Full Version: Setting Fire to the Water
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An adventure of sorts, could this trek across this new landscape be? A simple travel he would call it, one that involved him lifting his masculine structure from the comfortable earth that dwelled deep within his sanctuary, only to make himself known to the exteriors of the universe and render his body movable. He did not have much of a clue as to where he would go, or what he would see along his stroll, but nevertheless, he went through the plan at paw, thinking for once that he might come across something of interest. Thus far however, there was nothing that peaked his curiosity, he just kept moving, passing through this terrain as if he had ventured through it before. 

Unfortunately, he was mistaken, for this land was a place he had never seen, stepped foot in, nor known about. It was a mystery to him, an unidentified district that he wished to analyze fully with eyes that were tainted with maroon shades. Strong paws, paws that could his brawny frame up, tapped the earth gently, each creating a tenuous step upon sturdy, horizontal and grassy platform as they pressed on. Triple-tinted tail swished in a slow and graceful manner behind him as he transversed through the area, the cool afternoon breeze blowing through the auburn, ivory, ebony and golden strands that were stitched into his fleshy outer shell, letting them dance in the air whilst remaining attached to his canine-designed structure. 

A pool slowly came into view during his walk, making the man come to a immediate halt, suspicion running through his mind, he did not trust anything in this land. For such a place, such a serene environment to steal away his elemental power, it also ripped away his faith in the landscape he was currently in, making him fully cautious to every little thing around him. The duration of his time standing there did not go unused, he made sure to let his head turn from left to right slowly, russet optics taking in his surroundings quickly, making sure that no one, nor anything that had been categorized under dangerous, was about. So far, he was still isolated from anything that could unleash pain and misery. A bit fortunate, he assumed.

Wings slowly swayed in the air above him, flapping a few times, before finally reverting back to their immobile state. He had no idea as to how to work these flying devices to their fullest potential, but, he knew how to use them as a defensive attribute, and as a contraption for warmth at times. At times, he could even use the feathered implements as a way to travel by aerial means, but then again, it was not like he went very far off from ground, most of the times he was always slightly mid-air, sometimes he was higher, but then again, he did not trust these wings yet, he needed to fully know them first, like, get completely accustomed to them before he would let himself soar. 

Finally, after a long wait, he let his body function once more, with paws resuming their steady stride towards the large puddle. For certain, this was no shallow pool, but then again, he had no idea as to what to believe, like he had said, this was a mysterious place, meaning he had no idea what it was capable of, that didn't mean he could find out however. Moments had passed since his venture had continued and he was before the circular body of water at this point in time, body still propped up upon average sized limbs and head slightly curled down so he could stare into the clear liquid, the only thing being visible however, was a reflection, a reflection of him no doubt. 

Ink stained lips slowly parted, an inaudible sigh being exuded from his partially open maw and lacing the air with its silence. Could a drink be in order? No, something had not felt right about this, he had no reason to not drink the water, but something, or some entity, was telling him not to take a sip of the liquid, and being an individual that only trusted himself and his instincts, he did not let the warning go in vain. So, he simply stood there, looking down at the watery chasm before him, with wings of ebony, ivory and auburn feathers flicking atop his back, tail following suit and swishing at a moderately-paced speed during his quiet contemplation, a contemplation that had started a few seconds ago, a contemplation that was directed to what his next objective would be.
The albino beast was new to this pack life, and yet it seemed necessary with the sudden chaos that had arisen. The two headed brute would be at war seemingly with himself as both heads grew anxious and highly concerned. Kilian would worry constantly about the gods and his hopes of everything turning alright in the end, while his second head Garstig would growl at the other’s thoughts. He would state everyone should be prepared to fend for themselves. Monsters would linger in the darkness. Sensing the distress his second head was going through the albino decided to take a break from the new friends that he was making and he would wander a ways from them, although the male made sure to not stray off or far from the pack’s ground.

 His lynx paws would claw at the earth in nervousness as he prowled slowly and silently alone in the forest, he would weave between the trees and under the cover of the shadows. His powers wavered slightly out of control with his worry. As he zoned out of reality to a panicked train of thought frost would build on his fur and his seductive pheromones would grow and weaken, almost pulsing. Completely unaware of how his powers were seemingly seeping out of his body. That was until Garstig gave a loud and annoyed growl.

“Kilian pull yourself together!” He would snarl as he bit Kilian’s ear.
With a yelp of surprise Kilian was brought out of his panic, and he would sit himself down abruptly, his red eyes widened as he looked about him snapped out of his inner panic. Garstig’s response would be his echoing laughter.
“You really are such a woman, you were losing yourself to worry and we are coated in a thin layer of frost.” Garstig would sneer in amusement. Even in times of darkness he would always find something to
tease Kilian about.

