away from the group. Probably back to that god damn dead zone where she had found him. It wasn't warm or cold there though... Everything was simply dying. No magic was there to freeze the earth other then the typical winter bite and no magic was there to provide light and warmth to the trees. For a moment she would watch him leave, following his aura before she would allow it to drop away and returned her attention to Killian.

He would speak of having ice powers and how his body temperature was naturally cooler then most others. How odd... Head would tip as he kneaded the ground, as if watching though she really had no idea what he was doing. So he wasn't in control of his magic? Well he was better then Lux but still not great. Curious. She was about to reply then Garstig would complain about seduction and she would frown, blind eyes transferring between the two of them as she studied each of their aura's. <i>'Tell me more about your seduction magic? I have no heard of this before.'</i> She would ask, slowly lowering her own haunches to the ground and pulling forepaw a close to her body. Massive tail would slowly coil and wrap around her paws and hips in a faux foot warmer.

How very curious, though it was at this point that she realized that she had never properly inducted him into the pack, had never even given him rank... <i>'Killian... Garstig... I haven't yet asked. But this is a pack of learning, we seek to teach our members and the world more of the gods and their magic. I know we never truly discussed your placement here. If you wish to better your magic you will be an apprentice, or you may be a protector of the pack. We could still work on your magic in that position too if you like since we don't have a large quantity of apprentices...'</i> She would offer, head tipping curiously and waiting for the discussion she was sure would stem between the two.

The male would lift his head as the witch would speak once more, not wanting to be rude even if his twin had embarrassed him a little. His ears would grow alert when she asked him of his powers. She was curious about his special ability. It didn’t surprise him that she hadn’t heard of such a thing, Kilian himself had not met another wolf with powers/abilities of seduction or something similar.

“Well…”Kilian would pause almost embarrassed to talk about such a power.
“It’s like… I can make myself more alluring to women… I can draw them in…. “he would speak softly as he tried to explain he unintentionally started that little bit of magnetism. His pheromone level would rise almost as if it were to reach out and slightly pull at the witch. Just the smallest bit of attraction only for the briefest of moments.
Kilian blinked and shook his head forcing that little bit of extra allure back where it had come from. He didn’t intend to use it on the witch, and once more he could feel his embarrassment grow. Garstig however would merely snicker at the small bit of magic used unintentionally.

 “Why Kilian! Using such a power over someone like Erzs! You trying to kill us?” He grinned from ear to ear happily feeding off his brother’s embracement over his lack of control.

Kilian’s ears would shift back as his twin would talk, but only for a moment before the witch would ask about ranks and what he would be looking for in focusing on. He would frown slightly as he thought it over a moment. He had two choices in front of him. He could either take up apprenticeship or dive into the role of a protector. Garstig would want to be the latter option, it would give more opportunities for fights Kilian was sure, but to learn magic would be his choice.
With a slight wag of his tail he smiled at the witch.

 “I would love to learn… As you probably noticed I do need the practice… I spent most my life being very careful in keeping myself in solitude. Now is as good a time as any to take up a few…. Lessons.” Kilian would respond eagerly a glimmer to his red eyes.
Garstig would let out a loud sigh of annoyance.
“I would much rather be put in charge of murdering the innocent” He would say with a roll of his eyes.
Kilian frowned at his twin’s comment.
“Erzs….He is a rambling lunatic….. I wouldn’t take his words seriously.” He would say quickly and softly. He didn’t wish to displease the woman.

She didn't embarrass easily nor did she take any offence to anything that came out of the second heads mouth. She had come to think of him as more of a growth then a twin, he was useful she would never say otherwise, but he had no control of the body other then effecting some emotions it seemed. Unless they were simply that in sync that they could move fluidly without any hitches. There was so many questions swirling around in her mind, so many things she wished to experiment on and poke at. How would poisons effect them? Would it effect both of them? Did they have any differences between the minds? If one ingested something would the other taste it too? Did they have any other organs that were separate? She found her blind eyes darting over his aura as if studying his body, trying to figure out the basics of his anatomy through the swirl of colors over his flesh.

