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She paced restlessly in the dark, wearing a trail down in the mountain with her steps. The world was still cast into darkness with no hope of ever seeing light again. The prey was all but done, either dead or having fled. Anxiety ate away at her mind, fraying the threads of control and poise. Without warning, jaws would toss back, her voice filling the air as she beckoned her brother. She needed him in this moment. As soon as her demand ended, she would resume her pacing, wings flared in a defensive and troubled stance. Feathers stood on end, giving her a slightly larger appearance. Talons scarped against stone, breaking the silence. Wind howled around her, snow sticking to her pelt and the cold biting into her flesh. Something needed to happen. The gods were angered for unknown reasons.

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He has been spending quite some time with Cit as of late, using her as his grounding stone to attempt to keep his sanity of sorts. He hadn't seen anyone else since the original call Cara has sent up when all this had begun. This eternal darkness, this eternal winter... He hurt. He was feeling completely and utterly defeated and he had no idea what to do. Cara's call would force his head up and he would look to the sky before head would swivel to look down the mountain to where the sound had come from. Luminous yellow eyes would attempt to look through the darkness but there was nothing. After a moment massive wings would unfurl and he would toss himself lazily off the cliff face. He was getting better at using his sonar ability but he still didn't feel confident at fast speeds. Either way it didn't take him long to find her seemingly wearing a path in the stone with her pacing. <b>"Cara. What do you need?"</b> His voice was soft, broken. He didn't know how to help. He was lost but if she needed anything he would do whatever he could to help her.