 With a shake of his head Kilian managed to pull himself to sanity once more. Although still worried, he quickly went to a nearby tree to rub his horned head against it’s trunk. He chose to remain silent as his attached twin would roll his eyes at Kilian’s attempt to hide his embarrassment. However he didn’t remain silent for long, a low growl would rumble in the throat of Garstig as he picked up a scent of an unfamiliar male nearby.

 Kilian would pause in his head rubbing and take a sniff. Slowly and carefully the male would step further in the woods. Delicately he would pick his way around the trees until he found the wolf the scent belonged to. His fur immediately was on end as his red eyes would trace over this male. He was a stranger, and found so close to the boarders? This could mean danger.
“YOU THERE!” Came Garstig’s bark instantly, his teeth barred and showing no signs of fear.
Kilian let out a sigh, his twin was too defensive and demanding. It wasn’t like the stranger was trespassing, he was merely staring at the water.

 “Garstig…. We don’t need to start a fight the second we see a new face.” Kilian’s voice would say softly, his eyes not leaving the multicolored male, his eyes shone with curiosity and he smoothed his features out trying his best to remain as calm as possible.

Isolation from the other entities that dwelled within this particular region would not be the case, it would seem, much to the wolf's expectations, as he knew that one could never get what they wanted when they wanted it to happen. The realization that a complete stranger was wandering this area did not sicken, nor fear, it did not excite him either, he simply remained oblivious to the other creature that had just entered this vicinity, however, secretly, behind that reckless mask, he had his guard up, making sure to keep himself quite cautious on the interior and not the exterior, for he was never one to play anyone's games, he'd rather let them abide by his rules and get their plans thwarted by him, that is, if they had cruel intentions, then he might not even worry.

His onyx tinted toes rubbed against the earth, making his elongated talons dig into the ground and scrape up a few specks of dirt behind the four limbs. He did not pay much attention to this however, he was more focused on how who this newly arrived entity was. A quick inhale of the air made him quickly come to the conclusion that this was a wolf, a masculine one at that, but then again, scents were just as deceiving as sight, so he did not trust that this canine was a male or female, he could only presume that it was of the masculine category. Eyelids continued to lower and lift back up after short periods of time as the other wolf continued to move closer to him, his bicoloured auricles flicking in unison with the pawsteps being erupted from the lupine that proved to be a mystery to him.

The flicking stopped slowly after he had noticed that the wolf had finally come to a halt, making him relax as the distance proved to be a respectful one. Reno need not look behind him, nor to his left or right to figure out where the wolf was however, as scent and sound had already pointed him in the direct location of the stranger. He was behind Reno. Now, Reno did not like it when people were behind him as he could not get a clear view of what they were doing, so it would come crystal clear to him, that he would have to look back and see this mysterious canine for who they really were. The bellow however, the one that sounded almost as if it came from the mountains far away, made his presumption be correct, this was indeed, a male wolf.

His feathered wings flapped a couple times from the slight shock the bark had sent through him. Such hostility towards one who had done nothing wrong to them wasn't quite necessary, maybe the wolf had trust issues? Or was just looking for a fight? Reno could understand the former, but if it came to the latter, he guessed he would have no other choice but to engage in altercation with this man who had just treated him with a rage that could easily frighten a young pup. Not wanting to be oblivious any further, his head slowly cocked back, letting his attention shift to the lupine behind him, his snowy fur being the first thing that came into sight, before his maroon optics wandered up to the wolf's head, or should he say, heads. A creature who held two heads was something out of the ordinary, that was for sure, but it also peaked his interest, making him wonder what this wolf had got to offer.

Russet pools looked over the double-headed wolf a couple times, analyzing and taking his structure, he was a bit larger than the winged canine and also heavier, making him a possible threat to Reno, but, no hostility would be returned just yet, he was always one that needed a reason to hurt someone and from the looks of things, there was no reason for him to harm this individual. His ears perked up after hearing one of the heads speak, the right and untouched one, that is, making him come to the realization that the personality this head held, was one that saw life through positive views, whilst, Reno guessed the other head, the scarred one saw life through negative views, making him one to keep an eye on in case things went awry. Deciding that this stance which consisted of his back being to the wolf with his head merely turned around, proved to be disrespectful, so he turned his body around, letting his structure move in a full one hundred and eighty degrees, until he was finally face to double-face with the stranger.