After a moment he would speak, saying that he could make himself more alluring to women. A scent would arise, something in there that made something quiver within her. For a moment she would inhale deeply, trying to better understand the feeling... Was it a feeling? How very strange. It was something she had never experienced before. It wasn't until Garstig would speak that she would understand what exactly was happening. That was his power? How very curious... <i>'Be still Garstig. I can hold my own. Compelling work. With some practice it could be quite handy no doubt...'</i> She would offer with a slight nod. Yes it could be quite useful indeed.

They took a moment to consider her offer before Killian would explain his predicament, his solitude to avoid his magic. She would frown, brows drawing together as she studied the male's aura. This was the truth... Usually black slithered through their aura when anyone lied but this. There was no black. He was much like Lux. He had very little control over his magic. She would almost speak again when Garstig would say that he would rather murder the innocent. Her expression was blank as always, slack and neutral as she turned blind eyes to the second head even as Killian apologized for his growth. <i>'No apologies needed. I believe in doing whatever it takes in the pursuit of knowledge. I have killed before. My speciality is poisons...'</i> She would say, black eyes seeming to lock on Garstig for a moment before turning back to Killian.

She wasn't entirely sure what to do here with two bickering heads that couldn't seem to figure out what they wanted. Or at least not settle on what to do. <i>'You shall be a protector then. I will personally help you with your magic until there are more apprentices. At which time we can discuss your position again. That's the best I can do to hopefully satisfy the both of you...'</i> She would say with a nod of her head, hopefully that would work. She needed protectors especially in this night world... <i>'I haven't seen many out. I wonder, would you be interested in traveling to Rogo with me? I wish to seek the guidance of the gods.'</i> She would inquire. She didn't wish to bring Odysseus. He wasn't a true believer and someone needed to be here to care for the pack while she was gone.

Kilian was almost shocked by the way the witch handled all of Garstig’s banter. Then again why would it surprise him? The way this woman held herself he was certain she had dealt with far worse than Garstig, not only that but seen worse. She would say with training his special gift could even be useful. He would blush inwardly at the thought. He wasn’t sure he wanted to have that skill useful. It almost seemed too forceful on women. He would listen as she would counter Garstig’s claim to want to kill. She had killed before?

 Again the albino wasn’t shocked. Garstig would chuckle a bit, his wide insane grin across his face.
“A woman who kills… just my type. You know what Kilian I had some doubts of being in a pack, but with a woman like her and that big ugly brute Odysseus… I might just like it here.” Garstig would state sounding pleased. Wolves who have killed, and have no problem killing were his type.

But the witch was also not really a kill for sport. She said she would do so in the pursuit of knowledge. That was a reasonable reason to kill wasn’t it? Kilian would listen intently as she pressed on to say that he should be protector with being an apprentice on the side. She was trying to please both his heads at once. Kilian couldn’t help but to smile just a bit at the thought.
He doubt whatever decisions she would make would make Garstig happy. He always found a reason to be upset and grouchy.
“Yes, that could work for us. We can at least give it a shot. Also I would be honored to learn under your guidance. I will do my best to learn.” Kilian would respond to her suggestion.

 The conversation would shift to that of the gods. Both heads listened with their ears perked. Was she going to try and question what was happening? Would it be wise to try to talk to the gods in a time of apparent chaos? For all Kilian knew, they were all doomed. He frowned on the thought a moment. It deeply worried him with what was happening, and it was likely safer in numbers. Perhaps he should accompany her.

 “M’lady Erzs, I would love to traverse with you to Rogo. It is probably best to travel in numbers in a time such as this, and if the gods have any answers to this darkness… well I would like to know them.” Kilian would respond to her question as softly and quiet as usual.
“Well I have no choice… so what Kilian wants Kilian gets…. But it might be fun to yell at them to put their shit together.” Garstig would pipe up with a smirk.
Kilian’s eyes would widen, Garstig couldn’t be serious could he? Telling off the gods? Surely he would get them both killed. Garstig only erupted into laughter, possibly sensing the sudden stiffness and concern his twin held.
“You are simply too easy to worry Kilian… such a delicate doe. The gods would eat you up.” He would grin once more.