Full Version: The Road goes ever on
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<center><table align="center" background="" style="width: 600px; background-position: bottom; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-color: #4047b9;"><tbody><tr><td><div style="padding: 30px 35px 20px 35px; padding-bottom: 430px;"><div style=" padding: 30px 35px 10px 35px; background-color: #000000; opacity: 0.4"><font style="text-align: justify; font-variant: small-caps; font-family: perpetua; font-size: 14px; line-height:11px; word-spacing:3px; letter-spacing:2px; color: #9ca2de;">Stretching out in all directions, touching each gentle swell of earth and sand, lay the ominous ocean. She was a companion to him once, a great guardian that protected him from the trials of the world, dropping rose coloured glasses over his eyes least he bare witness the cruelty of an unforgiving landscape. Summer had been kind to him, in his wanderings of loneliness, trapped on this land he knew not, and found perhaps he would never truly know. This had been his mothers lands, once, probably now yet were. For all his searching, and all his praying, he never did find her. Maybe he never would. It was a scary thought for the youth, one not yet a year old. Alone...
He didn't know how it happened. After the fire, he had followed after the fleeing shadow of the man who had rescued him, only to end up lost in the great woods, towering giants of bark and vibrant leaves. Odd how the world, only but a few leagues away seemed so different to the chaos. Eventually, he had floundered his way through the maze until he hit the shore. It was calm, quiet, far from the furious nature of the ocean. Little creatures could be found in the sands, plume insects and rodents, an odd reptile if he was quick enough. A silver, glistening fish that tasted so unusual compared to the great sea faring serpents of the shallows in Xipphias. His body grew strong in those weeks, isolated as he was.
The sun warm on his back, Aulë had eventually returned to the beach his mother and him had first stepped upon, and gazed out over the waters to the blip of land in the distance. Part of him had wanted to return, forget about this place and fall back to the memories of before. Yet he knew, even if he did make the swim, there would be no mother waiting for him on the other side. So he had taken to the fells of night, beneath endless stars and cool breezes, the pale purple clouds floating over a cosmic sea. Each day, he grew a little more. Though by no means a large creature, probably never would be, his mind whispered when he finally surpassed his mothers height. Now, he seemed lanky in a way, caught beneath the rich, lustrous trail of fur left by his tail. As age came, his dark dappled fur seemed to capture the stars above, until at last, even in the light of day, it never left him.
Now, he lay sprawled in the yellow grass, clinging to the crumbling ledge, staring out once more towards the land that had once been his kingdom, his entire world. White foam painted the stone walls below, the navy waters bottomless and threatening, and yet, Aulë always felt most at home near the sea. It brought back those memories, those warm days on that tiny beach, chasing after crabs, waiting for mother to reappear from her days hunt. Lithe jaw pressed against fragile ankles, he sighed, lilac eyes falling shut as he felt the warm air brush through his cloak. By the time winter came around, he'd be a year old... near six months since he'd come to Vindico.