Full Version: Investigating The Dark Woods
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The sun was still missing, and the world around him was still just as dark and just as cold. Although this shook the male to the core, it didn’t keep him frozen in fear for too long. It didn’t take long for the feelings of finding something beautiful would overwhelm him. He would push the feelings aside telling himself that there was no way he would find something beautiful in this darkness. There was more than the coldness and the dark that was threatening about the situation. Some talk of monsters roaming the lands spread like wildfire.

His dark obsidian eyes would glare at the darkness as he stood on the boundary line. He could barely see the dead forest that lurked near the borderline. He would glance around him for any sign of his sister, she would be busy with all sorts of things, and surely she wouldn’t notice him missing for a few moments? He just wanted, no he needed to step foot into the dark woods. He just had to see if he could find something, anything. For all he knew an injured beauty could be dying this very moment.

With a shake of his head the delicate male would cross the border. Caracara may have ordered them to stay near for safety, but if he should find a wolf in need of immediate aid, she shouldn’t get too upset with him disobeying her commands. He began to wander among the dead trees. With every step his nerves seem to rocket higher and higher. Some of his crimsoned feathers even stood on end with his unease. It was cold and dark, and who knew what sort of beast could be lurking in this creepy forest?

Struggling Cardinal would push back his imaginings once more. He would just wander a short ways and come running back home as soon as he found something beautiful or, as soon as he had seen something worth reporting back to Caracara. If there was something dangerous out here, he would be the one to find it and inform the pack before anyone could be hurt. This was another logical reason to disobey Caracara he thought.

With his head held high and his strides carrying him with what little confidence he could muster he prowled, weaving through the trees. He would pause here and there to listen to the area around him. If something was out here, it would find a hard time in sneaking up on him. His pack’s borders were close, but no longer in view. Now was not the time to be in a panic.

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