An altercation with no particular purpose does not seem to be quite wise, now is it, Garstig?  Reno asked, possibly making a horrible attempt at pronouncing the left head's name. It did not mean much though, as his gaze shifted to the right head immediately speaking and he gave the untouched visage an almost friendly look, though it was far from anything of the sort. The slightly friendly look had been the edges of his ink tinted lips slightly curling up to form a smirk, one that held no evil, nor fear in it, it was simply a friendly gesture. You, on the other paw, seem to be of a much more sensible state.   A compliment? Much likely so, for the right head was truly within the right state of mind, unlike his evil counterpart. Now that all that needed to be said, was said, he waited for a response or reaction in complete silence. 
The albino would pause, almost to hesitate as the winged stranger before him would first turn a head, then his body towards him in response. He would then begin to speak. First to Garstig, and then with a small pause to Kilian himself. Kilian’s ears were alert picking up every word this stranger spoke, he didn’t seem hostile. In fact he seemed nearly unphased by Garstig’s sudden and startling bark. This pleased Kilian, perhaps there can be still avoidance in a fight. He took one small step closer, both of his heads remained alert and facing the stranger.

 Garstig would frown further as the stranger would talk to him. He had casually batted away his hostile manner as if he was a none threatening pup. A low growl would continue to rumbled from his throat as his ears would flatten against his skull and his teeth would bare themselves. Over more the strange male before him would share some kinder words with Kilian.

 “Oh that’s great… another piss baby. You think your something special? Your treading awfully close to our packs boarders. It’s you who is unwise” Garstig would snap back at the wolf his red eyes gleaming with anger.

“…I’m glad to see that there are more wolves like us, who chooses to speak under a banner of peace in place of unnecessary violence.” Kilian’s softer much more gentle voice would speak as he chose to ignore Garstig’s words.
“Garstig is nothing but words…I assure you he is no threat, unless you wander too close to his head.” Kilian would smile gently with a gleam to his eyes.

Garstig would let out an exasperated huff as his growls would quieten. Leave it to the sane half of him to turn things into a perfectly dull moment. If it was up to him he would be barring this stranger down and threatening to tear his throat out if he didn’t give him answers. If that didn’t send him running at least he would get the thrill of a fight.

 “Kilian is the push over. Brother you are being too friendly, For all we know this creature of unnatural colours is demon spawn. Perhaps spilling his blood will appease the gods and we can gain our sun back.” Garstig would grumble, but with a twisted grin on his face, his eyes would shift out of focus giving him a look of a mad man.

 Kilian’s only response was a slight roll of his eye as he mentally waved his brother’s words away. The albino male would sit himself before the stranger further showing he meant no harm. With the male sitting, the nasty head that was Garstig would seem even more so just a head of words and empty promises. Kilian’s red eyes would continue to look at the male in curiosity. How would this meeting end up? How would he react to more of Garstig’s word choices? Kilian had a feeling, or at least a hope that he would wind up ignoring the attached head. Not knowing anything of this stranger, Kilian was sure he would already like him based off the first words he had said.

Reno had caught sight of the two-headed wolf's reactions, the right's being one of appeasement and the left taking the resemblance of disgust, not surprising at the winged wolf at all as he had a good amount of intellect when it came to these types. They thought everything was better settled in violence and misery, making the multi-hued man feel sick to his stomach every time he came across one, but he always hid that revulsion away from the eyes of the menacing onlookers and the spectators, for he need not let them have the pleasure of seeing him suffer from angst and aggravation. This head proved to be of little competition, something much similar to a spoiled child, he felt as if he knew some things but Reno was one that would be quick to retaliate from them all, however, retaliation won't be happening today, no, the winged wolf would not waste his time over such small, almost insignificant things. Evidence of this had been shown when the left head had chosen to insult him once more, plus warn him as to where he stood, much to Reno's ignorance, even if he was near pack borders, he wasn't causing any trouble, nor was he trying to, so he was in the clear, hopefully.

The right head's words had not been ignored though, no, Reno would not be so rude as to disregard a being with a bit more sensibility. So, in order to keep himself from getting annoyed by the devious head, he kept his main focus on the jovial one, letting his words actually mean something whilst the other's own went in vain and be ignored, however, there were a few words that he would let flow into his ears, just so that he might hurt the wolf with his retorts later on, if he could feel pain or humiliation, that is. The unscathed head's words were met with a slow nod of the winged wolf's head in return, the reaction behind the nod being one out of completely understanding and agreement, for Reno had been glad that there were more wolves like him, wolves that try to negotiate and be civil rather than just create unneeded conflict for no logical reason. I may be wandering along pack borders, but then again, I am not causing any trouble, am I? He stated in dismissal to Garstig's words, his attention never shifting, never moving from the logical personality's visage throughout his speech and after it.

As for you, dear friend, I will take your advice into consideration, as your counterpart does not seem like the harmless type at all once you get close. He said, a calm and jovial tone accompanying his deep voice as the words flowed out his maw and laced the air with its soft volume. The growling and huffing continued to go by without the man being unfazed, the petty sounds doing little intimidate him as he could recall that this scarred head was all bark and no bite, making the man simply want to let a laugh erupt from his maw, but no, he was not the type to mock someone for their disadvantage, that would only prove to be a cowardly act being showcased from a man of his stature. Of course, Reno was no coward. The calling known as 'demon spawn' however, made the wolf find it hard to resist the will to just let his humor out, but he managed to hold it in, well, at least some of it. A brief moment of his lifetime had been used to let out a chuckle which had been directed to Garstig, followed by a roll of the russet orbs, this was quite fun, he must say.

Trust me, Garstig, there is nothing wrong with being friendly, as for your claims towards what I am. I am very sorry to say that they are completely false. He apologized to the devious personality, his maroon irises taking a glance over at him for a few seconds, before finally looking back over at his positively-operated brethren. Having come to the realization that the distance between him and this dual-headed wolf had decreased, Reno grew more alert, not viewing as the wolf as completely trustworthy just yet. Reno did have a slight trust for the man, but that was only for the right half, the left half was what he couldn't have faith in at all. It did not seem like any harm would come to the multi-coloured canine though, mostly because the wolf had taken upon himself to be seated a bit of a ways from Reno, much to the man's satisfaction. It was here that Reno decided to let himself be seated as well, his rump slalom lowering to the ground, until it was finally and comfortably rested upon the grassy terrain, his tail having maneuvered over so that it was resting by his side, the tip hitting the earthen floor gently as it rested. 

Your other half is quite an amusing fellow. Also, Kilian, is it? I must say it is quite a pleasure to meet you. I am known as Reno. Introductions. Weren't they knowledgable? Now, it seemed that both men had been given the names of the other, rendering them able to speak to the other formally and not act as if they were fully complete strangers. With that being acknowledged, Reno wait for this newly found friendly acquaintance to express his reaction, although he knew it would be one of positive standards, whilst he predicted the other's response to be a menacing status.
Kilian would grow more pleased as the winged wolf seem to want to carry on a conversation. He continued to have a non-threatening response to Garstig’s banter. This could turn out to be a fantastic friendship as the male would ease himself to sit as well. Kilian listened as he spoke and introduced himself. Kilian would feel a slight embarrassment as Reno would mention his name. He hadn’t really introduced himself too well, or at all really. Reno just managed to catch the names as both heads would talk to each other.

 “Oh yes. My name is Kilian, and my twin here is Garstig. My apologies for not actually introducing myself. My communication skills are usually with just… myself and Garstig.” Kilian would speak once more with attempts to carry out this pleasant conversation.

“There is plenty wrong with being friendly.” Garstig would snap up in response to Reno’s statement.
“Friendly only ever gets you wolves who only tolerate you because they pity the monster that is me. They do not actually and will never actually care for the likes of us. So why bother putting up a banner of peace and friendliness when it will all fall apart in the end?” Garstig would grumble and growl. His eyes becoming more and more unfocused, it wasn’t long before his eyes glazed over and he was lost in his own mind once more.

 Nothing but bantering and inaudible murmurs would escape the lips of the unpleasant and insane head. Kilian would le tout a soft sigh as his twin would seemingly
  throw up a veil of crazy as a means of escape from reality. This was something that tended to happen when things didn’t go his twin’s way. He would give Reno a nervous smile. Most wolves didn’t have a second head, and even if he met another with a second head he was certain that he wouldn’t find one with a head that was as nasty or insane as Garstig.

“…He’s not… all there.” Kilian would say softly almost feeling like he should explain himself. “Ever since we were pups’s he’s been like this….There was only ever one time when Garstig was…. More sane. But a traveller such as yourself doesn’t need to be burdened with a tale such as that. Tell me Reno have you traveled long?” Kilian asked kindly.

A pleasant conversation was difficult to come by, and if this wolf would so much as carry out a friendly conversation with him he would bond on the opportunity. It helped that his twin would be temporarily gone from the realm of reality. Kilian’s gaze shifted slightly to the attached head for a brief moment. He was gone from this world, lost in a made up realm of his own design. Kilian never blamed him for escaping the way he did. He was sure he would do the same if he was just a head attached to another’s body.